Thursday, February 23, 2012


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?! Okay, you are right! There is no excuse! I am Sorry for our many absences these past couple weeks. Yes, our life is busy right but that is no excuse. Writer's block is more of my issue right now! But there have been things getting accomplished around here. Like, for instance, our first little gathering will be here March 10th! Eeeek! I am a tad nervous because obviously the house isnt decorated- shoot, we just got finished unpacking this last weekend! We are mainly just hosting. It is a family thing and there are like 4 people coming so that doesnt count, right? Right!
Or things happening like, you know, cutting my hair off above my shoulders! I have never ever gone that short before. At first- i HATED it- bad, but now it is growing on me! Plus, it is so much easier with a toddler and a puppy. Win, win!
Toddler tantrums/meltdowns! I feel like i have a little newborn again. It is TOUGH! She is at such a fun stage but such a tough age too. We love all her new things she does- even though talking isnt among this list. Maybe it is better that she cant talk? Maybe.
Maverick, the said puppy, boy he wears me Out! He is my first puppy and i didnt realize how much work they really are. Finally, he is getting better about pottying on the potty pad but he still misses or goes right next to them. Not to mention he wakes up crying/barking every.single.morning at 6:30 at.the.latest! Yeah, not cool Boy! But he is ever so cute so it is a-okay. He will grow up eventually, i hope! Oh yeah, the hubs? He is doing good as well! I think thats all we really have going on. And I promise- I will be stopping in more frequently! An before I go, a before and after pic of the hair!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately! We have been so busy between moving, Lexi, having two houses to clean and organize, and we adopted a precious little puppy!! I am going to do the project 365 catch up tomorrow because i have still been doing it. I just didnt post because our internet was down.
Friday we adopted a 6 week old Catahoula/German shepherd boy puppy! He is adorable! He really is a pretty good puppy, except for the still not being house trained issue but we will get there. He is going to be a pretty big dog but him And lexi are already best friends. Naming him Was so very hard but we finaly decided on Maverick. I think as he gets bigger that she will be riding him :)
The new house is painted and almost completely organiZed finally! We went on a date Saturday and realizes just how much our lives have changed in 2 years. We bought a dining room Table on iur date night?! Ha! I say we are lame but Ryan thinks we just have our priorities right and are responsible! The other house literally needs an hour more of work and then itll be done! And that alone will be a big burden lifted!
Lexi, oh Lexi, she is hysterical! I will have to do a complete update on her soon! She is a trip to, to say the least! Hope everyone is doing great! I am still following all my blogs :) and hope to be on here more frequently now that things are settling.
Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365(6) week 5 and 6!

Sorry we have been MIA lately! We are in the process of moving still and our internet has been down. I am going to catch you up on the last two weeks now though! (and hopefully in more detail soon)) i am linking up with Laura over at Between the Lines again!
Such a fun group of ladies over there.

Day 29:we went to the new house to check out what we needed to do before move in. This is a pic of the front of the backyard
Day 30:choosing paint colors for new house.
Day 31: decals in lexi's room- i am not happy with them at all!
Day 32: my little cheeseball!
Day 33:home improvement shopping with the family.
Day 34: in the new house with pigtails and pizza crust in her hand!
Day 35:thank you hubs! Welcome to the family Keurig :)

Day 36:bobbing for cheese puffs? I think so!
Day 37:it was a sonic type of day..
Day 38: a 'sorry i messed up days on our engagement anniversary' present. Thank you :)
Day 39: grocery shopping day. Does anyone ever wonder how they do it alone?
Day 40: my parents are opening a restaurant- here is a sneak peek
Day 41: Our newest addition to the family- Maverick!
Day 42:went to bass pro with mike gabby and neela!