Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is going to be a bullet type of post because that is where my thoughts are!!!
*Anyone have suggestions on books on positive discipline? Lexi seems to be going through a 'terrible twos' stage at the wodnderful age of 10 months!! How does this happen you ask? I am not really sure but she is unfortunately there!
*I am in the process of reading 'No cry sleep solution' so we shall see how this goes. Hopefully well because this sleep exhausted mama needs some serious sleep. Our current situation just wasn't cutting it for us anymore :/
*I am super duper sad & hurt by some situations with my parentals, eh I guess I will get over it!!
*We have a super duper busy weekend ahead of us and I am pretty excited :) It is going to be a blast!!
*I have been working on my little business alot lately and I have been up to some new crafts so hopefully I get around to posting that tomorrow :)
*I am super excited but yet so nervous about my new business!! Ah I guess it is normal feelings but I am so nervous!!!
* I am also trying to decide between staying blonde or going back to my natural color.
*I feel like such a mom lately, boring, unattractive, and just blah! So my goal fr this winter is to dress way cute and get into fashion a little more. It is going okay, not the greatest but not the worst either. I guess I just have to keep working at it!
Sorry for all the randomness!!


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