Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newest Edition to family!

And before you even think it- no im not pregnant! We have had quite a busy week this week! Monday we went to aquarium with my mother in law and then we got spontaneous. Welcome to our life! haha but anywho on our way home from aquarium with mother in law we were talking about Traverses and how they are so neat and all this. Well we had a bunch to do in preparation for my bestie Trashity, i mean Cassity, okay fine Sassie coming in Tuesday morning. Well we got sidetracked and decided what we could get for our little bitty car (it wasnt really little, just to us, it was a 4 door G6, which i loved!) Well I wasnt expecting anything much b/c for my bday, almst a month to the day we bought the car, i got smashed in a car wreck. The car was fixed, mind you but still I wasn't expecting nearly what we gt for it. So we checked out the Traverse and I wasn't impressed by the car nor the monthly note so we moved along t the dealership hubby used to work at. Well An GMC Acadia has always been my dream car, for like ever, so this is what we looked at. Well in the process f checking out a new Acadia I spotted a 2008 fully loaded Acadia and immediately fell in love! The rest is HISTORY! So welcome our new vehicle!
 I would post more pics, but I won't bore you. It is amazing! Dual sunroofs, DVD player, XM radio, etc. I love it and am so thankful my hubby got it for me :) Lexi and I are two lucky girls! 
Tuesday we picked Bestie up from airport and headed to shop and to the beach. This pretty much sums up our day:
this is Little misses new face...
hilarious! every.single.time! 
She loves to sit up like a big girl. She was watching tv...
And the hubs deserves some fun too...
All that shopping wore Aunt Sassie out! haha ;)
Then we had a little bbq get together with some friends that wanted to meet/see Trashity, Sassie. It was pretty good! Late, but good! Everyone had a blast. Then we slept in the next morning and went on a girls day while daddy had Lexi. We have pics, but they are on the besties phone, so I will have to post those another time! We went to the french quarter, got beignets, shopped, came hme to see Lexi, got mcd's and then it was time for her to leave! :'( short visit but always a good one!

This is totally random but I am so blessed to have such a great best friend! Cassity is always the first one to grab Lexi and hold her, love on her, anything! She is such a great Auntie to her and one day she is going to make a WNDERFUL mommy! She has such a great heart! love her! and then i found this sweet little letter under the pillow in her room and made me so happy! we are blessed! 

Continuing on, sorry for side note! This morning we woke up for a playdate with Neela (Lexis bestie), NK, and Carter. These babies are so fun together! Lexi is the oldest (7 mos), Neela (6 mos), NK (5 mos), and Carter (4 mos). It was so great to get together and chat and just see each baby and their personality. They are each unique. We all joked about how each child is going to be and their personalities. It was a blast! 

i will have to post pics later- i think i overloaded blogger or something hahaha!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Standing Saturday!

Today is a pretty boring Saturday for us, just cleaning and hanging out! Well this morning I had just folded clothes and walked into the kitchen to put a cup in the sink and returned to this: (excuse the bluriness, it was with iphone and i had to get it quick)

mind you- she crawled/scooted/plopped halfway across her soft mat to get there, stood up, and was standing in about 3 mins. We have a very small shotgun house, so it wasn't like I took my time! I hurried! I was so amazed and shocked because I wasn't expecting that at all!! Then she decided she wanted to stand some more:

And I sent her Aunt Sassie, whom we love so dearly a pic showing  her and this is what she said:

okay, there was more to that message but still!!

So, I think it will be sooner than we realize that this little girl is going to be walking! I think she is going to walk before she full out crawls, but I guess we will see!
Happy Saturday everyone!!

(this was supposed to be posted Saturday but blogger was being difficult and wouldnt let me upload my pics, sorry!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Week Randoms

I have been quite the terrible blogger lately and honestly don't know why! Boooooooooooo me! I guess it is just because Lexi is officially on the move now and doing many new things so we have to watch her very closely r we are going to miss it! Not that I am complaining at all! I love watching her play and discover new things! I love watching her ah ha moments! She has had quite a personality from day 1 and now it is really starting to show its colors! She is a blast and so funny! love her <3
She has done a couple new things I wanted to document,so here they are!!

*about 2 weeks ago, Lexi started waving! This isn't completely new, but it still melts my heart! Anytime we go to our front door she starts smiling and waving like crazy! She also loves to wave to little boys! We have quite the little flirt on our hands!!

*we gave her a spoon to use herself for the first time on Friday, June 17th and it was much better than I had expected! It was a mess but soooooooo very worth it! I have a video of this also but it wont let me upload it, boo! I will have to do it in the future!

