Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(somewhat) Wordless Wednesday

So these pics are extremely late! they were Lexi's 6 months pics but they were really taken at 5 mos and our first family pics :) enjoy!!

These are all copyright of Snap Shots Photos!
Sorry for the pic overload! Just wanted to document these!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Halloween is a very touchy subject among Christians. When I was a little girl we weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween, we have never been trick or treating! We got ridiculed by fellow classmates and it was difficult for us- I think because we really didn't know why we weren't allowed to participate in Halloween. I always said I was going to let my kids participate in Halloween but now I am really debating if I am going to or not. When we were kids we could go to the church sponsored halloween events and we event went to this thing I think it was called the reality house but it was like you go through this house and watch yourself get into a car accident, and then they take you to this 'morgue' and you go through heaven and hell. When I went to this I was so excited!! After going through it I was shaken. It was very real and really made you think- they even gave you a death certificate with your name on it! talk about creepy!!! I had nightmares for weeks- I dont think i was old enough to experience that. It was scary! but anywho so now that this is going to be Lexi's first Halloween I am trying to decide if we are going to participate and t what extent if we do? Since we didn't get to go trick or treating every  year we would get to pick 2 bags of candy and stayed home and safe and just hung out with our parents. How do you feel about your kids participating in Halloween? Are you going to limit it or go full out?
My biggest thing is God is our Saviour and I one day we are going to have to answer for the things we do and I am wndering if this is one I want to answer for just because our kids wanted to? Ryan wasn't allowed to trick or treat as well. I  dont want t welcome anything un-Godly into our homes! I am thinking maybe carving pumpkins because that is a tradition with our family and really fun family activity! and maybe dressing up as a little farmer and going to the trunk or treat function at our church? and just instill in them why we dont fully celebrate Halloween? Ryan and myself are really going to have to discuss this to fully make a decision!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow is all I really have to say! I am STUNNED!!! and quite scared for my daughter to grow up in the effed up world! i think i might go start digging a hole to bury her in for the next 21 years! i kid i kid but really I am quite shaken you could say! I really didnt recognize 99% of the songs bc I mainly listen to christian but I knew a few.
*Lady Gaga really freaks me out- she is seriously like demon possessed and effed up in the head and like seriously when is she going to admit that she is a man? she was way drunk and so confusing. i hated her when she came out and my hatred for her now is worse! She is a disgrace to mankind and it truely breaks my heart that there are so many little girls that look up to her as a role model, that is just sick!!
*Let me just say that I love me some little Wayne voice, his voice to me is like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love it! but tonight, he disappointed me! big time! i wanted to tap him on his shoulders and tell him to watch his language and pull up his darn pants! seriously!
*Beyonce is GORGEOUS and I actually liked her show, one of my fave prob my fave, and i think it was adorable when she showed her baby belly at the end! so sweet!!!
*Justin Beiber? really? i know he is big and all but i was certainly shocked! but he can keep it bc he thanked God! :)
*Katy Perry- love her! She is the sweetest little thing and fairly modest! Her and her hubby seem like a strange couple but still very cute! She seems like a decent role model for young girls!
* Selena Gomez- she is a great young lady! she dressed modest, and was very sweet! she seems to have a great head on her shoulders! She is familiar to us becuase I Lexi watches the Disney channel frequently ha!
*Britney Spears- you are old news. goo take care of your kids, k? thanks!
I think that is allI have to say. overall I was very disgusted! It made me worried for the world these babies are guna grow up in! seriously God put your hand on our daughter and give us wisdom when it comes to raising her so she is brought up knowing you as her savior and knowing right from wrong! Amen!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Upcoming 100th post!

