Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Abram Ryan~ 1 Month

Abram is one month old already! Crazy how quickly that happens, isn't it?

EATING: You are strictly breastfed, except for an occasional bottle here and there so daddy can feed you. You eat every 3-4 hours during the day and at night you go 4-6 hours, typically. You nurse 6 times in a 12 hour period every single day. There is an occasional day here and there were you nursed 7 times but that only happened once or twice. Still tracking your feedings for my own sanity. I am always worried that you aren't getting enough- nursing is scary like that!

SLEEPING: You are a pretty decent sleeper and I am so very thankful for that! You can do 4-6 hour stretches at night and it is amazing! You usually get up once around 11-2 and again around 4-6, depending on when you went to sleep and up for the day at 8am-ish every day. I can't complain about that! When you do get up you eat, get changed, swaddled, and right back to sleep. You kind of fight it a little bit at your 4-6am feeding but eventually you just give in and go back to sleep.

WEARING: You have officially moved up to newborn diapers but we are about to switch you to size ones as soon as you are out of newborn. You are starting to leak out of the newborn size. Clothing you still swim in but you are wearing newborn and some 0-3 month outfits, if they are one pieces. You fit in like two pairs of pants because you are still so small! You just moved out of all your newborn sleepers, already! They fit you except for the length. Your little toesies were trying to poke through. Still not fitting in any shoes just yet, except for dino slippers.

MILESTONES: You are holding your head up very well and it amazes me! Other than that, right now you are just growing!

LIFE IN GENERAL: You were such an easy baby when you came home and you are really starting to get a personality already. You have reflux or colic or something going on. You cry a lot, randomly, and it is a pain cry. Poor baby. It is heartbreaking! You also have thrush, which you so kindly shared with me. We are treating it with coconut oil and it seems to really be helping. You went on your first vacation- to Nana and Papa's house- and that was quite an adventure. I attempted your one month pictures and you wanted nothing to do with it, so they are all of you screaming. Lately, you have been in pain a ton so I just kept them because they are pretty accurate of your life at this point!

We love you so much baby boy! Keep on growing!

{We are using Al the Alligator and the blankets for size comparison to watch Abram grow!}

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ryan typically works weekends Charter Fishing- he is (and has been for months now) been working two jobs lately! He loves being a captain and he enjoys it so much! The one downfall (but totally worth it) is that the weekends are long hours and he is basically gone the whole weekend. This weekend was the first weekend in a very long time that he had off and we soaked it up!

On Saturday I let Ryan sleep in a bit because he got up once Friday night and took one of Abram's feedings so that I could get a couple extra hours of sleep! (Crazy how when you are so tired that an extra hour or two makes a huge difference!) I woke up early on Saturday morning and made the family breakfast- homemade biscuits and sausage. Yummy! It was delicious. Then, we got ready to head to my aunts house. She needed Ryan to do some plumbing stuff for her. After that we headed to our errands- Ryan went to Academy to get the last hunting things he needs for Rifle season in Missouri this weekend and I went to Hancock to get fabric for the nursing cover I made. Then we headed downtown! I have been dying to go to the French Quarter lately and take in the sights and the weather has been glorious lately. Saturday did not disappoint. Plus, my mom wanted some cups from Community Coffee so we hit up the coffee house while we were down there.

Sunday I got to sleep in! It was so refreshing. We took our time waking up and then when I got up I started cleaning. Ryan did some things outside and played with Lexi. We went for a walk down to Aunt Gigi & Uncle Don's house and hung out there for a bit. Then we came back home and Ryan ran to the store because he had to make gumbo to take to deer camp this weekend. We took advantage of it and made some extra and invited the family over to watch the Saints game and hang out. It was a great time- great food and great fellowship! I love having family so close that we can have impromptu family nights. It really is such a blessing. Sure this sounds like a boring weekend but it was so refreshing! It was exactly what I needed before our trip to Missouri this weekend, where I will become a hunting widow. With two kids. At my parents house. That, shall be interesting in itself! How was your weekend?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is such a touchy topic and I Honestly don't know if we are going to celebrate it or not. This year Lexi dressed up as a bumblebee and since Abram was 1 day shy of two weeks old he didn't dress up! Lexi went to a church event with her YaYa the Saturday before Halloween and we went to the church that Ryan and I grew up with. On Halloween night we met up with some good friends of ours and then we went to their Laser Tag place to hang out for a bit. Here are the pictures from the festivities!



