Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Style!

This last weekend we had an extended weekend so we decided to take a litlle mini vacay with my Great Aunt Linda. It was a blast but I will let the pics speak for themselves :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap!

This weeekend was another busy one for us! We headed into New Orleans Friday afternoon, after work. We had a low key night and got in bed at a decent time. Saturday morning we were up bright and early so we headed to Sam's and my aunts house to visit. Then we picked up decorations and started to get ready for the Pre-grad party for Ryan's sweet cousin. It was AWKWARD! Without going into too much detail, I was ready to leave not very long after it started. The hubs was MIA cooking and on the boat, so we were stuck. We hung out there pretty late and 'swam' in Aunt Gigi's huge tub! That was fun :) then Sunday morning we got up and got ready. We were taking Lexi to Storyland! If tou ever visit New Orleans, City Park is a must! There are so many things to do there, and it is GORGEOUS! Then, we got some lunch headed out and went on a boat ride. Lexi loved the boat! It was putting her to sleep. Then we just hung until Ryan's other aunts' graduation party. It was a great weekend but last night my bed felt so great! Now i have sinus/allergy business kicking my butt. We are waiting for the girls now and once this week is over we are headed on a miny beach vacay with my (great) Aunt! Here are a few pics. We have more but they are on Ryan's phone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Girls Weekend: Sleepover Style

This last weekend I went and had a sleepover at the bestest house- Aimy! ( We can say it was for Lexi and the ever adorable Mali, but then we would be lying! Haha. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. With me working constantly now it is really hard to get together. And that stinks bad! We were long overdue for a visit. On the agenda was Steak an Shake for dinner, walmart for last minute stuff, making beer bottles into adorable cups, hair and makeuo, and alcohol! We only got to eat, walmart, and hair and make-up. Haha! We are easily distracted by shiny objects. My anxiety was extremely bad so we called it a night early and go to bed at a decent time.

The next morning we woke up bright and early (Psh, Lexi sleep in? No chance!) and went shopping. We had one mission- a mother's day dress for Aimy! We went to the farmer's market and an outdoor shopping center. We had a blast, like usual! I am Already ready for another sleepover. You in, Aimy?!

Wordless Wednesday: random!

'beach day with 'sand(oatmeal)' and my 17 month old going on 3!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Themed Teaching Tuesday: Rainbow Edition

For our first week we decided to do Rainbows! Here is our outline:

Rainbow Week
Letter of the week- R
Story of the week- Noah's Ark

Craft- paper plate cloud rainbow
Snack- rainbow cupcakes
Red;rogue; ex. Apple or tomato

Craft- dye spaghetti for sensory box
Snack- Rainbow pudding pops
Orange; ex. orange

Craft: crayon heart colors
Snack: rainbow trix bars
Yellow; banana

Craft- paint chip rainbow chain
Snack- rainbow fruit kabobs
Green; ex. Grapes

Craft-Rainbow popsicle stick craft
Snack-fruit loop necklace; rainbow cake
Blue; ex. Blueberries

This is what we tried but it didn't go quite as planned! That was way too many crafts for myself and a 2 1/2 yr old. Other than that, things went well! We couldn't do a color a day because it was too overwhelming for my girls so we stuck with red for the week. Khloe had a blast and now always asks about Noah! We read the story and went over our 'lesson' teice every day for about 15 mins. I think I took pics of everything or almost everything, at least! They are in no order but here they are. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is my Second (technically third) Mother's Day and I have never been more blessed in my life! Being a mother has brought happiness, anxiety, thankfulness, and so many more emotions and they are all so worth it. I feel so very blessed that God has entrusted me with this beautiful baby of his! I love her so much. Thank you Lord for this amazing blessing. I am forever grateful. Happy Mother's day to all you mothers out there- you are ALL amazing!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleep training recap

I have been hesitant for typing this post for two reasons; 1) I am afraid to jinx ourselves and 2) I was waiting to see if it stayed consistent or if it was a fluke thing. I am Happy to report that it wasn't a fluke! Lexi has been sleeping on her own in her crib or playpen! She take two 1 hr naps a day in Her playpen with minimal tears (less than a minute of crying). At night she goes to sleep at 8ish and then sleeps til 1am-3am And comes to be with us. It isn't worth the fight at that hour and i am way too tired and lazy to try! Her sleeping on her own from 8-3ish and napping is better than nothing and I am so happy with it! She even did well sleeping on her own when we went on our mini road trip this last weekend.
Some things we did to make It easier are we gave her a 'bedtime buddy' that only goes to sleep with her. We also have the radio on K-Love very low and a nightlight. It really was a pretty easy transition and I think it was because we followed her cues.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Themed Teaching Tuesdays!