I am coming up on my 100th post and that is crazy to me! I am so happy that I started this blog and document our Family's Lexi's life! I have met some wonderful ladies through this little journey and I am thrilled!! Sure I only have 10 friends, but thats okay with me! Ten is better than none! Thank you to all my followers for staying loyal :) You are what makes this all the more fun! So celebrating my upcoming 100th pst I am thinking about doing a bow giveaway! I have kind of slacked off on my bow making but I am trying to get back into it before it gets chaotic around here with the upcoming move! So I would love to hear your input! Would this be something you are interested in? And if so would you like to choose what you want or would one I make up do? Hope everyone is staying safe with Hurricane Irene out there!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awaiting Patience

Today I still find myself awaiting patience. There is so much going on around here and it is so stressful! you could really cut the stress and tension with a knife! Today we went house hunting. we looked at about 5 houses, but one really caught our eye. Our lease in the house we are in isnt up until next August so last week we talked to our landlord and he was okay with it and said he understood so we decided to move forward. So today we went house hunting. Well we found one we loved and we decided we liked it and were going to move frward and we get in contact with our current landlord and he says ' well you will be responsible for the rent here until your lease is up or someone else rents the house'.  cricket,cricket. didnt we just talk to you a week ago and this was okay? why the change of heart? I am so frustrated and confused! We are stuck now. stuck here commuting everyday. Ryans job is well worth the commute but still this would have made our lives so much easier. I guess it isn't meant to be and is a blessing in disguise? But right now its hard to see! So I sit here awaiting patience and hoping and praying that someone calls interested in the house and wanting to rent it. That would be great! But until then I will sit here and await  patience!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cassity's 21st bday Shananigins!!

The 14th, 15, and 16th of August the bestie and her bf came in! It was a fun and interesting weekend to say the least ha! here is some of our weekend in pics, we didnt take too many except for one night. Looking back they are hilarious!!! Viewer discretion advised, everyone except for myself was highly intoxicated and we were on Bourbon Street so...

Bambi and Trashity
Herbert and G-baby
the girls <3 Trashity, Doogle (myself), and G-baby!
 Bambi's list for his first time on Bourbon street.
Bambi, the tranny, and trashity-need i say more?....
Mr. Snugglesworth, Myself, G-baby, and Herbert on  Bourbon street! so pretty!
'Im flying Jack...'
i <3 this picture, it is so us!! haha ;)
 Bambi, Trahsity, G-baby, and Herbert
 Mike was very intoxicated!!
This was our weekend in pics, we didnt take to many but we were so busy! Monday the boys had a poker night, tues they left. They also got tats and did some exploring of the city while they were here. I am going to do a post of the quarter because that is a post of its own :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Future Kiddos??

To start this out, No I am not preggers!! But we have been talking about this topic alot lately! Some friends of ours daughter is 6 1/2 months old and they just found out they are pregnanct with baby #2!!! We are so happy for them! They are going to have their hands full but this baby is going to be another blessing for sure!! This sparked the talk even more for us! Ryan is ready now but I am not. Lexi wasn't and still isnt the easy baby, she is needy and was sick in the  beginning and I am scared to have another Lexi. In no way do I regret having her, she is such a blessing and makes our worlds go round, we just dont have an easy baby! ha she learned frm me :) She is exactly what we need!! I just dont know that I can handle my Lexi and another Lexi! I have my  hands full so how would that work?

Well I have a little sis and her and I arent best friends, nor friends in general, we dont get along AT ALL!! I want my kids to be friends, and I want them to be close. My sister and I are 3 years apart and I think the age gap is sme of the reason. Ideally I want my kids to be 1 1/2-2 years apart. My doctor said  I need to wait at least a year for the next one so My body can heal completely. He said its too hard on my body, or anyones, to have them that closely. So we know Lexi will be at least a year old. Well the other part is I do have BC right now so that needs to be taken out as well. I don't have insurance at the moment (long story) so we have to wait (which I am totally fine with)!

So we came to the conclusion that at the beginning of the year we will begin trying and when it happens, it happens! This way the children will be close in age and friends but nt too terribly close! I am excited but nervous! ha! How far apart would your children be ideally? or if you already have some how far apart are they? Is it harder than expected?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Keith

Today we had our last dr visit with our beloved Dr. Keith. Going in I had a really great feeling that this was going to be our last one but wasnt for sure. Then we got there and he gave us 98% good news! Talk about breath of fresh air! We no longer will be seeing him unless problems arise! What a blessing! Lexi will be taken off of prevacid and Zantac (unless she needs it of course)! My baby girl is no longer on prescribed meds! I am sooooooooooooooo ECSTATIC!! He said her weight isn't the greatest but she is thriving. He is concerned about her height though but only time will tell. Her noggin is a big one! haha i say all those brains in there ;) Dr. Keith was an answered prayer! He gave us the answers we needed to hear, was honest with us, and was just a joy! I wishe we had more drs like him! He was so amazing!!

