Monday, March 19, 2012

Tiny human advice needed! Please & thank you in advance.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a pretty low key one because Ryan was off Thurs and Fri and worked Sat and Sun. It was nice to have a weekend to be lazy and relax. With his moms wedding coming up our next 8 weeks are very busy! I made my very First outfit and I am so excited!! It turned out alright. I was pretty happy for it being my first outfit but for the future i need to do better! Plus, all the patterns i found start out at 18 mos and Lexi wears 9-12 and a few 12 month! So, it was pretty big on her.
Alright mamas, I need advice! My girl us getting behind and it freaks me Out. I have been a nervous wreck! She doesnt Know her body parts, colors, doesnt talk, nothing really! We need to change this. She does 'my baby can read' but I Need to try harder, I guess. I am looking to buy flash cards, videos, puzzles, hell anything that will help! Any suggestions? She is still lretty young and she wants to destroy the flashcards so is my best bet puzzles? Anything else i can do to teach and help her? Im open to suggestions! Thank you so much in Advance! The speech therapy office is giving me the run around but I am staying on them. Well, here are some Pics of the dress to hold you over, dont laugh!



Super cute outfit!!

My best advice is to skip the flash cards, the movies that swear to make your kid a genius and the toys made just for educational purposes. At this age, they learn the next through play. Lots and lots of play. And constant chatter. Starting with my oldest I talked to her all the time. In the car I read all the street signs, told her the ways we were going, talked about the street lights and so on. I still do it it's the baby. We do a ton of repition. We sing the same songs over and over again. We point to body parts and talk about them.

Sleep is a big helper too. Sleep is when their minds do the most learning and growing, the more they sleep, the more they get the chance to develop.

My oldest had speech therapy starting at 18 months until she was 3. She was tongue tied and it caused a major delay. But, she caught up by the time she was 3 and I do believe all the work through her therapist is part of why she was reading at 4.

Just wait, one day she is going to wake up and you're going to notice how much she literally learned overnight.

I really hope tubes help! The better they can hear you, the more they want to communicate.


THIS dreess is adorable!! Im really proud of you!
AND, who says she is behind? You or the doctor? The twins are 17 months and I think in the just the past month or 2 learned eyes and pointing but they only say mama and dada for words. Babies develop at different times, so dont get too nervous! ALSO, IM sure her gerd plays a role in Speech development? Has anyone told you that? Im not a great teacher, but repeat, repeat, repeat. My mom and andrew CONSTANTLY talk to anika- and give a commentary to EVERYTHING they are workign on it because Ive seen it really works...but it doesnt come natural to me. Andrew will be like, "Now im watering the plants. see, these are leaves on the plants. there is piri, the dog. she is sitting. Here is a dish. lets put the dish in the sink" I mean, its crazy, but she seems to learn from it!

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