Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: Better Late than ever, ehh??

This last weekend we had a super crazy busy weekend! Friday we went shopping with Aimy and Mali in Hammond and had a blast!! Then we headed off to Bass Pro (which apparently is the teenage hangout spot, haha so funny to me!!) for traps and off to Target for Lexi's big girl carseat!!! :'( I can't believe she is old enough for a big girl carseat already!! Then we came home and hung out and sorta prepared for the weekend ahead! Saturday morning we had Eliana's first birthday party, which I took like 5 pics, whoops! Mom fail!! And we also carved pumpkins with Mike and Gabby and then we went on a date night and Lexi was babysat by her YaYa for the first time! We were going to go to the  movies but we didn't have time cuz carving took too long so we just went to the french quarter and then to Harrah's. Mike is 24 and Gabby just turned 21 and they were casino virgins so we had to break that ;) We seriously had a blast and it was much needed! And Lexi did great so it was a win win! Then Sunday we had Lexi's cousin Roy's Second bday party out by the bayou! They had a bounce house on Saturday fr the babies and Lexi went in but didn't really pay too much attention. Then Sunday they had a big one and I got in with her and we all had a blast!! Sunday on the way home we stopped by April's house and I got to hold lil man and give him lovings!! I will be going back this week since this last visit was such a short one!! Here is our weekend in pics!

Our little Diva!
New big girl carseat
Mali and Lexi in baby bounce house!
The babies chilling in the bounce house
Lexi & Daddy
Chasing her shadow
Best friends always drink together hahaha
The one on on the far left was ryans, Middle was MIL, Right was mine, and front is Lexi's
Gabby & Mike at casino
Lexi & yaya when we came home!!
Very very tired girl on our way home!!
We had a great and relaxing weekend and it was definitely much needed!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Plum District, Erin Condren, & Little Tikes

So I think I might have decided to go ahead and buy an Erin Condren yearly calendar book because I really want one and can't find anymore I like. Over at Plum District they are having a sale where you get $50 worth of product for $25 and if you follow this link then it will give you a free $5! This means that you can get $50 worth of Erin Condren goodies for $20! This might be a winner for me! If you do it, thanks & Enjoy!!!
Plum District is kinda similar to Totsy or Zulily, so it is definitely worth checking out and signing up! Never know when you might catch a great mom deal!!
Also, remember that Little Tikes deal at Toys R Us I was telling you about? Don't forget about it!! Yesterday, Aimy and I took the girls to check it out!! We ended up getting a cupcake kitchen, a bbq pit, an ice cream stand and some fruits to go with both for under $100!! That's a dang good deal! You can also do this online, you just have to pay shipping (which in my opinion is no fun!) Have fun early Christmas Shopping! Or if you have a December baby like me that would be Christmas & birthday shopping!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Side Business & Little Tikes deal!

So I have been really thinking lately of something that I can do for fun and to make a little extra spending money, I mean I have a little girl to spoil even more than she already is! ha!!  I have been looking into Scentsy and Thirty one. I really like both companies but don't really know too much about either! I am talking to the hubs tonight and seeing where he stands on the issue!! D0es anyone sell either of these or have any experiences with them that they would like to share? If so, thanks in advance!!
Lexi is a little fuss monster today so I have gotten nothing done, oh well that is okay with me :) I think she has another few teeth coming through! I feel and see 4 but they haven't broken through yet! She just recently started grinding her teeth and I hope it a passing phase because it is the worst sound ever!! And that can't be good!! She is such a little hamlet it never ceases to crack me up with the silly things she does!
This is totally random but I was talking to my mom this morning and she was telling me about two girls that I graduated with that are both prego again and on their second child!!! I am like amazed right now! One girls baby is younger than Lexi, I believe he is around 7 months and she is far enough along that she knows she is having a girl!! And the other one just got married, has a year and a half old and is around 10 weeks prego! That's insane!! I can't imagine, nor do I want to think about a second baby and these girls are expecting again! I would lose my mind! I guess all children are a blessing from the Lord though!
My friend April had her little man last Thursday and he is so adorable!! I love him!!! He was 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches! They were expecting him to be 10 lbs but they were a little off. She had complications but is doing much better and both mommy and baby are home safe and sound! We stopped by on Sunday to drop off something real quick and I got to hold him! He was so sweet! He seemed like a little preemie but they said he was really 8lbs. I think the scale was off ;) lol
Thats pretty much all we have going on. Oh and if you are already Christmas shopping then check out Toys r us. Little Tikes has this deal going on where if you buy something over $25 then you can get a toy for under $25 then it is free! That is such a great deal! Now I just have to talk the hubs into it ;)

Cupcakes, Fabric Flowers, and Birthdays Oh My!!!

