Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable weekend! We had a normal weekend because Ryan was actually off for a normal weekend for the first time in a year! He started his new job and things are already going great plus he is extremely excited! I am excited that he is excited!! Our weekend was so/so. Saturday we just hung out and did some much needed relaxing then we got dressed and ready to head to BR to look for a house. Well we loaded up and went to turn on the AC and there was none! seriously? we have had the car for about 2 months and the AC went out? Of course it wasn't under warranty but since Ryan used to work there they made GM cover it, thank God and got us this tiny tiny rental. Def not liking that and ready for my car back but the hubs likes the gas mileage! ha! Not so sure that we will be buying another GM vehicle though as this is the second one we have had probs with but thats another story!

Tomorrow Lexmesiter goes to see Dr. Keith for her check-up and I am hoping and praying that this is our last visit to him! I love him and all but seriously done with dr appts at childrens! On that note this weekend I wasnt feeling the greatest for some odd reason but It really made me thankful. I'm thankful that I have a healthy baby girl, hubby, and myself. Getting sick here and there stinks but I am thankful that I dont have a serious illness or something that makes me sick all the time. That in itself is such a blessing!

Im kind of sad, while we are house hunting the hubs will be staying with his cousin a few days during the week to save himself the trip. We are thankful for them opening their home because that is going to save some money and give the hubs some extra sleep but Lexi and I are selfish and not looking forward to it. Over the year of us living here our neighborhood has gotten quite iffy, I dont like it. And being home at night alone scares the shit outta me, much less in this neighborhood. I am thinking we might go stay with some of my family on those nights so I actually get some sleep!

wowzers i just realized that if you google certain things my blog will pop up with pics f my lil cupcake baby... ummm im kinda freaked out to be totally honest. I have cut back on posting pics but i might stop all together. how does everyone feel bout having their pics f their kids on google? am i being paranoid? if i put this blog to private would the pics still pop up on google? thanks for your input!

Well I have a munchkin ready for a nap so I am hopping off here!


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