Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Loss, Birthday, and Weekending!

First of my best friend Cassity's Mimi passed this morning! She was in a fight against cancer and has been doing pretty badly lately and kept getting progressively worse. As sad and rough as it is they know she is in a better place. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, as this is still such a loss! Love you Cass, even though you never will read this hahaha! Rest in peace Mimi, gone but never forgotten!

My 21st bday is approaching us very quickly! Cassity turned 21 yesterday, Gabby turns 21 on the 14th, and I will turn 21 September 10th! I am so excited, not even to get drunk either cuz drinking totally isnt my thing but to be able to go eat the buffet at the casino :) haha sooooooooo pumped! <3 I already have my wish list planned out in my head. There are many a few things on it and I hope to at least get some ha! I dont really ask for anything for me and I may or may not want things fr myself and Lexi but hey I dont need anything! thats for sure. My wish list includes:

a sewing machine is the #1 thing I want
(these are in no specific order)
infantino eco sash baby carrier- I want the ergo but this is more in my price line and very similar
I want a diaper pail and 13 gallon trash can- haha im so lame!
i want to switch to cloth wipes :)
and we could also use a diaper sprayer :) 
and I could use some clothes!

I guess that really isnt too terribly bad of a list, maybe I should get to working hard on some bows and maybe ill make a sale to get these things ;)

This weekend Cassity and her bf Adam are supposed to be coming in at 9:25 this Saturday but since the passing of Mimi we will see what happens! hopefully it all comes through because we have an action packed weekend but if not I understand!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

That is craziness to me.
And- The Ergo is not worth the price. I used a gift card to buy mine and It cant face out and I dont think Anika even likes it much since it only faces in. She is getting too heavey for the sling though so Ill use it as much as I can. Its hard to get on by myself too. I need someone to help! My friend bought one of those sprayers at home depot that is made for a sink for a few bucks and her husband hooked it up to the side of the toilet. Is ryan handy?

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