Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friends are the flowers of the Earth

I just wanted to touch on friends today! I have some great friends, in real life and in bloggie world! Everyone needs a good friend and they come in many shapes, sizes, similarities, and places! When I first started this blog I wanted to document everything about Lexi growing up and Watch other kids very cllose to her age grow as well. What this blog has become and where it has brought me- I would have never expected! I have met some Wonderful, amazing ladies through this little piece of internet! I may only have a handful of followers but that isn't a problem at all! Thank you, friends for making the blogging community such a fun and enjoyable place! I can always come to you and be completely honest and not worry about what you are going to Think(because I know you understand), i can come to you and ask questions and opinions, i can just come here and talk and you are always here! Thank you for being 'loyals'! Some Of the friends I have met through this blog are my best mom friends (hey Ashley! i am eternally grateful for you!) Or when you have so much in common it makes you long For your first visit, even though you have never met these people in your life and your hubs is scaed they are ax murderers (true story) but you know better because you know them, the true them! I am just so blesses ny these friendships and so very thankful- so again- THANK YOU!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tiny human advice needed! Please & thank you in advance.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a pretty low key one because Ryan was off Thurs and Fri and worked Sat and Sun. It was nice to have a weekend to be lazy and relax. With his moms wedding coming up our next 8 weeks are very busy! I made my very First outfit and I am so excited!! It turned out alright. I was pretty happy for it being my first outfit but for the future i need to do better! Plus, all the patterns i found start out at 18 mos and Lexi wears 9-12 and a few 12 month! So, it was pretty big on her.
Alright mamas, I need advice! My girl us getting behind and it freaks me Out. I have been a nervous wreck! She doesnt Know her body parts, colors, doesnt talk, nothing really! We need to change this. She does 'my baby can read' but I Need to try harder, I guess. I am looking to buy flash cards, videos, puzzles, hell anything that will help! Any suggestions? She is still lretty young and she wants to destroy the flashcards so is my best bet puzzles? Anything else i can do to teach and help her? Im open to suggestions! Thank you so much in Advance! The speech therapy office is giving me the run around but I am staying on them. Well, here are some Pics of the dress to hold you over, dont laugh!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

15 month update!

Today Lexi had her 15 month appointment. I wasn't a happy camper to begin with because it was originally Monday and they gave me the runaround and told me the wrong time, so we didn't get to see the doctor- annoying! Today, we sat in the waiting room for an hour and 20 mins! So frustrating. I thought to myself, I am Changing doctors, but i will be keeping her! I really enjoyed her- best doctor we have seen yet. She was sweet, listened and reassured, and was very thorough! I was impressed.
Lexi weighs 20 pounds and 11 ounces and is 30 1/4 inches long. This means she is in
50-75 percentile for height
5-10 percentile for weight and
5-10 percentile for head cicrumfrence.
She is a tiny peanut but healthy overall! We had some News I was expecting and some i was shocked by! We found out she has a double ear infection. Her left ear is really bad an her right ear is just bad. The doctor had to clean her ears out just to see! If you have ever had to have your childs cleaned out, you know how terrible it is. It was awful! Then, Lexi got so upset that she projectile vomitted all over the doctor! Poor baby. So now she is on antibiotics for the next 10 days and then we will go from there. Tubes were mentioned but not unless absolutely necessary. The other thing that was discussed (even before the ead infections were diagnosed) was her speech. Lexi says mom and dad and that is just about it. She doesn't talk! She does alot of babbling but no understandable words. The doctor thinks that is a problem so she referred us to a speech therapist. She said they should be saying 3-5 words understandable to a stranger. She also said that Lexi could not be talking bc the ear infections and wax have it muffled but it is always better to be safe than sorry. So I get to call them tomorrow! She also told me how to deal with the tantrums. Could you all please keep us in your prayers? We woul greatly appreciate it! I have a peace about the situation- it is going to work out like God planned! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 months!

