Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Years Resolutions!

I can barely believe that Christmas is a week from today! How in the world did that happen?! Anywho so I have been thinking about my New years resolutions. This year I am going to try to stick to them because they are all good things :) Here they are!

* I would like to do a minimum of one thing on my craft list a week. This will give Lexi some daddy time and myself some mommy time! The hard part is going to be what to begin on first!
* I want to get back into going to church and get more involved. We have really been slacking at the church thing since we moved and I am ready to be involved again!
* I am also going to do the 365 pics for 2012. I have probably close to that for this year but it is a coincidence. I want to make this a point and stick to it!

Maybe you can  hold me accountable to it :) What are your new  years resolutions?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: First birthday party edition!

Here are the pics that pretty much sum up our day! Sorry there are so many!

We had such a great day! It was wonderful and the little cupcake baby got a ton of toys and a beautiful painting and cupcake beanbag pillow, perfect for her future room in the new house!

12 months=1 year! Happy 1st birthday Lexi!

12 months! How is it possible that you are over a year old? This post is late but we have been very busy this last week, so I am sure you will understand. I am going to do it a bit differently today!
How she went from this.....

 to this.... amazes me!!

Lexi, you are 19lbs 2 oz ( a week before your birthday)! You are still pretty small for your age, but I think you get it from me. You are wearing mainly 6-9 month clothing but some 12 month. Shoot, you even fit in some 6 months still! You are still in cloth diapers 99% of the time (1% was when we didn't have access to a washer!) You are on the second smallest setting on those still, so I think we definitely got our use out of them. You wear a size 3 shoe but can fit into size 4, they are just big. You still have gorgeous blue eyes but your hair is darkening up a whole bunch!

You have quite the personality and it shows more and more every day! You want what you want when you want it, and if you don't get your way we hear about it! You have such a little attitude,  you are definitely my diva! When you get mad you throw yourself backwards and just pitch a fit. I am trying to just let it run its stage, but it is hard!

You are really starting to learn, blossom, and understand. You grab your books and run to us to read them to you, you bring us your juice cup when it is empty, you open your puffs by yourself and put the lid back on! You are such a joy and so funny! When you see us laughing at you it makes you do whatever you were doing more! You have been signing alot this month, makes mama happy! You have started talking much more. You have a little phrase but we won't discuss it! You still say dad alot, rarely do you ever say mama anymore. You say num num num and click your tongue when we talk about food :) so cute! you love bananas! in the morning we give you the banana in half and you walk around the house watching tv and just eating your banana as happy as can be! And now you want your own apple which is so funny! We used to just give you bites of ours but now you throw a fit until we give you your own, ha! So we peel the skin and you walk around holding it in both hands chomping down! You makes us take bites as well! At least you share ;)Yesterday you had it in your carseat and you didn't make a peep!

You are sleeping much better, but still heading down around 8-9 and waking up at 7am at the latest. You are an early bird! Then you take a morning nap and definitely an afternoon nap, sometimes an extra nap in there. You are a big time mamas girl, you cry and cry and cry when I leave the room or anything! You remembered your nana and papa and they wanted you to stay the night and I said no so you cried so hard!

You clap all your hands all time, enjoy dancing, love giving high 5's, and laugh constantly! You are such a happy baby now! You are slowly beginning to become independent! You eat all big girl food and are almost completely off the bottle. You are about to get your nunu taken away. You are mainly walking but occasionally you will crawl. You are still a climber, but now it is worse, you use things to your advantage stacking them to reach what you want! You are very persistent, you don't give up until you have what you want.

You are a very loving little girl. All day long when I play with you you will go do your own thing and every minute or two you will walk on over and kiss me on the cheek. You literally don't go 5 mins all day without giving mama kisses! and when I am not laying and playing with you you blow them at me!! Such a sweet baby! 

You have been such a joy and every day is more and more fun! You are so serious and funny, it is priceless! We love you so very much and without you we would be so lost!! You will always be our baby girl, even when you have your own baby!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Blog Swap

I participated in a Christmas blog swap over at Between the Lines and it was a blast! I was so excited and it did not disappoint :) I had Kendra as my partner, and she was lots of fun t get to know and shop for! Such a sweet sweet girl! I loved my gift from her- she did great! Now I am going to show you all my goodies!

This was all my goodies (except for the candy that is umm gone, ha)
This is the cup cozey and it is going to go perfect with my Starbucks order that is on its way :)
These little hand sanitizers are amazing! I have so many and believe me- you can never have enough!! Now I have another holder to go with it :)
This was my bath and body works gift- and it is perfect! I love me some bath and body works. Kendra knows the way to my heart!! <3 It has the lotion, spray, body wash, and lip gloss! Perfect for the holidays. 

And an adorable little travel case with essentials, this will definitely come in handy! 
And as I said, I also got my favorite little truffles (that were scarfed down in .4 seconds!) and peppermint bark, which was also delicious! Thank you Kendra! You did a great job and it was such a joy to be your partner :) I hope you loved your gift! <3

Lexi's 1st Birthday!

I have a few posts to do about Lexi's birthday so I am going to start today with the first one!
Wednesday, Lexi's birthday, we had a busy and fun day planned! We wanted our birthday cupcake to have a blast! To start her day off right Tuesday night we let her have a cupcake to enjoy! She really loved it and didn't leave a single crumb behind! She was a mess!

She woke up Wednesday morning bright and early like usual and we just hung out until 8:03. Then I stole her and gave her a big hug and kiss at exactly 8:03 (when she was born they wouldnt let me stimulate her bc she had meconium in her mouth and them Ryan got to hold her first!) Then it was Ryans turn.

After she took her morning nap we got ready to head to the French quarter for beignets at Cafe du Monde and the aquarium! We met up with Mike, Aimy, and Mali too! It was freezing out but the girls had a blast!They both enjoyed the aquarium together as well.

We then got brave and took her to see the Muppets! It was a great movie, very cute and she did much better than I expected. She slept for about half of it and then when she woke up she danced and clapped to the movie! She ate her puffs and drank her juice,jumped between Ryan and I, and fussed a bit. Overall, she did great!! We had a great day with our cupcake! It was so bust we didn't even get to open presents until Thursday! (Sorry for pic overload!!) part 2 coming soon!