Friday, March 2, 2012


I plan to do a more in depth post next week on Lexi's 15 month birthday (or maybe after her dr appt?) but for now I needed to record our new advancement! We co-sleep with Lexi. Now, we havent always done it, to be completely Honest. when Lexi was first born I wanted to but Ryan was against it. We didn't start until she was around 6-7 mos because she outgrew her rock-n-play sleeper (that thing saved our life!). She has been sleeping in the rocker since she was around 2 Months because her GERD was so bad that she aspirated one day and scared me half to death! She slept like a champ in it and she stayed right next to our bed with her apnea monitor. This set up worked great until On her 6 Month birthday she sat up in it and tried to get out! The end of that was a very quick transition. We were on vacay in Missouri at my parents house and it was just me so I caved and let her sleep with me and the rest is history. We dont/didnt have any plans of transitioning her to her bed because this just works for us and we like her close to us! Well last night Ryan walked into her room And she had climbed up into her bed and was almost asleep! Of course, us checking woke her up but we decided to give it a try. She slept in her big girl bed for 3 hrs by herself last night! I was one proud mama :) although, i will admit, i missed her being With us and was happy when she woke up for me, ha! My wittle baby is turning into Such a big girl!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

dont be ashamed that you co sleep :) If Anika would actually SLEEP in our bed, we still would but she just plays in it instead..well SOMETIEMS she will sleep in there and when she does, I let her stay :)

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