Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This was such a busy and fun weekend for us!! Friday night we stayed home and were extra lazy, just what the Dr ordered. Ryan actually built our chicken a little coup. I was very proud of him BC my hubs is absolutely a plumber, not a carpenter! This was his first project and it turned out pretty good. Then Saturday morning Ryan and Lexi went and got us donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. After such a wonderful breakfast we got dressed and headed off to Sam's for our monthly trip. Then, came home, lunched, napped and headed out. First we headed to the outlet malls because Lexi needed some fall and winter clothes. (We literally had 2 long sleeve shirts and a cardi...) I also had some gift cards from my birthday to spend. It was a lot of fun and we got some great deals and almost all the necessary clothes for winter, I got new boots, a dress, and a pair of capris.

I think it was a win all the way around. Then we went too the hot air balloon festival. It was a lot of fun, but extremely hot. Of course, our fall weather left us the day before. Lexi really had a great time. I got tons of pics on my real camera, but I only got two on my phone. My in laws went on a very short ride up and were ecstatic.

Then it was time for Sunday family Fun day! We went to church and Lexi sent perfectly to nursery. I should have known something was up BC 20 minutes later I got oaged to go get her, then after church we headed to the mall for lunch and shopping. I got some goodies from Victoria Secret and candles from Bath and Body (thankss Milly and Jeff!) We had dinner plans that night with some new friends. That was a blast as well. It was such a great weekend!
Monday I trued Insanity for the first time and pulled out all our fall smelly stuff! we have just been keeping busy with day to day life.

Friday, September 21, 2012

And then there was one...

My husband is a very unique man if he wasn't, I probably wouldn't love his as much! Haha, jk :) he grew up on the Bayou in Crownpoint, LA. Apparently, his grandfather was a very hands on man. He had a gas station/convenience store on the water for boats, animals of all sorts, and planted a garden. That is a lot going on. So since my hubs grew up like that he wants to incorporate some of the stuff he loved into Lexi's life. So he had this brilliant idea (his words, not mine)! Do you know what that is??
For a country girl, this may be normal, but for this girl? I was extremely taken back by it! But I agreed and stood back and let him do his thing. we have a dog kennel that has no purpose in the backyard, so that is where they reside. He bought a tarp for over the top so they are protected from crows, possums, coons, etc. And the best part? Guess where they live??? The dog house!! It is pretty hysterical! Lexi was ecstatic about the chickens. She keeps saying 'my kikens!! My kikens! They are gone!' She always wants to visit them and feed them. Last night, she was in their kernel with them for a good 30-45 minutes.
Now, if you know anything about dogs and chickens you know how it is. Dogs are two ways when it comes to chickens. 1) they will protect them til their death or 2) they will try to use them as their entree every chance they get. Can you guess which one Maverick was? He tried to eat them!! Multiple times.. supposedly chickens get really scared really easily. So when he would have these barking fits it would really freak them out. For the last two days, once the little girl I watch leaves, we go see the chickens. Today, when I went out there one was on the ground in the house, not moving. Immediately, I knew it was a goner. The other chicken is the wild one an he was calm too! We waited on Ryan to confirm, and he did. I think Lexi is too young to understand but I rushed her inside very quickly, just in case!
Now? Lexi walked up to me and said 'I want cowwwwww!' I said okay, talk to your daddy. So we called daddy and he says they have to talk me into it BC he is all for it. She said 'I neeeeeed it!' Umm where do they learn these things?? I really think she is 21 mos going on 5 years! What a silly girl.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lexi Lynn