Friday, November 8, 2013

Say Hello!

Today, I am linking up with Laura over at The Everyday Joys for Say Hello! I am always up for making new friends! Why not join in yourselves? If you are popping in, don't be shy to say hello!


1. What is your morning routine?
     *Our morning routine right now is getting figured out because we have a newborn :) It is basically we wake up, eat our breakfast and relax, and then get started with our day!

2. Are you on Instagram? If so, what is your username? Who are 3 of your favorite IGers?
    *Yes, Danielle_Vincent is my username. I am private, so just ask :) Three favorite: my bestie Sarah, Nola moms blog, and basically all mom IGers! I am addicted to instagram!

3. Please tell us 1-3 of your daily “must read” bloggers.
    * Mom blogs are my favorite- I feel like I can really relate to them! Three 'must read' blogs in my opinion are AP over at I Love You More Than Carrots, Shannon over at Life After I Dew, and Ashley (who is private) because she is my mom bestie and I love reading about her family, even though we talk daily!

4. Tell us a little about you and your family.
    * My name is Danielle and I am the wife/mama! I married Ryan 3 1/2 years ago on his 21st birthday! We welcomed Lexi into the world on December 7, 2013 at 8:03am. Yes, Pearl Harbor and the doctor who delivered's birthday! We welcomed Abram into the world on October 18, 2013 at 9:35am. We have a fur baby named Maverick, who will be two years old on December 27! My husband is a charter fishing captain and I am blessed to be a stay at home mom to our beautiful babies! Any questions? Just ask :)

5. What are your favorite holiday traditions?
    *This is a fun one! When fall hits, I get giddy! Fall is just the best way to kick of the best part of the year- October through December!! I love all the fall festivities, everything pumpkin, and the weather is glorious! My favorite fall activity is hands down the pumpkin patch. Is there anything better than choosing a pumpkin in the field with your kids and doing all the fun activities that go along with it? Favorite Chritsmas traditions? There are so many!! The biggest one that is definitely my favorite is choosing and cutting down our tree and putting it up the day after thanksgiving! I absolutely love it! I also enjoy letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve, just like I did whenever I was a kid. We started a little tradition with our little family that the whole family gets Christmas pajamas for Christmas Eve and we all sleep in them and wake up the next morning together! It is a really sweet tradition and I love that it is a new tradition for our family.
6. Tell us one random fact about you! Make it fun!
    *I was a cheerleader in high school even though I have ZERO rhythm and can't dance to save my life!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Abram at 2 weeks!

Abram turned two weeks old on Friday, November 1st! It is very new for me, but of course I was 2 days late taking his pictures and 3 days late writing his post. I kind of feel bad because Lexi didn't get posts like these! I was new to blogging and I updated a bit but not very much. So second kid syndrome totally didn't apply here ;)



EATING: You had jaundice so we were supplementing in the beginning but you have been a professional nurser since you were born! Daddy says it is because you are his boy, ha! Nursing this time around has been a completely different story. You took to bottles with no problem and no confusion nursing. You also took to the nunu with no confusion. I wanted to wait to introduce it because I didn't want to chance you getting confused, but you rocked it! I am proud that you haven't had a bottle in two days! Woohoo for strictly mama milk :) Your doctor wants me spacing out your feedings to every 4 hours and if you want to eat in between giving you sugar water, but I am following my mama heart and nursing on demand, if I think you are hungry. If you are doing it for comfort, I will give you sugar water but that has only been the case once or twice. This was a personal decision between your daddy & I.

SLEEPING: Oh boy, this is where it gets interesting! When you first came home you slept amazing! You would sleep 3-4 hour stretches and I would always wake you at 4 hours because I thought I needed to. Once your doctor said to stop that, you started sleeping one 6 hour stretch! Halloween night you even slept 11-6:30! I figured it was a fluke, and boy was I right. Since then? You are sleeping 2-3 hour stretches. In your defense, I think you are going through a growth spurt and dealing with some reflux. Either way, while it is a little exhausting you eat, I change you and you go right back to sleep with no problem most nights.

