Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow is all I really have to say! I am STUNNED!!! and quite scared for my daughter to grow up in the effed up world! i think i might go start digging a hole to bury her in for the next 21 years! i kid i kid but really I am quite shaken you could say! I really didnt recognize 99% of the songs bc I mainly listen to christian but I knew a few.
*Lady Gaga really freaks me out- she is seriously like demon possessed and effed up in the head and like seriously when is she going to admit that she is a man? she was way drunk and so confusing. i hated her when she came out and my hatred for her now is worse! She is a disgrace to mankind and it truely breaks my heart that there are so many little girls that look up to her as a role model, that is just sick!!
*Let me just say that I love me some little Wayne voice, his voice to me is like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love it! but tonight, he disappointed me! big time! i wanted to tap him on his shoulders and tell him to watch his language and pull up his darn pants! seriously!
*Beyonce is GORGEOUS and I actually liked her show, one of my fave prob my fave, and i think it was adorable when she showed her baby belly at the end! so sweet!!!
*Justin Beiber? really? i know he is big and all but i was certainly shocked! but he can keep it bc he thanked God! :)
*Katy Perry- love her! She is the sweetest little thing and fairly modest! Her and her hubby seem like a strange couple but still very cute! She seems like a decent role model for young girls!
* Selena Gomez- she is a great young lady! she dressed modest, and was very sweet! she seems to have a great head on her shoulders! She is familiar to us becuase I Lexi watches the Disney channel frequently ha!
*Britney Spears- you are old news. goo take care of your kids, k? thanks!
I think that is allI have to say. overall I was very disgusted! It made me worried for the world these babies are guna grow up in! seriously God put your hand on our daughter and give us wisdom when it comes to raising her so she is brought up knowing you as her savior and knowing right from wrong! Amen!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

ok, that finally worked. so I didnt get to watch but I want to watch them.

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