Lexi you are 21 months old! I can barely believe you are so close to 2! That is bizarre but I am thankful for every month because thE next 5 minutes isn't a guarantee. This post isn't a monthly update or anything, Just wanted to update for myself. Got to have records of all the hilarious stuff you are doing these days. And all the progress you is making daily, especially speech wise.
You are around 22 lbs, wearing size 4-5 shoes, and all over the grid clothes wise (anywhere from 6-9 mos to some 12-18 month, and a rare 24 month or 2T)
Still fully cloth diapers with the exception of the pull ups we bought for the hurricane that need to be used.
Talking has increased dramatically. In about 6 weeks you went from speaking a few words to speaking full phrases and so many more words. I think you are still a little behind, but  catching up quickly.
New words: okay (in this adorable little southern accent, sounds like o-ky), yep, yes, meese(Please), tank you, sassie(she calls every dog we see Sassie or Sam and she has an aunt sassie), Sham( Sam), pie (paranh), pawpaw, Nana, yaya, choose choose, bed (bread), juice, cheese ( sometimes cheese, sometimes Mac n cheese), car, alright, and cookie. You say 'me want to coloy!' (Color), Mama new shoes, me go high high, bunk my noggin, i need help!, im o-ky/alrighty, etc.  You are repeating a lot more and saying more words than these, but i can't recall the others.
You love shoes and I mean LOVE shoes! You are a girly girl through and through. You love to wear bows and get dressed. Today you put you shoes on all by yourself when I wasn't looking!
You do this adorable little kick when daddy says 'smell it, smell it, now TAKE it' you kick on the take :) it is hilarious!
You are growing like a weed, more and more everyday. We are so blessed to have you in our lives! We are so thankful to be your parents :) love you cupcake baby!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Birthday- the one day extra special to you because you were born on that day (no matter how many years ago- the more, the sweeter!) {'This is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it' Psalm 118:24}
Birthday- the day of the year that people you rarely talk to wish you a 'happy birthday!' And it makes it that much sweeter
Birthday the day you get presents and cake and get to be a 'princess' for the day.
But most of all!!!
Birthday the day that strong, beautiful, wonderful, amazing mother of yours endured the most pain she has ever been In in her entire to life to give birth to you! The day the Lord blessed this earth with another one if His angels to share his Word. The day your parents, family, close friends, and loved ones will never forget!! Praise God for this day.

I feel like birthdays should also be about the moms- let's face it, they carried us for 10 months in most cases and went through labor to bring us into this world! So kudos to you, mom!! And thank you for bringing me into this world 22 Years ago, after 32 hours later and a few war wounds. Love you!

'I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well'
Psalm 139:14

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Fall is my favorite season if the year! The weather, the yummy fall drinks and food, bonfires, boots and sweaters, fall bucket lists, pumpkin patches, all of it! Fall makes happy times and fun memories. I have already decorated my house for the festivities. It was a blast! Already bought my first 'fall' drink of the season. Already searching for the perfect boots and fall-y clothes. Some things that are on our lists this year are:
Pumpkin picking
Apple picking
Fall drinks and food
Thanksgiving! Mmm
Leaf pile pics

And that is just the beginning! I am so excited. Bring on Fall, Y'all!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall centerpiece: Tutorial Style

Decorating for holidays is one of my absolute most favorite things!! I get very excited to decorate and fall and Christmas are by far my favorites! This year I have been scouring Pinterest and pinning all tr cute stuff. Then, I pulled out what I already have and went from there. I wanted to make a centerpiece of some sort and I really had my eye on the apothecary jars. Unfortunately Hobby lobby didn't have all the necessary supplies that was a first and a very sad day! So then I knew what to make instead! I was quick, easy, and cheap less than $20 to make. Here was my inspiration but I did my own way! This is my first tutorial, so I hope y'all enjoy it!

Fall scrapbook paper
6 glass jars (or as many as you need)
cricut or stencils
Stuff for inside the jars
Doilies (optional)
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks

 I got all my materials (except the paper and cricut) from the Dollar Store! Can't beat that! 
First, I decided which paper I was going to use for each letter and cut them out using the cricut. (I cut mine to be 2 1/2 inches because that is what looked best on my jars.) 
These were the jars I used:

This is what my letters looked like once I had them cut out:

Once those were cut I had Rachel cut me the ribbon to wrap around the jars! Then, I hot glued them onto the jars to spice them up a bit.

Then, I hot glued the letters onto the ribbon.

Next is the fun part! Filling that jars. I used two types of potpourri, orange jewels, and pumpkin spice scent.
Then, I laid out 6 sunflower doilies and out the glasses on top of them. This was my final project!

The house is looking more ready for fall! Makes my heart happy. I am going to post the tutorial I used for the paper pumpkins soon, along with the rest of the fall decorations. How are y'all decorating?