Thursday, July 5, 2012


Monday we went to the ENT for our appointment with her. I went in with zero expectations, just because with our other doctor we never got answers/results. Boy was this a welcome change and sigh of relief! We found out that these '3' ear infections were in fact 1 that never fully healed! We also found out thAt Lexi's allergies are contributing to the ear infections but aren't the main cause! The main cause is her adanoids and improper drainage. So the doctor made the choice to put in tubes and scraper & sauterize her adanoids. She will be under general anesthesia and it is a real surgery. Both procedures should tAke about 15 minutes total! She can't eat anything after midnight, which is going to be hard for her because the girl wakes up asking for food. They said to be prepared because when she wakes up and comes off the anesthesia she will be in a lot of pain and crying inconsolably! They said this is a normal reaction and it will pass. Then she has to eat puddings, yogurts, popsicles, etc. For a couple days. If you could join us in prayer, we would greatly appreciate it! How you can pray:
*for a quick and easy procedure with no complications
*no reaction to the anesthesia (my mom is allergic to it and I had a little reaction to)
*that this procedure fixes all her probs and the tubes don't fall out.
Thanks in advance for the prayers! I am nervous about it, just because it is surgery. Also because you hear od babies goinf under and never waking up. That scares me to death! I will keep yall updated on everything as it gets closers! Thanks :)



oh wow! I will most certainly pray for you guys and be thinking of you! WHen is this happening?

Bech and Marley Evans

Thanks for the comment! We are looking to rent. I have looked at living in Denham Springs, but I am so worried about the traffic during rush hours!


Oh my goodness, I will definitely be praying for her!! And for YOU that you can get through it ok!! When is the surgery going to happen?

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