Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surgery Recap!

Sorry I went a little MIA! The last couple days have been an exhausting whirlwind. Lexi's surgery was scheduled for 8:15am but we had to be there at 7:15 so they could get her signed in and prepped. It actually could not habe gone any better! She went with he nurse back To anesthesia all by herself, with no tears! By the time we sat down as got comfy in the waiting area our doctor was waiting to talk to us. She expained that her ears were HORRIBLE! There was alot of puss and fluid in there and she said that is probably causing Lexi alot of pain. She just gave us ear drops and talked. One thing that really aggravated me was that she mentioned Lexi's amber teething necklace was a 'choking hazard'. Why on earth would I put my Kid in danger? It was really frustrating! And then EVERY.SINGLE.NURSE that we saw (there were about 6) mentioned how here necklace was a 'choking hazard'. It was so aggravating! I was very annoyed when we left. If it was such a hazard why didn't they take it off?? Anyway, when we walked back to see her she was awake and coming off the anesthesia. It was heartbreaking! She had this new pitiful cry And kept trying to grab inside her throat. She would relax for about 30 seconds and then start crying. I was so upset. I couldn't handle it so I handed her to Ryan and she calmed down a good bit! I felt like an awful mother but It was too heartbreaking. We headed home About an hour after her surgery was completed. It was overall pretty easy. Since then though, has been rough. I think they broke my baby! She has been so fussy and whiney, I can barely believe it. Please pray for patience to make it through this week. It has been a rough one!



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