Monday, April 30, 2012


Today, I am feeling blessed! Blessed by so many reasons that this is going to be a bullet post!
*blessed that even though Lexi has another ear infection, we can afford to take her to the doctor and her meds. Plus, a toy to make her feel better! Thank you Lord for blessing our finances.
*blessed to have such a wonderful boss. She came to get the girls without even a second thought about it and then apologized for taking so long. What a sweet lady! I really like her.
*blessed that my hubby works for a family friendly company. He mentioned to his boss that lexi had 104* fever and he told him to come be with us.
*blessed to have such good mom friends (thanks Ashley!!) who are always there and give me their input!
*blessed that even though my bestie Aimy has been gone extremely too long that she is coming home soon! Ahhh hurry up!
*blessed that this past weekend i had a great day with my family. And a smooth visit with my inlaws and my hubby wasn there!
*blessed that my relationship with my mother in law is much etter than ever. Talk about a 360* turn around!
*blessed to have a new, more dependable car! And its pretty and gets much better gas milaege.
*blessed to have a job and be helpig with finances!
*blessed to have a job I love an that i get to keep my baby with me :) that is such a blessing in itself!

Thank you Lord for all my blessings- big and small. There are so many mee than what I named but these are the ones on the top of my list today!

Sensory boxes and bottles!

With 3 girls under 3 they get bored pretty easily. I have been searching pinterest like crazy and these sensory boxes and bottles were popping up everywhere!
So I bought the stuff for them, dyed the rice, and got right to work. I had Khloe there to help me, and of course Lexi wanted to help too. This was too old of a task for Lexi- she just wanted to eat everything! Here is our pictures of it all! The girls favorite, by far, was the bottles! They liked the sensory box as well, but we had to out it away because Lexi was throwing rice. If anyone wants a tutorial, just let me know :) enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neon Rice Tutorial

Sorry for the lack of posting, 3 girls under 3 has proven to be exhausting! Today, I am Going to be posting my first tutorial. I have been searching Pinterest for a ton of toddler activities and I have so many pinned! The thing that keeps popping up is sensory boxes and bottles. So today I went to the dollar tree and walmart and bought everything we needed for it! Oh, and boxes with lids are huge apparently and they sell small ones at the dollar store for $1! Can't beat that! Here is what you will need to dye rice:
Rice(i bought a huge bag at walmart for $6 because I have lots of rice activites pinned)
Food coloring (i already had neon- pretty)
Zip seal bags
Measuring cup

First: measure out 2 cups of rice and put it into your zip bag. I made bags for all the colors ahead of time so it would be more efficient.
Next: measure 2 tablespoons of vinegar into your bag and add your food coloring. It is really up to you hoe much you add, I added 20 drops and they turned out very vibrant!
Then: zip up your bag and mix all the rice until it is all covered.
Finally: cover pans in wax paper and let it air dry.
Now you have really pretty rice for your sensory boxes and bottles, or pictures! Imagine the possibilities. I will be back to post about my sensory box and bottles very soon :)

P.s. Thank you to Pinterest for all the recipes and inspiration!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: MIL wedding

My mother in law wAs a beautiful bride! Enjoy the only two pics i took the whole wedding (i have some on my camera)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy edition

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lexi Ear Update!

Today we had Lexi's check up to make sure her ears are all clear of ear infections. I am happy to say thag after two rounds of antibiotics (and probiotics to rebuild her system) they are gone! Yay! That was such a relief to me! No tubes :) She weighs 21 lbs 3 oz so that means she gained a pound in about 3 weeks, wow! The girl is an eater. The other good news is that she has started talking! She says a handful or words now and will hold A conversation (in her own language, of course) on the phone. That, my friends, melts my heart! She says: toy, duck, no, ball, meat, be(strawberry), wow, weeeeee, wow weeeee, nana, and dadeeee! I think I forgot a few but these are thw main ones! She literally said and repeated all these words this weekend! I have no idea why so suddenly, but I am not complaining :) i think with Chloe being here alot now that she is going to really pick up on talking! Yesterday, at Ponchatoula strawberry fest they had a little animal farm and she walked up to it and said 'baaaa'! I was a proud mama. She really loved all the animals in the petting farm, but the goats and alligators were her favorite! It was so awesome to see her walking around just taking it all in. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012

40 year old boyfriend...

Don't get all worried on me here! It is just an inside joke ;). My husband doesn't understand the whole 'blog world' so he is oblivious to how great it can truely be! I talk about blog friends here and there but there are the ones that I talk about alot. He nicknames them so he can remember! Haha, for instance Ashley over at Introverted Mama ( is Tallahassee! This is who this blog post refers to, specifically! Her and I have become very close over the last 6ish months and I can honestly say she is one of my best friends! So, i mention her here and there to the hubs and we have a little insde joke. He swears that she is a 40 year old man wanting to hurt me & Lexi then steal her. I am sure this does really happen, but in this situation it obviously isn't the case. He thinks she goes as far as to make up fake kids (Wylie and baby girl) and use a voice disguiser to make her sound like a lady, with a fake Facebook acct and fake friends and everything. He has this all thought out in his noggin. It is seriously hysterical. And the funniest part, Ashley's husband calls me her '40 year old boyfriend'! Hahaha soo funny! We have been trying To schedule a time to meet and for our families to go on vacation together and it has been difficult to plan around the husbands schedules. We had discussed just meeting up during the week without the guys but they both thinks its not safe. Boo! I guess it is sweet of them To think of our safety :) so we have a date on the books and I am so excited! I hope everything works out. Then, our husbands will understand that we don't have 40 year old stalkers or boyfriends! Haha. It is going to be a great little vacation.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Times are changing!!

After much thought and prayer, this mama is guna be a working mama! I will be watching two adorable little girls- 9 months and 2 1/2 years- and I am so very excited!! I think there are going to be many positive things coming from this experience. I think at first, it will quite an adjustment but when we get ino a routine, I think it is going to be great! I am very excited, to say the least! The lady I will be babysitting for, is such a sweet lady. Very easy to get along with and a great mama. I had to do a drug test and a background check- and i think that is great! I don't blame her one bit. With people in this world, you never know and trusting people with your kids is a scary thing. Anywho, wish us luck! I think it is going to go very well once we get into our own little routine. Plus, it will be great practice for when it is time for baby #2, eventually! I ordered the Ergo and I think its guna be a lifesaver. I can't wait to get it- i have been dreaming of it for a long time now :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 years ago..

I married my best friend on his 21st birthday! It was a gorgeous day and a day that won't soon be forgotten! I am so thankful for the friend, husband, and father that shines through today! He forever changed my life and I am so thankful! Happy birthday & anniversary my dear hubs! Now here is a stroll down memory lane...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend recap!

Easter is, hands down, my favorite holiday! I love love love Easter- everything about it! From the real reason we celebrate it (thank you Jesus for your selfless sacrifice!), little girls in Easter dresses with their matching bows, easter egg hunts, candy, bbq, quality family time, all of It! And this year? Probably the best one yet! We had a fabulous family filled fun day that included; church, family, bbq, birthday celebrations, egg hunts, swimming, so many presents it was like Christmas, and buku candy! I didnt take many pics since we hosted because we were really busy but I will let the pics i did take do the talking!