Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Side Business & Little Tikes deal!

So I have been really thinking lately of something that I can do for fun and to make a little extra spending money, I mean I have a little girl to spoil even more than she already is! ha!!  I have been looking into Scentsy and Thirty one. I really like both companies but don't really know too much about either! I am talking to the hubs tonight and seeing where he stands on the issue!! D0es anyone sell either of these or have any experiences with them that they would like to share? If so, thanks in advance!!
Lexi is a little fuss monster today so I have gotten nothing done, oh well that is okay with me :) I think she has another few teeth coming through! I feel and see 4 but they haven't broken through yet! She just recently started grinding her teeth and I hope it a passing phase because it is the worst sound ever!! And that can't be good!! She is such a little hamlet it never ceases to crack me up with the silly things she does!
This is totally random but I was talking to my mom this morning and she was telling me about two girls that I graduated with that are both prego again and on their second child!!! I am like amazed right now! One girls baby is younger than Lexi, I believe he is around 7 months and she is far enough along that she knows she is having a girl!! And the other one just got married, has a year and a half old and is around 10 weeks prego! That's insane!! I can't imagine, nor do I want to think about a second baby and these girls are expecting again! I would lose my mind! I guess all children are a blessing from the Lord though!
My friend April had her little man last Thursday and he is so adorable!! I love him!!! He was 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches! They were expecting him to be 10 lbs but they were a little off. She had complications but is doing much better and both mommy and baby are home safe and sound! We stopped by on Sunday to drop off something real quick and I got to hold him! He was so sweet! He seemed like a little preemie but they said he was really 8lbs. I think the scale was off ;) lol
Thats pretty much all we have going on. Oh and if you are already Christmas shopping then check out Toys r us. Little Tikes has this deal going on where if you buy something over $25 then you can get a toy for under $25 then it is free! That is such a great deal! Now I just have to talk the hubs into it ;)


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted

Thanks for sharing the Little Tikes deal, that is awesome! I feel you pain with this teething phase. It's no fun for anyone!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

when does the deal end?

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