On another note, I have made the decision to cloth wipe and  today I went to buy the material to make them tomorrow night! I am soo excited (its the little things)! I went back and forth on making them or buying them but I have officially decided to make them. And I saved myself about $10 and didnt have to settle for prints! amazing! <3 For now we will be using just a spray bottle of water but we will see. I might make the solution or possibly buy it. This is going to be much easier than running to the trash can in the kitchen with poopy wipes! Now i can just throw em in the pail or rinse if need! I also like saving money :) but who doesnt! I also decided today that I am getting a sewing machine for my bday for sure. That place was such an inspiration to me! I have so many ideas and many things i want to try! Now to decide which sewing machine :) Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable weekend! We had a normal weekend because Ryan was actually off for a normal weekend for the first time in a year! He started his new job and things are already going great plus he is extremely excited! I am excited that he is excited!! Our weekend was so/so. Saturday we just hung out and did some much needed relaxing then we got dressed and ready to head to BR to look for a house. Well we loaded up and went to turn on the AC and there was none! seriously? we have had the car for about 2 months and the AC went out? Of course it wasn't under warranty but since Ryan used to work there they made GM cover it, thank God and got us this tiny tiny rental. Def not liking that and ready for my car back but the hubs likes the gas mileage! ha! Not so sure that we will be buying another GM vehicle though as this is the second one we have had probs with but thats another story!

Tomorrow Lexmesiter goes to see Dr. Keith for her check-up and I am hoping and praying that this is our last visit to him! I love him and all but seriously done with dr appts at childrens! On that note this weekend I wasnt feeling the greatest for some odd reason but It really made me thankful. I'm thankful that I have a healthy baby girl, hubby, and myself. Getting sick here and there stinks but I am thankful that I dont have a serious illness or something that makes me sick all the time. That in itself is such a blessing!

Im kind of sad, while we are house hunting the hubs will be staying with his cousin a few days during the week to save himself the trip. We are thankful for them opening their home because that is going to save some money and give the hubs some extra sleep but Lexi and I are selfish and not looking forward to it. Over the year of us living here our neighborhood has gotten quite iffy, I dont like it. And being home at night alone scares the shit outta me, much less in this neighborhood. I am thinking we might go stay with some of my family on those nights so I actually get some sleep!

wowzers i just realized that if you google certain things my blog will pop up with pics f my lil cupcake baby... ummm im kinda freaked out to be totally honest. I have cut back on posting pics but i might stop all together. how does everyone feel bout having their pics f their kids on google? am i being paranoid? if i put this blog to private would the pics still pop up on google? thanks for your input!

Well I have a munchkin ready for a nap so I am hopping off here!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lexi&apos;s Birth story!

