Monday, December 12, 2011

Lexi's 1st Birthday!

I have a few posts to do about Lexi's birthday so I am going to start today with the first one!
Wednesday, Lexi's birthday, we had a busy and fun day planned! We wanted our birthday cupcake to have a blast! To start her day off right Tuesday night we let her have a cupcake to enjoy! She really loved it and didn't leave a single crumb behind! She was a mess!

She woke up Wednesday morning bright and early like usual and we just hung out until 8:03. Then I stole her and gave her a big hug and kiss at exactly 8:03 (when she was born they wouldnt let me stimulate her bc she had meconium in her mouth and them Ryan got to hold her first!) Then it was Ryans turn.

After she took her morning nap we got ready to head to the French quarter for beignets at Cafe du Monde and the aquarium! We met up with Mike, Aimy, and Mali too! It was freezing out but the girls had a blast!They both enjoyed the aquarium together as well.

We then got brave and took her to see the Muppets! It was a great movie, very cute and she did much better than I expected. She slept for about half of it and then when she woke up she danced and clapped to the movie! She ate her puffs and drank her juice,jumped between Ryan and I, and fussed a bit. Overall, she did great!! We had a great day with our cupcake! It was so bust we didn't even get to open presents until Thursday! (Sorry for pic overload!!) part 2 coming soon!



Aww looks like a great day :) (btw, I changed my blog address so I don't know if you are still seeing my posts. Some of my followers have said they have had issues so I wanted to let ya know)


Sounds like a fun day!! Wylie wanted nothing to do with his cupcake, I think he's partial to chocolate. I bet Lexi got a ton of toys!!


Just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading about Lexi; my son will be 1 on 1.12! Where has the time gone?!
Glad she had a great time and enjoyed the movie. I don't think my son would do so well in a theater- or maybe I'm not that brave.

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