Monday, August 6, 2012


Friday was the first day of my weekend because Lexi had her 2 week post-op appointment. Everything is great with her ears & adenoids! The doctor said her ears are fully cleared and her adenoids (or lack of) are perfect! We are cleared for six months! That was such relief to me. She was terrified of the Dr. She Hid her face in her puppy and I asked her if she was scared and she said yes. We then headed to Hammond to meet up with Aimy & Mali to have girl time and shop! It was raining so we ended up not shopping too much. It was great to see them, it had been too long. Then Saturday morning we had plans to stay home and be lazy because Ryan was working. Aimy called us super early and asked us to shop with her! Can't turn down girl time with the Bestie and Lexi's Bestie!! Mali turns 2 really soon so they made a Build A Bear for her birthday. We decided this was the perfect opportunity for best friend bears!! It worked out perfectly BC they had best friend bears at BaB! So we got those and made them and chose jammies and slippers for them. Lexi got Minnie pajamas, of course. It was quite an experience because the girls weren't very cooperative, haha! Overall, it was a really great day! Then the hubs bought me an early birthday present- the Nexus 7 tablet! I am in LOVE with it. It was exactly what I wanted and I am so thankful to him :) I have been so very blessed with such a great husband and baby girl! Today, we went to church (I will get more into that tomorrow) and then just relaxed before the work week starts. How was everyone's weekend? Here are some Pics, in no specific order!



best friend bears sound cute :) They girls are adorable together!

Jessica @ a new adventure

You are such a good Momma!!!! And Lexie is as always a- damn- dorable!!!!!

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