Oh Lexi, my little cupcake, I can't believe you are already 15 months! Evryone says you will get easier as you get older and every month I disagree more! You are such a joy though, and we love you so much! What you have been up to:
*running really well- everyone says you walk great for your age but i think you are very clumsy.
*no talking at all. You babble alot and use your hands to talk but nothing even near understandable. We will be mentioning this to your doctor next week
*you are a cuddler and so very sweet.
*you wave or point at everyone and everything!
*you still love books and will bring them to me all day long to read to you!
*i think you weigh around 21 lbs and are around 32 inches, but thats absolutely just a guess.
*fully cloth diapered still and still going strong! Starting to research potties and training pants. (any good potties or training pants out there?)
*in 9 month onesies and 9-12 and a few 12-18 months clothes. The 12-18 are still really big on you.
* you have a baby doll you love! You carry her everywhere and rock her. It is so sweet!
*12 teeth
* sleeping anywhere from 8-10pm to 7am tops. Still coSleeping, except for 3 hrs in your toddler bed! Taking 2 naps a day usually- each give or take an 1 1/2.
*still rear facing and we pln to keep you that was as long as possible.
*you have such an attitude and are such a diva!
*tantrums are horrible! You always scream and make a scene when you dont get your way. (terrible 2's early?!)
*i thought you maybe had a concussion and had to call your dr, my mom, all My Mom friends (thanks, Ashley!) and my aunt. You didn't, mama just freaked out :)
We love you so much baby girl! Youre such a joy (you can lose the tantrums though)! We are so blessed to have you in Our lives.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lately, I have been feeling very blessed! I am blessed and I always have been but lately i have been more aware. From the little blessings, like being able To afford gas to visit family that doesn't live right down the street, to having a new house! Yes, we have always had gas money and a roof over our heads but that is a blessing! Some people don't have the luxury of either, and I am thankful I do. I am So very blessed by my family always! This weekend was my great aunt's bday (also Lexi's nanny) and we went in to spend some time with her. We had a Blast, like usual, and I left feeling like it was my birthday! She just remodeled her house and had alot of extra furniture, so she gave it to us! This was so thoughtful! We have all our main pieces but I wanted a table for right by our entrance way, 2 end tables, and a coffee bar that I pinned on Pinterest! Now we have all that furniture :) Then yesterday she made the 1 1/2 drive to us just to visit and bought our groceries! That melted my heart! She is always so thoughtful and I am So thankful for her! She has always been there for us and always helping in any way she can. It teaches me everytime, to always have a giving heart and bless people, because I know how it feels! What are you thankful for today?

Friday, March 2, 2012


I plan to do a more in depth post next week on Lexi's 15 month birthday (or maybe after her dr appt?) but for now I needed to record our new advancement! We co-sleep with Lexi. Now, we havent always done it, to be completely Honest. when Lexi was first born I wanted to but Ryan was against it. We didn't start until she was around 6-7 mos because she outgrew her rock-n-play sleeper (that thing saved our life!). She has been sleeping in the rocker since she was around 2 Months because her GERD was so bad that she aspirated one day and scared me half to death! She slept like a champ in it and she stayed right next to our bed with her apnea monitor. This set up worked great until On her 6 Month birthday she sat up in it and tried to get out! The end of that was a very quick transition. We were on vacay in Missouri at my parents house and it was just me so I caved and let her sleep with me and the rest is history. We dont/didnt have any plans of transitioning her to her bed because this just works for us and we like her close to us! Well last night Ryan walked into her room And she had climbed up into her bed and was almost asleep! Of course, us checking woke her up but we decided to give it a try. She slept in her big girl bed for 3 hrs by herself last night! I was one proud mama :) although, i will admit, i missed her being With us and was happy when she woke up for me, ha! My wittle baby is turning into Such a big girl!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Picture dump

So, we have been up to so much yet so little at the same time! Is that even possible, ha! So I decided i would do a pic dump on you guys! Enjoy :) sorry for all the randomness!