Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

It has been really busy around these parts!! I don't even know why orcwit what but I am so exhausted!
*This last weekend we went in to Nola. It was an okay time. I caught a 4-ish lb catfish and had such a hard time reeling it in. Ryan had to help me! Haha
*lexi is doing great post surgery- speech wise! She still isn't a sleeper though. Honestly, I am Not sure she eill ever sleep through the night. I need to get really serious about sleep training though, because this mama is tired!
*Louisiana moms- comment with your emsil address bc they have this new blog (one of the founders blogs at Happiness is- New Orleans mom blog! It is going to be a great resource to get involved in yiur community and make mom friends. There are so many giveawaya during launch week- in one week! I am so excited! Fear not- it involves the Northshore too :) Just leave your email address and I will forward it to ya!
*lexi's bday preparations are well under wAy and I am very excited about that.
*i am ready for fall & christmas ths year! Pinterest has so many awesome fall recipes & christmas activities, I can't wait. It is such a fun time of year. Plus, this year I really think Lexi will understand a good bit more.
I think that is really all that is going on here. How about yall? Enjoying summer? Family doing good?



Christmas? Slow your roll sistah :) haha. Summers are busy- busy and fun :)


I loved your pic of the big fish on instagram! And I'm glad Lexi is doing well but I hope she starts to sleep better soon :)

I'm *kinda* excited for the fall because I love football and bonfires, but I still love summer and don't want it to leave yet!!

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