Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missouri Bound & RIP

We are Missouri bound for the weekend! Unfortunately we are going under awful circumstances, but we are going! A very close family friend, who was like a Grandpa to us, lost his battle to cancer Early Monday morning. He was an AMAZING person! He was always happy, very loving and caring, and a wonderful man of God. He will very dearly be missed. It is going to be a short, but sweet trip! The memorial is Saturday but I have the whole weekend pretty much booked for us! Praying for a safe and easy journey for us. (it is a 9 1/2 hr drive with no stops! We are foing to drive through the night, hoping it is easier on Lexi!) I will be back probably tuesday with an update! Have a safe weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

C family Visit- picture edition!

Here is an overload of pics from our visit!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Guests: Ashley & Family

It has been almost a week since Ashley and her adorable family came in and stayed with us and met for the first time. It was a really great weekend! We had so much fun and I am So glad (and blessed!) to have become such great friends with her. I am excited that our husbands know we are real now and that Ashley is a 'real life friend'. There will definitely be more meet ups in the future, once that baby girl is born and ready for Visitors! We are going to refer to Ashley & her family as the 'C family' In this post.
The C family arrived at our house late Thursday night when I was home alone. We chatted for a bit and played then once Ryan was home with Lexi we headed to bed. The next morning we had originally planned to go to the zoo but it was supposed to rain (figures that it didn't end up raining). We ended up going to the City Museum in Hammond and meeting Aimy & Mali there! The kids played for what seemed like forever and had a blast. We then headed home because the girls I watch were getting picked up for 5.
And my dad (who lives in missouri) was in town and going to Visit and stay the night. My parents bought Lexi this little antique-y vintage pink car. We had fried shrimp and homemade french fries and it was a delicious meal! Then everyone went to bed early and I stayed up with my dad watching a racing movie. The boys woke up bright and early and headed to Lafitte for their fishing trip and we slept in as much as we could with two toddlers! Then we got everyone fed, dressed, and ready to head out.
We went blueberry picking and it was really fun! Not as productive as we were hoping, (haha!) but fun. Lexi picked those blueberries like she was born to do it! She would only eat the ripe ones. Wylie was good at picking too! He just wanted to run though- must be a boy thing ;) i ended up with like 3/4th lb and Ashley had a 1/2 of a lb? I believe, but I could be wrong! Then we went home and cooked lunch and just had girl time. Later that night, when the boys got home, we had dinner together and then off the girls went. We made bows & Ashley worked on a tutu and I made a dress! It was seriously such a fun trip and I cannot wait until our next meet :) we should schedule that soon!! Pics coming soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

18 month Check-up

Lexi had her 18 month check up on Thursday! It was my first dr visit I couldn't go to and it was heartbreaking. I know she was in good hands though. It worked out perfectly that Ryan was scheduled off that day so he could take her. Going in, I was 99% sure she had yet another ear infection in her right ear. I also wanted to ask about allergies because it seems like she has some. I was very shocked and upset about the appointment, which is why I haven't posted yet.
It turns out she has a double ear infection again! Let us recap this, 15 month appt first ear infection- it was a double ear infection and was very very bad and took 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. We were done with the antibiotics so we went in April 16th to check and her ears were cleared. Fast forward 10 days we are in urgent care with a 103 degree fever and yet another ear infection! Antibiotics were given and the ear infection cleared, again. Last week we discovered it is her 3rd in 3 mos! I am getting really aggravated with this. My poor baby girl gets in so much pain with these, it is heartbreaking. Well we asked the dr if there is anything we can do and she prescribes ANOTHER antibiotic! This is her 4th antibiotic in 3 mos and all of them were 10 days, with one lasting 14 days! So 44 days of those 3 mos she was on antibiotics. That is Ridiculous! She refuses to even discuss tubes until she gets another ear infection. Then we will be referred to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) and he/she will decide what our next step is. I understand protocol and all, but this is getting old. It is not only putting her in oain but her speech suffers as well. We can always tell when she is geting another one because her words start to sound muffled. The doctor wants us to go to speech therapy but what is the point if she can't hear because the fluid in her ears?! Her vocabulary is nowhere near where it should be and I would bet pretty much anything this is due to her ears. Did I mention how it affects her sleep? When she has ear infections we are lucky to get 10-11 hrs at night and two 45 min naps. When she doesn't? She sleeps all night (12 hrs) and two hour and a half naps! Another thing that is concerning is that Lexi lost weight since her last check up. She went from 21lbs 6oz to 20lbs 6oz. When she is already small this is a huge difference!! Lexi had GERD as a baby and never had a problem with weight gain so this worries me. Do I think it is a coincidence that as soon as these ear infections start that she starts loosing weight? I think not. Do I think it is directly related? Absolutely so! Being on an antibiotic that much affects her. Yet this doctor talks to me like I am a child and refuses to do pretty much anything. Leaving that appointment, I was Irrate! Now, thinking about it, I am madder. I am torn on what to do about this situation and I just am praying for guidance. Please pray with us and if you have any experience with any of this, please share!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Turning Blog friend(s) into Real Life Friends! Part One

