Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lexi: 18 months!

Where on earth has the time gone. I can barely believe that Lex is a year and a half, 18 mos! That is just bizarre. She has been changing daily so we are going to do this bullet style.
*she is about 22 lbs and 30ish inches
*wearing smallest setting on cloth diaper, still full time cloth (actually, size 3 disposables are big on her)
*clothing anywhere from 6-9 mos to 24 mos. The 24mo are all huge and swallowing her but they will fit perfect next year! And a size 3, almost size 4 shoe.
*the talking front has increased dramatically. She says: mommy, daddy, nana, papa, yaya (ayaya), pawpaw (sounds like papa), puppy, no no, all done, down, up, bye bye, All gone, i just pee pee, nanny, no no puppy, up, shoes, and I know there are more i just can't remember
* potty training- we are just playing around for right now. I usually just leave her be but some days I put her on potty every 30-45 minutes. We are reading potty books and she is well aware when she goes. She says pee pee anytime she pees or poohs. After she poohs, if you dont change her immediately she sticks her hand in and plays with it!
*she has gotten on a huge cleaning streak. She picks up her plates after meals, wipes off table, and follows directions in general very well.
*she has a princess tAble that she loves sitting at and it melts my heart!
*blonde hair and blue eyes still.
*loves to be outside and dance
*knows the sounds for cat, dog, cow, monkey, horse, and pig
*talks on the phone perfectly and knows how to unlock our iphones- eek!
*14 teeth with 2 more popping though any day now
*laughing at the appropriate times- it is so sweet!
Keep growing and learning baby girl! You are our world and we love you so much!



no no...thats a fan favorite around here. haha.
She sounds like so much fun!

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