WEIGHT/WEARING: When we went to your last appointment (1 week, 3 days) you were back up to birth weight-  6 pounds 11 ounces! You, my boy, are so teeny tiny and so long!! You are wearing only newborn clothes and most of them swim on you. You have outgrown two sleepers already because you are so long. You are in preemie diapers! You have one pair of dinosaur slippers that fit you, but that is it, shoe wise.

BIG SISTER LEXI: Lexi has been so amazing since we brought you home! She loves to help in any way she can! She has learned all the names of the things we ask her to grab for you- burp cloths, nunus, bulb syringe/snot thing, etc. She still begs to hold you, feed you, and kiss you! She is just amazed by you, as are we! You are so blessed to have such an amazing big sister. As for Maverick, he is acting out way worse than sister ever would have! Crazy dog.

MILESTONES: Your umbilical cord fell off on October 30 at 12 days old! It looks crazy weird though- it has this like stump looking thing inside of it. Your daddy says you are just going to have an innie/outie! It is pretty cute. You had your first bath and HATED every second of it. You do not like to be cold one bit. You are really good at holding your head up, which I am so not ready for! You are also very alert. I started a project 365 on instagram for tracking your daily growth for your first year! I am pretty excited about it! It's #ABRAMRYANproject365

NICKNAMES: We call you Abram, Abey baby, little man, man, sometimes bubba, and a friend came up with A-man and that is really growing on me!

OVERALL: You are such a different baby than your sister. You are very calm and content, most of the time. You are such a joy to our hearts and even though you have only been here two weeks, I am amazed how I barely remember you not being here! You are such a sweet baby and a mama's boy- love it!

We love you our little captain baby! You are amazing!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Our New Normal

Going from one kid to two kids always scared me. The unknown of it can really freak a mom out. I know a few people who have two kids and it seems pretty split on having it be a really easy transition verses a really tough one. This is just our experience- everyone has their own and their own ways of doing things. This is just what works for us!

While I was in the hospital, it was pretty much normal day to day life. Lexi was with my mother in law mainly and Ryan was working most of the weekend. I think my transition started a little bit in the hospital when it was just Abram and I. We roomed in and he stayed with me as much as he could. He only spent the necessary time in the nursery. He was such a great baby and I was enjoying the bonding time with him! By the end of the weekend I was beyond ready to head home. Truth be told, I was ready Saturday by lunch! I just don't do good with being cooped up and checked on so much. Lexi came up to the hospital a few times to meet her baby brother but she also did a ton of special things with just her!

We came home Sunday and my mother in law picked us up since Ryan was working. When we got home it was pretty overwhelming. We had gifts everywhere, I needed to pump the first time, clothes and bags, the house was a disaster area (even though it was cleaned thoroughly while I was laboring!), and it was just a lot. Once we got settled though, it went really smoothly. We had a great first night and are already in somewhat of our own routine. We had a doctor appointment Monday and my parents were in Monday and Tuesday so it was pretty chaotic. Wednesday we had yet another doctor appointment and Thursday was my first day alone with both kiddos. It was great! We just went with what worked for us and it seems to still be working. Will there be bumps along the way? Absolutely! But so far, so good!

Lexi- we worked for months to prepare Lexi as best as we could for us bringing home a baby brother. While I was in the hospital I am told she asked about me frequently and wanted to come see me and baby brother. She woke up at night looking for me, but got over it pretty quickly. Except one night she asked where I was and YaYa told her. She then said 'we need to go get her right now!' So sweet! She is a mama's girl through and through. She has adjusted wonderfully! I don't know if its her age or that she just gets it but she is doing great. She is a huge helper and doesn't freak out too bad when brother cries. She wanted to hold him constantly when we got home but has gotten pretty used to him now. Maverick has acted out more than she has. She has her moments though. When other people are around she is extra clingy and whiney, and she has been more whiney and crying more in general. When she does that I just give her a little extra lovings and she seems to calm right down.

Overall, I definitely can't complain about our new normal! We have full hearts and full laps and I wouldn't change it for the world. We are so very, very blessed!