I know this is like 8 months late but hey better late than never! i want to remember these things and it might be graphic, so you have been warned! this is more for myself! I was a nervous wreck! I was due December 3rd and I swore up and down she was coming early and she ended up coming 4 days late! ha she was def on her own schedule and was showing us what was up!! It was a Monday, 3 days after my due date, and I had a dr appt to set up my induction date which was to be that Wednesday! I should have known something was up because my dr didnt tell me what time to be there, not to eat, etc. but of course out of excitement this didn't click with me! Anyhow, he checked me and I was at a 3. (I started dilating at 37ish weeks and she had dropped crazy low at 36 weeks. I had also lost my plug at 37 weeks) Well when he checked me I had heard a pop but didn't think about it. On the way walking to my car I started to have cramps that felt diff than braxton hicks and I was calling my mom to update her ( my parents live in Missouri and my mom was attempting to make it there for the birth, its a 12 hour drive) She said her plan was to leave that night at midnight and drive in so she could get here early and we could grocery shop and spend time together before Lexi arrived. I told her she should just go ahead and leave just in case but my daddy wouldnt let her, he said she needed sleep first. Well I went about my day like nthing was wrong continuing having contractions on and off but not painful at all just crampy. At about 8 the hubs and I decided we were tired and heading to bed. We went to lay down and I was hurting to bad to sleep so I decided I would start timing these just in case they were the real thing by sme crazy chance. Come around 11pm and I was talking to my MIL and at this point they were 5-7 mins apart since 8pm. I wasnt in pain to bad so I figured it was just braxton hicks playing tricks on me again. Well the MIL insisted I go to the hospital just to get checked. I decided I was going to clean the house up, do the dishes, pee, get ready, etc and she wasnt having it. So I decided to just pee and get ready to go figuring I would be home later to clean up. When I went to the bathroom I noticed blood (my bloody show) and decided I needed to go to hosp to get checked out just in case. My MIL loaded me up and we let the hubs sleep bc he had work the next day and off to L&D we went! I was already pre-registered because I was going in for induction Wednesday so I headed straight to L&D. My MIL drove like a mad crazy lady and freaked out the whole entire time haha I was as calm as could be! I called my mom and filled her in telling her I would keep her updated. We got to L&D and they checked me and much to my surprise I was 4cm dilated and in ACTIVE labor! Wow seriously? I was so shocked I asked my nurse if she was joshing me! ha! so I called my mommy immediately and told her to get on her way. You see my mom was in labor for 32 hours with me so she was expecting me to be in labor for a good while but she still sped the whole way just in case. I then called the hubs and tld him it was finally really time!! Everyone was just in shock at this point. My nurse came in and asked if i was ready for my epidural and antibiotics and I said no. She then said that there are many prego women tonight and when i am ready, it may be too late. She recommended i get it then, so i did! I am not the type of person that wants to be in pain if I dont have to so I opted for the epidural. I admire you ladies that push these babies out with zero meds, but that just isnt me!!! So I got my epidural and antibiotics and fluids as well and we waited and waited and waited. Insert some violent shaking in here and vomiting but I barely remember all that jazz. Well they checked me at about 5 am and I was 7cm dilated and starting to feel pain so they gave me more in my epidural an I was a happy camper from here on out. My mom is still on her way mind you! Well then my dr comes in at about 7:45am to check up on me and see how I was progressing bc he had a scheduled c-section at 9am. When he checked me I was at an 8 and he decided to break my water and see what happens. He came in at 7:55 and checked me and I was fully dialated and ready to push! I couldnt feel how I was pushing or if I was doing it right but I tried so hard bc I didnt want him to have to turn my epidural off. I pushed three times and Lexi was born at 8:03am!! She had to be pulled out with forceps that last bit though because she had her chord wrapped around her neck :/ She also had meconuim in her mouth so I couldnt stimulate her. They put her on my chest to check her out and then took her right away! it seemed like they had her forever! ryan got to cut the umbilical chord which I was so happy about and he got to hold her first because my dr was still working on me! (one thing i dont want to remember but it needs to be noted, my MIL was next to my drs head the whole time lexi came out and was more emotional than ryan and myself and ruined the whole experience but thats another story) Our little cupcake baby was 7lbs 5.4oz just like her mommy had guessed exactly!!! I just knew it :) This was our birth story and I was very pleased with how everything went down! I loved my dr and will be using him for the rest of our kiddos! He was AMAZING! He then went on to say how proud he was, he was expecting me to be crazy and loud but he said I was one of his most enjoyable deliveries :) It was also his bday (lexi was the first baby he actually delivered n his bday!) and he was talking about where he was going to eat dinner at that night haha it was funny and definitely lightened the moood! He also said that he knew I would be quick and easy because she was so low so early and I was cmplaining about the pain :) apparently thats super painful! (i felt it, believe me, just didnt see the point in complaining) Well if you made it through this thanks for reading and now you know our story :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

"Patience is a virtue''
''Good things come to those who wait''
''But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.'' Isiah 40:31
These are all verses and sayings that I grew up on and I remember them like it was yesterday! When my mom used to say patience is a virtue I would laugh and say 'yea mom, a virtue in which I lack, hahaha!' which was so true! Patience wasn't and still isn't my strong point! God is clearly working on me in this area because my patience is truly being tested in many areas! They say that when you ask for patience you will be served with a good dose of learning it and even though I didn't ask for it I am beginning to learn it! I pray I am strong and to lean on God and he will get us through this, no questions asked! We serve and loving and giving God! Thank you Jesus!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Tidbits!

 Not too terribly much happening over hear lately! This last weekend the best friend and her bf came in for a couple days to celebrate her 21st bday! The weekend was crazy hectic, but very fun! We had a blast and made lots of memories! It was also our first time leaving Lexi but she did wonderful, didnt even cry! Way to go Lexi!