Lexi's first birthday is quickly approaching us and it has me running around like a chicken with my head cut off! You see I have been planning this for months but things seem to have fallen through s now all the plans have changed!! And if you know me at all, I don't do well with changing of plans, especially this close to the day! Ahhhh! So I have been freaking out but I think it is finally coming together. I am calling to book it today, so hopefully that goes good and putting the final finishing touches on her invites!! I have also decided to start working on her bday outfit! I have had what I wanted her to wear in my mind since literally the day she was born haha! I am a big big planner!! So now I am starting to get things together to make it happen! I am way way excited but also nervous that it isn't going to turn out exactly as I am wanting it to! I guess we shall see. Pictures to come!
Yesterday I was washing bottles and Lexi was really quiet so I looked to see what she was up to. Low and behold she was WALKING into the living room from the kitchen!! Um wait, when did this happen?? She has been taking steps but she really shows little to no interest in walking. Now I am noticing she just doesn't want us to see her because as soon as I acknowledged her she dropped to the ground so fast and started crawling!! She acted as if I had never caught her, haha what a silly girl! I was really secretly hoping that she would walk before her party because if not it isn't going to be any fun so maybe she will?? I guess time will tell! I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't though because she is so very content crawling!! I need to post about our wonderful weekend but the craft bug has hit me pretty hard so that will have to wait :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Worry & Fears; Part One

So I am not so sure of this post, actually I am kind of scared, but I think I am just going to do it and maybe someone can relate. Hopefully no one thinks differently, but this is just the truth!
Worry is my major downfall and my biggest weakness. I am the worry wart, nervous nelly, whatever you would consider it, and as I have gotten older (married & baby) it has gotten worse and I feel it is beginning to take over my life. I am not sure what my deal is, but it is so scary!! I am ready to be over and past this stage in my life. So now I am going to fill you in, please don't hate me now, I am just being honest!!
So I have a huge huge huge ( I really can't say huge enough right here) paranoia of getting sick, mainly throwing up. It doesn't really make sense to me because as I have gotten older throwing up really isn't as bad as I remember it. I mean yeah it sucks, but you throw up and get over it. No big deal. Well apparently in my head it is a much bigger deal. Every year (mainly starting last year the worst, but it has been previous years as well)  when flu season approaches I start to get nervous about getting the flu. Very nervous and paranoid about it. I literally just want to stock up on everything so I can coop us up in the house for the whole flu season, just in case! Now I think some of this might be due to Ryan being in contact all.the.time with general public, day in and day out, that makes me nervous. What if he carries some sickness home to Lexi and I? Also, I am a mommy, I don't get 'time off' or 'sick days' and it scares me if I was to get sick what would happen to Lexi? I wouldn't be able to get better quickly, I wouldn't be able to do anything for her, and What if she gets sick from me? As you can tell, I am very worried about this. But it isn't just about flu season, this is a daily thing. I make my self sick worrying! When I leave the house, I worry if I am going to get car sick. When we go places I worry if I am going to get sick while we aren't home. Going to the doctors office could give me a panic attack. The ER is a nightmare for me!! I am also a hypochondriac!! I am CONSTANTLY worrying about this. Can anyone relate to me? Or am I just a freak?? It has seriously gotten BAD BAD BAD. really beginning to affect my life and I want to stop it NOW! I have been praying alot about this lately, as i am starting to get worried. I think I am going to get some bible verses about worry and just pin them up around the house and as soon as I start to get worried to just immediately start praying.
If you have made it through this whole thing thanks so much for listening!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Crafting & business lately!!

I have been crafting a whole bunch lately and working lots on my business. Here is what I have been up to in pics!!
 Pillowcase dress (MIA ribbons)
Ruffle butt onesie
Another pillowcase dress.
Halloween Bow
Piggie tales :)
Boutique bottlecap bows
Fall bucket list
fall bow
Lexi's Pumpkin patch outfit
Fall wreath
Needless to say we have been very busy!! What have you been up to craft wise?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is going to be a bullet type of post because that is where my thoughts are!!!
*Anyone have suggestions on books on positive discipline? Lexi seems to be going through a 'terrible twos' stage at the wodnderful age of 10 months!! How does this happen you ask? I am not really sure but she is unfortunately there!
*I am in the process of reading 'No cry sleep solution' so we shall see how this goes. Hopefully well because this sleep exhausted mama needs some serious sleep. Our current situation just wasn't cutting it for us anymore :/
*I am super duper sad & hurt by some situations with my parentals, eh I guess I will get over it!!
*We have a super duper busy weekend ahead of us and I am pretty excited :) It is going to be a blast!!
*I have been working on my little business alot lately and I have been up to some new crafts so hopefully I get around to posting that tomorrow :)
*I am super excited but yet so nervous about my new business!! Ah I guess it is normal feelings but I am so nervous!!!
* I am also trying to decide between staying blonde or going back to my natural color.
*I feel like such a mom lately, boring, unattractive, and just blah! So my goal fr this winter is to dress way cute and get into fashion a little more. It is going okay, not the greatest but not the worst either. I guess I just have to keep working at it!
Sorry for all the randomness!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ridiculous Pic Overload

