Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy birthday, baby sister!!

My baby sister turns 19 today! I can barely believe it! She is 2 1/2 years younger than me, but she still makes me Feel old. With her turning 19, it puts her, our cousin, and myself in steps- 19, 20, and 21- until I break it up in September. I have many hilarious memories with my little sister from When we were younge; some good, some bad, and some Ugly. We have never been very close, though I have always longed to have tht sister connection with her! We are getting older now and we finally are getting closer. It makes my heart so happy! Now i am guna tell you a little bit about her :)
I have two very fond memories that pop into my ead immediately- her nicknames! We used to call her Sharkie because she was such a biter!! We also used to call her funnel because she would take a 'sip' of our deink and drink EVERY.LAST.DROP! and she still to this day does that! She is 19 today (happy happy birthday baby sis!) and is attending college about 4 hours away from our parents house. She goes home to help the parents out with the restaurant a good bit. In college, she runs Cross country and track and is very, very talented with anything fashion related or tv related! She will be studying abroad in December for a semster (something she has always dreamed of). She has a serious bf that is promised to, Codey. She is a talented and beautiful young lady and I am So proud of her! I am So blessed to have her as my sis, even though we dont see eye to eye alot. I love her very much and want the best for her :) oh, and if you like fashion- here is her blog link. She is really good at the fashion thing (something I am terrible at!)
Happy birthday sister! Have a great day. Love you!


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