Friday, October 7, 2011

10 months already?1?!?!

Oh Lexi Lynn how I can barely believe that you are 10 whole months old today! This month you have been up to so much and been so busy! I am interested to see what this next month brings, however if you decide to slow down time I am completely alright with that! You are our world and even though this month you have been much fussier than normal you mean so much to us and our worlds would be upside down without you!! You are the greatest thing that has happened to us and we are so blessed and thankful to be your parents! We love you so much baby girl and fall more and more in love with you everyday!! Here is what you have been up to!!
You are now on half milk, half formula but are about to make the switch completely to milk!
You eat a whole lot of food in a day and are great at feeding yourself!! 
You are loving big girl food!
You learned how to drink outta a straw 10-1-2011 and now have your first straw sippy cup!
You drink about 4oz juice/4oz water a day and love it! 
You are still a puff monster haha!
We are in the process of cutting the bottle out completely, you don't really mind much except at night

You are still a crawler, you seem to be very very content doing that.
You have started crawling with your feet instead of knees, which is hysterical every.single.time!!
You pull up on everything taller than you!
You have taken baby steps a couple times but fall over!
You stand on your own all the time!! & clap your hands while doing it!
You push your walker around like it is nobody's business! 
You are soo very close to walking i can taste it, this saddens me!
Yesterday you took your first solo step to your daddy! Go Lexi!!
you have climbed the stairs on the slide many times, you succeeded your first try, not sure how though!!

You are still co-sleeping & we are going to break you prob around a year! It works for us.
You go to sleep anywhere between 7 and 9 and have been sleeping thru the night til 7amish.
You still take usually 2 good 1 1/2 hour naps sometimes with a 3rd 30 min one!

You are wearing 3-6 month & 6 month onesies & 6 months clothes. You are a tiny peanut!
I am about to switch you to 6-9 month onesies bc of your cloth diaper butt!
You are quite the little babbler, mom, dada, and baba are your main words!
You have said ew, nana, go and hi. I can't remember the others!
You are a very big cuddle bug and a major mommy's girl!
Blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes still!
You wore your first pigtails this month & they were so precious!!
You love to play peek-a-boo by yourself, you even laugh when you are hiding from us. it melts my heart! it is so adorable!!

Another month has flown by and you still haven't ceased to amaze us! We are now a month closer to your first birthday, which is bittersweet! We love you more than we can ever express! We look forward to watching you grow and learn some more in the next month!! Love you cupcake baby <3


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

What a big GIRL!! ONly 2 months until a year! ha .are you giving her cows milk?

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