Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby V #2: telling the family!

When we found out on Valentine's day that we were expecting we knew it was meant to be so we had To tell our parents! I took a picture with Lexi in her big sister shirt next to her oven with the sign and sent it to my dad. He was sooooo excited! He later told my mom, but that's a whole different story. Then, we skyped Ryan's mom that evening and showed her Lexi. She caught on pretty quick! She thought that we were playing an April fools joke on her. She was so excited!

Immediately I txt Rachel and asked her if we could have a game night Saturday night and we set that up. I figured it would be the perfect time to tell everyone. Saturday finally came around and we went to tell my great aunt and grandpa first. Lexi had her big sister shirt and I had to tell her to read it but she got it quickly then. Grandpa didn't quite understand what was going on until after. Lexi's pie (her godfather/parrain) apparently knew even though I told Ryan not to say anything! We walked into aunt Gigi's house with Lexi still wearing her shirt and no one really got it. Haha. I told Rachel to read her shirt and she freaked out! She was so excited- she definitely had the best reaction out of everyone. It made my heart so happy! DJ showed up with a cake that said 'congratulations Ryan and Danielle' people read it but still didn't quite get it. After a while the news spread like wildfire. It was such a fun night and we are so blessed to be expecting baby #2! Everyone thinks Roo is a boy, me included. I just have this gut feeling. More on this later :)


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