Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Halloween is a very touchy subject among Christians. When I was a little girl we weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween, we have never been trick or treating! We got ridiculed by fellow classmates and it was difficult for us- I think because we really didn't know why we weren't allowed to participate in Halloween. I always said I was going to let my kids participate in Halloween but now I am really debating if I am going to or not. When we were kids we could go to the church sponsored halloween events and we event went to this thing I think it was called the reality house but it was like you go through this house and watch yourself get into a car accident, and then they take you to this 'morgue' and you go through heaven and hell. When I went to this I was so excited!! After going through it I was shaken. It was very real and really made you think- they even gave you a death certificate with your name on it! talk about creepy!!! I had nightmares for weeks- I dont think i was old enough to experience that. It was scary! but anywho so now that this is going to be Lexi's first Halloween I am trying to decide if we are going to participate and t what extent if we do? Since we didn't get to go trick or treating every  year we would get to pick 2 bags of candy and stayed home and safe and just hung out with our parents. How do you feel about your kids participating in Halloween? Are you going to limit it or go full out?
My biggest thing is God is our Saviour and I one day we are going to have to answer for the things we do and I am wndering if this is one I want to answer for just because our kids wanted to? Ryan wasn't allowed to trick or treat as well. I  dont want t welcome anything un-Godly into our homes! I am thinking maybe carving pumpkins because that is a tradition with our family and really fun family activity! and maybe dressing up as a little farmer and going to the trunk or treat function at our church? and just instill in them why we dont fully celebrate Halloween? Ryan and myself are really going to have to discuss this to fully make a decision!



To me it's all what you make of it. If you focus on it being the Day of The Dead or the Devil's Day that's definitely unchristian. But if you just focus on the candy and how fun dressing up is and do things with your church (mine does Trunk or Treat) then I would think it's fine. We plan on allowing Alex to ToT. We're gonna do the Trunk or Treat thing and possibly some trick or treating at a local mall or shopping plaza.

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