Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friends are the flowers of the Earth

I just wanted to touch on friends today! I have some great friends, in real life and in bloggie world! Everyone needs a good friend and they come in many shapes, sizes, similarities, and places! When I first started this blog I wanted to document everything about Lexi growing up and Watch other kids very cllose to her age grow as well. What this blog has become and where it has brought me- I would have never expected! I have met some Wonderful, amazing ladies through this little piece of internet! I may only have a handful of followers but that isn't a problem at all! Thank you, friends for making the blogging community such a fun and enjoyable place! I can always come to you and be completely honest and not worry about what you are going to Think(because I know you understand), i can come to you and ask questions and opinions, i can just come here and talk and you are always here! Thank you for being 'loyals'! Some Of the friends I have met through this blog are my best mom friends (hey Ashley! i am eternally grateful for you!) Or when you have so much in common it makes you long For your first visit, even though you have never met these people in your life and your hubs is scaed they are ax murderers (true story) but you know better because you know them, the true them! I am just so blesses ny these friendships and so very thankful- so again- THANK YOU!



I love our friendship, I seriously would probably be crazy by now without you keeping me sane and having your company. I can't wait for us to finally meet up, despite our husbands thinking the other isn't real :P Once we all get together, it'll be a fun time!

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