Yesterday we started Lexi on sme new foods and she isnt so sure of them! We gave her veggie straws and stage 3 chunky foods. She knows to chew but she doesn't like the food so she wont eat it. She is at a stand still with food, all she wants to eat is junk and I am not sure how to approach this! The girl loves food, snacks, juice, etc. but turns her head to formula. She has prob at the most 3-4 6 ounce bottles of formula a day! We are also in the process of switching completely to sippy cup but we still have lots of time, so we arent pushing it. She is also beginning to break the nunu habit all on her own! this is bittersweet because now its harder to comfort her but I am so happy I wont have a 2 year old running around with a nunu!

Ryan just got a new job which is such a blessing! Of course, we are kind of nervous with finances b/c it is new and we arent sure and with just one income we get nervous but God never fails his people and we are putting our trust in him! We will also be buying another car for Ryan to commute (its a little over an hour) but for the time being we will have just one vehicle :/ We are prob going to have to end up moving for a couple reasons! I am nervous about this b/c we have a lease until next August, but you have to do what you have to do. The houses where we will be moving are much cheaper so we will have a bigger house (which we totally need) and I am excited about that! Just nervous about it all!

I think that is pretty much all that is going on lately! How is everyone else doing?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Girl!

Oh how my lil Lexi is turning into such a big girl! It makes me soo happy and proud but alsoo so sad! She has 5 teeth now, yes 5!! Saturday night we had ourselves a MAJOR breakdown. she screamed at the top of her lungs for 2 hours straight, nothing would calm her down and i think its due to the teefers popping through even more!! so i broke down and bought an amber teething necklace finally and i also found out the Hylands finally put their teething tablets back on the market after the voluntary recall and I am so happy!! We hvent had to use them yet, I think this is due to the necklace, but we will see!

We are at an eating stump in our journey and I am stumped!! Lexi has been eating an equivalent to 8 jars of baby food daily (i still make almost all her food), lots of puffs, and juice twice daily. Well she has been quitting her formula bottles. She has maybe 3 a day!! thats crazy to me! she just doesnt like the formula. I am not sure how to approach this. We have kinda been going with the flow and feeding her solids frequently and as much as she would eat, and letting her snack and also giving her juice. The thing I am wondering is if it okay to do this?She is only 8 mos so she is still young. I would assume that it is, it might just be a little early but Im not sure. She is certainly eating enough, and is staying hydrated so is that what is important? Anyone gone through this?

Lexi stayed out for the first time Sunday night and did sooooooooo wonderful!! We are so very proud of her! Such a big girl, it was a much needed night out and we will be having more soon!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MIA and teeth!

My lil munchkin has 5 teeth!! Yes, you heard me right, 5 whole teeth! She has 2 top ones and 3 bottom ones! wowzers she is guna be eating steak at a year haha i joke, i joke! but Just wanted to let everyone knw i will be MIA the next couple days! The bestie and her boyfriend are coming in til tuesday to celebrate her 21st bday! we are going clubbing. going to french quarter. lots of eating. celebrating! visiting babies!! and all around having a good ole time! oh btw Laura had her baby girl and she is beautiful! 8 lbs 2 oz 20.5 inches long! oh and did i mention we are leaving Lexi for the first time?  yeah im freaking out~ wish us luck! hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Catch up!

I haven't posted very many pics lately so I decided to do a catch up! Enjoy!
 i <3 my cupcake baby!!
she was watching Mickey Mouse!

her faces bahaha (i made her dress!)
she smiles & flirts at the store!
we were trying to get her to walk for steak, she was soo mad! lk at her face! ha!priceless!!
Playing with my animals!
wants diet coke like her daddy... uh oh
cheesing it up
ummm yeah, we have a climber...
(i forgot to include this in her 8 month post!)
Besties- Neela was smiling behing her nunu! ha silly girl
kisses for Neela
kinda blurry but meetin Aunt Emily and Uncle Scottie
this is ADORABLE!
so this one is me but i dyed my hair :)
she found a new friend...
she <3 Minnie!
she is soo funny! 
helping daddy with his resume
sleeping on paranh
Sorry for the picture overload!!!