Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath

Praise God this storm wasn't nearly as bad For us as it could have been! We are all safe and our house is perfect. We had a few trees down (one that would have totaled our car, had we been home) and our backyard flooded and lots of trees, leaves, and debris. But that is minor stuff compared to some peoples damage. The biggest loss we have is all the baby stuff in our storage container out back. We werent expecting that to flood, much less as bad as it flooded! Praying for all those who lost their homes or family members. Ryan's family is stuck in New Orleans right now but some will be joining us because they are expected to be out of power for a week. :(

As for my first hurricane experience? It wasn't as bad as I had thought. We ended up not evacuating to Texas but to Ryan's cousins. We didn't want to chance staying at home because we have a lot if trees around and were scared one would fall on the house. Praise God, they didn't! we bought a generator because being without electric as an adult isn't a pleasant experience son with a toddler? I can't even imagine! That pricey little guy saved our lives! We had the TV for the girls and to keep updated on the storm, we had internet, fans, fridge and freezer, and that's all we plugged in. Occasionally our phones would be plugged in too. We are trying to get back unto out normal routine today and then we are on vacation from the girls next week. We have opened our house to family and friends, so we shall see who comes. So far no one has. We must smell or something haha!
'I will praise you througH the storm and I will lift my hands' this is exactly what I did through the whole storm. I am so thankful we were safe, family is safe, and our home was spaced. God's good, isn't he? Here are a few pics of our house and the tress and debris.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Unless you live under a rock, (nothing wrong with that!) Then I am sure you have heard of Hurricane Isaac. This hurricane has been full of surprises. Actually, they still aren't sure where he is landing. Which is wonderful, let me tell Ya! We aren't in the direct path, okay we are pretty close, but we have been going back and forth for days on whether or not to evacuate or chance it. In fact, we spent a couple hundred dollars on preparations to stay. Then today after changing my mind 72 million times, back and forth back and forth, we made the decision to leave. We are going to take it as a little mini vacay and pray God's favor. I am slightly worried about the hubs job, but it is all in God's hands. I would rather be safe than sorry. Please pray for us as we make our journey up to Texas! I am thankful for great friends who are taking us in as family and saving us a whole bunch of money. I out my trust in the Lord fully!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Photographs are a wonderful Tool for remembering special occasions and fun times, or just life in general. Looking back on my childhood there are a pretty decent amount of pictures and negatives. I would not say it is a ridiculous or over abundant amount, by any means. When Lexi was born of course my camera broke the week before, so I borrowed a friends. Honestly, I don't even know where those pics are located! My hubs broke my computer about 6 mos ago and we lost all the pics on there :( So, I have been doing the daunting task of saving all my iPhone pics from Lexi's first year of life up until now. I have realized two things 1) holy cow!! There are soooo many pics of her first year. We are talking around 2,000! And 2) her second year? Yeah, lets not talk about that. My goal is to finish up Lexi's first year photo book before her second birthday! It is just so time consuming because of the 2000 pics. You can bet your bottom I am happy to have them though. As far as a second kid goes? Good luck baby if I am already slackinf this much on big sis!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Aunts are a huge blessing to every single child. Tuesday my sister came to my house while she was in for a visit! My great aunt brought her and it was such a fun and blessed day. They didn't get to stay very long but the time they were here was great! I am so thankful to have such an amazing aunt and sister. Lexi had a blast with Aunt A and Aunt Linda. We got a pretty decent amount of pics and I am already anticipating our next trip! Good luck at your sophomore year of College baby sis! Love you and we are going to miss you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weird: Because normal isn't working

The definition of weird is suggesting something supernatural or uncanny. We hear the word 'weird' very often in our daily life. But, what makes something 'weird'? Is it weird because it is foreign and strange to you? Pastor Jay at our church is teaching a series on being a 'God kind of weird'. It is based on the Book 'WEIRD: Because normal isn't working' by Craig Groeschel. It talks about what is normal in this society and how as Christians we should strive to be more 'God weird'. Immediately After church I went home and bought the book on my Nexus because I knew it was something I want to read and strive to be like! And for $4 who can beat that?! The main bible verse in the book is from Matthew ''The gateway to life is narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it'' (Matthew 7:13-14 NLT). I have heard this verse many times as a christian but it never really spoke to me like it did today! It was like something suddenly clicked in my head. I, and my family, need to make sure we are on the narrow path that few find. I read Chapter One and it already has me thinking.Chapter one is on time and busyness. It explains that in today's world busyness is the norm. And that if you aren't constantly busy some people will look at you like you aren't important. It just explains that even though you,at be doing all good things, if you are always constantly busy you probably aren't making the right decision. It really has me thinking. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who thinks Normal isn't working for them!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Friday was the first day of my weekend because Lexi had her 2 week post-op appointment. Everything is great with her ears & adenoids! The doctor said her ears are fully cleared and her adenoids (or lack of) are perfect! We are cleared for six months! That was such relief to me. She was terrified of the Dr. She Hid her face in her puppy and I asked her if she was scared and she said yes. We then headed to Hammond to meet up with Aimy & Mali to have girl time and shop! It was raining so we ended up not shopping too much. It was great to see them, it had been too long. Then Saturday morning we had plans to stay home and be lazy because Ryan was working. Aimy called us super early and asked us to shop with her! Can't turn down girl time with the Bestie and Lexi's Bestie!! Mali turns 2 really soon so they made a Build A Bear for her birthday. We decided this was the perfect opportunity for best friend bears!! It worked out perfectly BC they had best friend bears at BaB! So we got those and made them and chose jammies and slippers for them. Lexi got Minnie pajamas, of course. It was quite an experience because the girls weren't very cooperative, haha! Overall, it was a really great day! Then the hubs bought me an early birthday present- the Nexus 7 tablet! I am in LOVE with it. It was exactly what I wanted and I am so thankful to him :) I have been so very blessed with such a great husband and baby girl! Today, we went to church (I will get more into that tomorrow) and then just relaxed before the work week starts. How was everyone's weekend? Here are some Pics, in no specific order!