Watching three girls has been a pretty easy adjustment (what a blessing!) except For the girls are bored alot. So Ashley ( )
and I got to talking and we figured it would be a good idea to start 'themed weeks'. We would have a letter of the week, a color of the week (in english and french), a bible verse ad lesson of the week, and activites and snacks to go along with it! we started this week and kicked it off with 'rainbow week'. We also set up a routine to get everything accomplished during the day!
This week is our first week that we are trying to figure out how things go and what needs to be tweeked! My goal is to get this as a weekly post. And review our past weeks and the crafts, snacks, lessons, colors, words, etc. We covered! Anyone is more than welcome to follow along and add their opinions it. We are always up for new ideas! Just leave comments and if there is any serious interest, we may turn it into a link up!

A well wished weekend..

This weekend was my MIL (mother in law) wedding reception! If you remember they got Married April 21st on the carnival Cruise with very immediate family, so she wanted her reception This last weekend. We drove into New Orleans on Friday and jus hung out, stayed up way too late preparing for Saturday and just had a good Time! The reception turned Out wonderful- it was a beautiful day on the bayou, even with the few showers. She had a good turnout too! We then went on a date that night while Ryan's cousin watched Lexi. We went to see the Lucky One and it was good! I don't have many pics, but here is what I do have. Also, tomorrow I am going to e starting a new series With my bloggy bestie, Ashley! Be sure to check Back and see what is going on :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, in case you are new here I am Danielle. I am a married, christian mama to an *almost* 17 month old cupcake baby! I blog about alot of randomness but always have a blast! We have a puppy, Maverick. And I am A newly working mama, which is an adjustment but I am loving it! Hope you deide to stick around, i would love to get to know ya! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleep training: Part One!

Sleep training/ sleep methods are a huge taboo in blog world. Everyone has their own opinion and something that works for you may not work for your best friend. This is just what works for us and I dont judge otherwise. To each their own and you gotta do what works to get your rest :)
When Lexi was first born she slept in her crib or the bassinet part of the playpen. My mom was huge on wanting her to sleep in the crib and since he stayed with me for the first three weeks, we went with it. When I originally envisioned being a mom i always said 'we won't co-sleep, it id so dangerous!' and boy did I eat those words. Lexi had really bad GERD and after an acid reflux episode at 6 weeks she switched to the fisher price rock n play sleeper. I can't say enough good things about thE rock n play! It is perfect for a GERD baby! It is really perfect for any baby, to be honest. She slept right next to our bed nd was within reach and she slept so comfortably. It was easy to take places (it made the 12 hr trip to Missouri with us and she slept in it the whole time!) Until she turned 6 mos and decided she was going to pull herself outta it. Then it was time to retire it. I may or may not have shed a tear, literally! Lexi was still on the apnea monitor and with it going off every night we didn't want to chance her in the nursery. We drcided to try co-sleeping and the rest is history !
Lexi is a very spoiled baby. I layed down with her for naps to out her to sleep, at night, All the time. It has worked really well for our family- it really has! I love having her right there next to us and her middle of the night cuddles. But she is getting older now (17 months on the 7th, wow!!) so it is time to begin to transition. We have always followed Lexi's lead and this was no different. Yesterday she decided for her nap she was going to sleep in her crib! She slept there for an hour! That is huge for us! And today she took 2 naps in there (a total of 3 hrs) and we put her to sleep for the night in there tonight. She probably won't stay there all night because I am shopping for a video monitor because i am a nervous wreck! But, it is a start. It has been a fairly easy transition (hopefuly i am not jinxing myself) and we have followed her lead the whole way. Therefor, there have been very very very few tears! No cryin it out makes this mama heart happy! CIO just doesn't work for us. This is getting lengthy, so hopefully within the next week we will have a part 2!