My Iphone finally got hooked up to the compute the other day and it had *gasp* 594 pics on it and that was just from maybe a month tops... Um Yeah I am kinda camera happy but in my defense I nana and papa want a pic of you every single day and you cant just take one :) I really need to go through and delete some pics because I  have literally 1800 pics on my phone, hands down!! So be ready because there is PLENTY! haha
These are Lexi's fave toy- yeah she lks like a dog... 
Lexi checking out her toddler bed making sure all her toys were there haha
These beautiful flowers from the hubs that are smelling AH-mazing today! :)
Princess Lexi
Kissing her 'boyfriend' Paul
Standing all by herself
Daddy Pushing her on her Lion
Lexi fed the giraffes, she wasn't pleased! haha
Choosing the heart for her first build a bear
And giving 'Mr. Barkeson' kisses
 cute family pic
Lazy day with mama
The girl LOVES big girl cups!!
her balls again...
yeah, no point in giving her a bowl...

Okay I am going to stop this here and save the rest for another post! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Planner Hype...

Well I have fallen into the Erin Condren planner hype and now I need want one so very badly!! Now if only I could justify to the hubs that it is necessary :) haha probably not guna happen :/ Even with the discounts and codes and such it is still a little expensive in my opinion! I guess I will just have to get a regular old planner and make that work, now that I have the idea in my head :) haha!!  And the crazy thing is none of my IRL friends know who or what I am talking about but in bloggie land people are like 'you DON'T know what an Erin Condren planner is?? Do you live under a rock?!' haha so funny!!

So lately I have been wanting to meet up with some blog friends. Now if only we didn't all live a gazillion miles away from one another it would be fine. Eh I guess that is life!! Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?! I think I am going to a huge photo recap tomorrow bc I haven't posted many pics of the cupcake baby lately!!

Sleep Training Recap!

We have been sleep training for the past 5 nights and I hope not to jinx it but it has been going good, much better than I expected!! We decided that our best approach was the no cry sleep solution, to put her bed in the highest setting and next to our bed, and to get her into a nighttime routine again since ours went out the window with the move. We start getting her ready for bed at 7ish by giving her a bath and just playing in the tub with her. She got a new ducky toy for the tub that she loves and dances to haha it is so funny! The girl loves to move!! We also give her daily vitamins in the tub because she has the tendency to spit them out. We get her outta tub and dress her then give her sippy cup with milk and get her book ready. Ryan and I take turns reading her books at night, then we both give her kisses. I put the boppy in the bed with her, to make it feel like we are still there and I think that has helped drastically! After her book is read, kisses, and playing a bit we lay her down and I lay next to her and usually withing 10 mins she is dead asleep! This is a great accomplishment for us and has given us both a little down time to ourselves and together! She usually sleeps til about 2:30-3:00ish and then crawls right up in bed by me and goes right back to sleep til between 7 and 8 then she is up for the day! I was very very shocked with how well she did, I was expecting this to be a fight but in all reality it has been great!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Etsy Shop!!

I *finally* had the guts to open my etsy shop and I am terrified!! I hope I don't fail!! I have posted a few things on there for now, working on getting the rest up!!You should go check it out here!!  Thanks for your support! And if you have anything you want to see on there just let me know and I will see what I can do! Thank you!! :) Any input/opinions are welcome!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

We have had a weekend full of fall festivities, and it has been the most fun weekend that I can remember having in a very long time, it was way overdue!!! We made a scarecrow, made caramel and candied apples, found a new church (which is a post in iteslf), decorated the house fall-y, went to the pumpkin patch, and just had an overall perfect weekend!! This is going to be a picture overload, sorry in advance, there are just so many cute ones! Also, If you don't mind, do you think any of these are first bday invitation worthy?? I was hoping so but need some input! Thanks :)

 I love this face :)
 Our scarecrow, yes he has a beer haha!
 Bobbing for apples in kitchen sink- yes we are that lame haha!

 Daddy & his girl

 Mommy & Lexi
 Family <3
 Daddy's girl

 this one might possibly be the one on the invite. yes or no?
 her faces crack me up!
 clapping her hands

 she fell over then just layed there lol

 or this one for the invite??

Well if you made it to the end let me know what you think!! Hope you enjoyed our pics :)