Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Gasp! The ER doctor MISDIAGNOSED my cupcake baby! Excuse my language but I was PISSED! Yesterday we went in to our pediatrician for what I thought was the second round of the flu vaccine and we couldn't even get it! You see, yesterday morning Lexi woke up with no fever (score!!) and feeling almost completely back to normal except at 9ish she developed a rash! Great, I thought. So we see the doctor and he says she had the roseola virus and asked if the ER doctor ran any tests or anything. Nope, negative, nada just told us we wasted his time. Thank God it wasn't anything major or that would be malpractice on his part? But She is doing much better, still has a rash but no fever and back to normal! Very thankful for that. Oh BTW, any fever over 101 isn't teething so if someone tells you this, don't fall for it!
Anyways, Lexi co-sleeping hasn't been working out for us lately and last night was the straw that broke the camels back. Needless to say, neither her nor I slept but maybe 2 hours! So crazy! So I started my research into the No Cry Sleep Solution and ordered the book from Amazon this morning. I think I am going to order Dr. Sears sleep book as well, I agree with alot of his ideas and ways to raise kids! I also discovered while researching that I have a 'high needs' baby. It's nothing I did wrong (which I always blame myself for) it is just her personality! Big relief off my shoulders! Thank you Dr. Sears for clearing that up for me!! So tonight starts our journey in sleep training. I think it is going to be an epic fail but trying to be hopeful! Keep us in your thoughts and wish us luck, we are going to need it!! I am going to be doing a huge pic update coming up very soon. I have just been lazy lately haha!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

of course its nothing you did wrong!! Every baby is just different. It makes me sad that you blame yourself :(
I am just happy she is feeling better.


Sorry to hear the ER Dr was such an idiot! When I went to the ER at 6 weeks pregnant with bleeding the ER dr there diagnosed me with having a miscarriage. Um, now that miscarriage is almost 10 months old. WTG ER docs!! Glad to hear that Lexi is doing better though and on the mend. Good luck with sleep training!! It generally only takes about a week to make the transition so hopefully that will ring true for Lexi too. Alex has slept so much better in his crib than he ever did when co-sleeping.

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