We all have them, obviously! Blog friends can be tricky because they are only 'real' to us. Of course, we have real life friends who our husbands and friends are familiar with. However, alot of times, blog friends aren't real to tem until they meet. I have mentioned before that my hubs refers to blog friends as 40 year old men, and goes as far to nickname them the city they reside in! That is all about to change because this weekend (tomorrow, actually!) we are meeting up with my first blog friend!
I think my hubs (and Ashley's) are probably going to pee their pants when they realize we are 'real'. Because in their heads we are legit 40 year old men! I am not saying that doesn't happen, just not in this case. There are so many emotions when meeting for the first time, in my opinion. I am SO.VERY.EXCITED- Ashley and I have so much in common it is pretty crazy! I am nervous- what if she doesn't like me (us) and we don't click? What if Aaron hates Ryan, or vice versa? What if she goes into labor here? (actually, that one would be okay and exciting! Sorry girl lol)
I have been preparing for weeks now and I am so happy the time has finally come! We have a general idea of our to-do lists, food lists made and bought, and everything is just about ready to go! I hope they have a blast and this becomes a life long friendship. Maybe a marriage between our kids? Haha, I kid, I kid! Maybe. ;) i will be sure to report back with pics and a full catch up of our weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bathroom Decor

With Ashley and her family's upcoming visit quickly approaching (yay!) I have been cleaning, organizing, and decorating like crazy. If I was pregnant, I would swear this is nesting! Haha, alas, I am not. Our guest bathroom had to be cute because it will be getting use now :)
I am trying to decorate on a budget so I scoured Pinterest and this is what I cam up with! What yall think? (the middle pic is a chalkboard and it will have the saying 'Wash you hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere!' I just didnt have any chalk :/

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lexi: 18 months!

Where on earth has the time gone. I can barely believe that Lex is a year and a half, 18 mos! That is just bizarre. She has been changing daily so we are going to do this bullet style.
*she is about 22 lbs and 30ish inches
*wearing smallest setting on cloth diaper, still full time cloth (actually, size 3 disposables are big on her)
*clothing anywhere from 6-9 mos to 24 mos. The 24mo are all huge and swallowing her but they will fit perfect next year! And a size 3, almost size 4 shoe.
*the talking front has increased dramatically. She says: mommy, daddy, nana, papa, yaya (ayaya), pawpaw (sounds like papa), puppy, no no, all done, down, up, bye bye, All gone, i just pee pee, nanny, no no puppy, up, shoes, and I know there are more i just can't remember
* potty training- we are just playing around for right now. I usually just leave her be but some days I put her on potty every 30-45 minutes. We are reading potty books and she is well aware when she goes. She says pee pee anytime she pees or poohs. After she poohs, if you dont change her immediately she sticks her hand in and plays with it!
*she has gotten on a huge cleaning streak. She picks up her plates after meals, wipes off table, and follows directions in general very well.
*she has a princess tAble that she loves sitting at and it melts my heart!
*blonde hair and blue eyes still.
*loves to be outside and dance
*knows the sounds for cat, dog, cow, monkey, horse, and pig
*talks on the phone perfectly and knows how to unlock our iphones- eek!
*14 teeth with 2 more popping though any day now
*laughing at the appropriate times- it is so sweet!
Keep growing and learning baby girl! You are our world and we love you so much!