Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Girl!

Oh how my lil Lexi is turning into such a big girl! It makes me soo happy and proud but alsoo so sad! She has 5 teeth now, yes 5!! Saturday night we had ourselves a MAJOR breakdown. she screamed at the top of her lungs for 2 hours straight, nothing would calm her down and i think its due to the teefers popping through even more!! so i broke down and bought an amber teething necklace finally and i also found out the Hylands finally put their teething tablets back on the market after the voluntary recall and I am so happy!! We hvent had to use them yet, I think this is due to the necklace, but we will see!

We are at an eating stump in our journey and I am stumped!! Lexi has been eating an equivalent to 8 jars of baby food daily (i still make almost all her food), lots of puffs, and juice twice daily. Well she has been quitting her formula bottles. She has maybe 3 a day!! thats crazy to me! she just doesnt like the formula. I am not sure how to approach this. We have kinda been going with the flow and feeding her solids frequently and as much as she would eat, and letting her snack and also giving her juice. The thing I am wondering is if it okay to do this?She is only 8 mos so she is still young. I would assume that it is, it might just be a little early but Im not sure. She is certainly eating enough, and is staying hydrated so is that what is important? Anyone gone through this?

Lexi stayed out for the first time Sunday night and did sooooooooo wonderful!! We are so very proud of her! Such a big girl, it was a much needed night out and we will be having more soon!!


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