Friday, March 15, 2013

To the Strawberry Patch we go!

When I was growing up I'm sure we made plenty of memories. For some reason, I don't remember many. One thing that I remember very vividly was strawberry picking! We always used to go with my aunt, grandma, mom and sister. Sometimes, just my sister, my mom and myself! Every time we went we had so much fun. Of course, as kids we definitely consumed more than we collected and saved. And our attention span was that of a fly, but there was always fun to be had! Since Lexi is two now I knew it was time to take her strawberry picking, to make memories we won't forget for a long time. We started the day out late. Lexi had this new teenager sleepy stage where she wants to sleep until 9:00-9:30. Which is cool by me but it makes our days less productive. And let's be honest, on a good day they aren't productive at all. Lets blame pregnancy on that one. (Hello, 8 weeks!) So while Lexi was still sleeping this morning, I got up and got dressed, did my makeup, straightened my hair, packed our bags, and chose her an outfit for the day. Finally, she woke up around 9:15! So I got her dressed and we headed out. Ryan forgot his wallet at home so we had to go out the opposite way to bring it to him and then head towards the strawberry patch. After seeing Ryan Lexi was really heartbroken that he couldn't come with us.
Once we got there I got her wagon and sun shade all ready to go and off we went! We got the little green containers to put or strawberries in and she did great! At first She was grabbing them all- green, rotten, half eaten, etc until she really caught on. Then she was an old pro. She was picking better strawberries than me! She looked over after filling our 3 out of 6 containers and it was downhill from there. She saw the toys and wanted to 'pay' so after convincing her to pick a few more we went to play. Wow, that was an experience! Today was opening day so it was really packed and there were a few school field trips there too so tons of kids everywhere! We checked out the animals, the swings, the bouncy guys, she rode a fake cow and pig, and just ran around. She got testy at some points bc there was a lot of big kid things- a slide that went way to fast for her, zip lining, and this huge inflatable in the ground. She was so heartbroken that she couldn't do any of those things but with me being so newly pregnant I was too scared to chance it. We walked around some more and then she jumped in the wagon and was ready to go. It was getting really Hott at this point, so I was fine with it! We left with a flat of strawberries, two chocolate covered strawberries, a coloring book, and some really great memories! It was a day that I will not soon forget. On the way home we stopped for strawberry slushed at Sonic to finish off our day. Tomorrow we are heading to the zoo and then New Orleans for our super busy week next week! Praise God for everything he has blessed me with in this life. I'm feeling so blessed and grateful!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby V #2 update!

Tuesday I had my first ultrasound and the fun million questions and million tests dr appointment! We had a great appointment with Dr H. He is AMAZING and I love him! He had a few concerns that we discussed and then I told him some issues I have been having. Before we went in for my ultrasound, he says 'All these issues you are saying, are starting to make me think it is twins!' Ummmm, yeah insert a little unexpected twist here! Wow! I had a weird twin feeling from the beginning, so I was nervous. We got into the ultrasound room and he pulls up the baby! I said 'there is only one!' He says 'you're too smart for your own good, I couldn't even mess with you!' Haha. Babies heartbeat was 118 Bpm. Roo was only measuring 6 weeks 4 days, instead of 7 weeks 3 days like we originally thought, so he changed my due date. I am now due Oct 25, although I really think he may be wrong. But either way it's only 6 days different. We did get some unexpected and scary news- I have a heart murmur. Apparently, they are pretty common in pregnancy. I have been having chest pain so that is why I was so scared. He immediately sent me straight to hospital next door to get an EKG some. Friday we got the results back and Praise God they were normal! I still have a heart murmur and I have to see a cardiologist but we are believing for a positive report. Also found out I am hypoglycemic, which I think is honestly just pregnancy in general. I will start posting my weekly pregnant updates Friday!