Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby V #2 update!

Tuesday I had my first ultrasound and the fun million questions and million tests dr appointment! We had a great appointment with Dr H. He is AMAZING and I love him! He had a few concerns that we discussed and then I told him some issues I have been having. Before we went in for my ultrasound, he says 'All these issues you are saying, are starting to make me think it is twins!' Ummmm, yeah insert a little unexpected twist here! Wow! I had a weird twin feeling from the beginning, so I was nervous. We got into the ultrasound room and he pulls up the baby! I said 'there is only one!' He says 'you're too smart for your own good, I couldn't even mess with you!' Haha. Babies heartbeat was 118 Bpm. Roo was only measuring 6 weeks 4 days, instead of 7 weeks 3 days like we originally thought, so he changed my due date. I am now due Oct 25, although I really think he may be wrong. But either way it's only 6 days different. We did get some unexpected and scary news- I have a heart murmur. Apparently, they are pretty common in pregnancy. I have been having chest pain so that is why I was so scared. He immediately sent me straight to hospital next door to get an EKG some. Friday we got the results back and Praise God they were normal! I still have a heart murmur and I have to see a cardiologist but we are believing for a positive report. Also found out I am hypoglycemic, which I think is honestly just pregnancy in general. I will start posting my weekly pregnant updates Friday!


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