Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Keith

Today we had our last dr visit with our beloved Dr. Keith. Going in I had a really great feeling that this was going to be our last one but wasnt for sure. Then we got there and he gave us 98% good news! Talk about breath of fresh air! We no longer will be seeing him unless problems arise! What a blessing! Lexi will be taken off of prevacid and Zantac (unless she needs it of course)! My baby girl is no longer on prescribed meds! I am sooooooooooooooo ECSTATIC!! He said her weight isn't the greatest but she is thriving. He is concerned about her height though but only time will tell. Her noggin is a big one! haha i say all those brains in there ;) Dr. Keith was an answered prayer! He gave us the answers we needed to hear, was honest with us, and was just a joy! I wishe we had more drs like him! He was so amazing!!

On another note, I have made the decision to cloth wipe and  today I went to buy the material to make them tomorrow night! I am soo excited (its the little things)! I went back and forth on making them or buying them but I have officially decided to make them. And I saved myself about $10 and didnt have to settle for prints! amazing! <3 For now we will be using just a spray bottle of water but we will see. I might make the solution or possibly buy it. This is going to be much easier than running to the trash can in the kitchen with poopy wipes! Now i can just throw em in the pail or rinse if need! I also like saving money :) but who doesnt! I also decided today that I am getting a sewing machine for my bday for sure. That place was such an inspiration to me! I have so many ideas and many things i want to try! Now to decide which sewing machine :) Happy Tuesday!!



So glad your little girl had a good check up and is off the meds! I make my own wipe spray that I use with viva paper towels (it's really easy to rip into the size I need.). I used a baby wash/ baby oil/ water mixture. I also have some that I bought on etsy that is a cube that dissolves in water. I'm interested to hear how the cloth wipes will be, I've not considered trying them!


yay for no more prescription meds!! I hope things continue to go well for your baby girl! And yay for a new sewing machine! I have a singer (I quilt) and it's been great! :)

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