She is doing many new things and I will remember more later I am sure but for the time being I am brain dead.

Question for you mommies though. How much formula is your bay taking in a day and how much solids? I am thinking Lexi isn't getting enough solids, but don't know if I am being paranoid. She has started turning her nose up to liquids and I am praying its a phase and not a food aversion due to her GERD.  I should talk t her GI Monday so I just need to make it through this weekend but I am a nervous wreck! BOO this parenting thing is going to be the death of me, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks in advance ladies!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy First Father's Day to my wonderful Hubby!!!

Happy First Father's Day to this wonderful man:
You are such a wonderful daddy to out baby girl and she loves you so much!!! 
this one was her daddy 'skin to skin' time! 

Thank you for being such a great father and hubby to our precious little girl! she adores (hence why she CNSTANTLY says 'dada'! im jealous ;) ) but anywho, thanks baby, love you!! <3

And happy daddy's day to my daddy as well! thanks for always supporting us! love you!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Defeated. That describes what I am. I am defeated by my 6 month old baby with GERD!I would really love to cry for a week, sleep for a week, and then eat a couple gallons of ice cream!

Yesterday was filled with drs, nurses, and many phone calls with drs and nurses with ZERO answers. Today was a dr appt with more of ZERO answers. They just said to keep her as comfy as possible, give her tylenol, and wait for our GI to get back from vacay! Please pray for us, we really need it. Very frustrated with drs, overwhelmed and heartbroken my baby cries all day and there is nthing I can Do. Im about to cry again, so that is all for now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why? Why? Why!!!

Why did this happen to us? Why does my little baby have to go through this? 

I am so concerned, frustrated, and broken hearted. If you are a follower you know my lil Lexi's situation with her GERD. Well it got so much better and she was so much happier and barely spitting up. Well I guess I just got too comfortable with the situation too fast. Please keep my lil cupcake in your prayers. Her GERD is so bad right now :/ she has been spitting up crazy bad for a week now and has been so irritable. Then last night her heart rate dropped, which hasn't happened in 3 weeks. I wouldn't be concerned if it wasn't so low but a baby's resting heart rate is around 120 bpm and Lexi's is dropping down to 80! thats crazy! babies can code at 60 bpm according to our home health nurse. As a mom, I am terrified, frustrated, and broken hearted. I also feel guilty. I know that is stupid but I feel like this is my fault. I try to do everything in my power to keep her happy and healthy but she isn't either of these right not and because of this I am broken hearted.

I am heart broken because they are wanting to re-do her ph probe. That was a terrible experience fr us all and I don't have the heart to do that to her again. She had to be sedated, I couldn't hold her all night long, it was excruciating! So now I am torn on what to do. I'm just everywhere. I can't even gather my thoughts. Please please please just keep her in your prayers. I don't even know what else to say except thank you in advance.

I know people have it so much worse than us, and I can't even imagine. I pray for anyone who goes through something terrible with their child. I am however thankful that this is all it is and it isn't anything majorly major. This can be fixed with surgery, I'm just upset! I guess all we can do is face it and pray!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yes, i know, you are prob confused since we are in the switch to cloth why in the world i am typing a post about but you will soon understand. Because of the upcoming switch too cloth diapering i need a new diaper bag convenient for cloth diapering which leads me to my point. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the JJ Cole diaper bags, they are just a tad too pricey for my taste. (im a cheapo big time) Well babies r us has a 15% off coupon for diaper bags and my diaper bag was on sale for 50 so this means i could get it for $43 vs 60! much nicer!! well go figure, shipping was $8 and sales tax was $5 for some reason which equals $56 so i save $4? i think NOT! so im searching around and i decided that i would go check out BINGO! the diaper bag i want is on sale fr $50 and you get free shipping for every 50 you spend and then i got an extra $10 off for placing my first order there! so i got my diaper bag and 2 wet bags (they were super cheap and match the bag :) ) for $45 shipped! heck yes!!! i find their wipes are a tad more expensive but hey, they can be my friend with good deals on bags :) so go check them out! i hope to post a more legit post tom about our new weekend schedule with ryan! hope everyone is doing great and having a good week!

in no way was i paid to do this post, this was just my personal opinion and im very excited :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Baby Picks :)

So I was thinking back to when we were pregnant with Lexi on how hard it was to decide what to get her, and it was tough! There are so many cool things out there but the honest truth is that you really dont need all of it, even though you think you do ;) So here is my top picks and i will also include the things we didnt like/use. Just remember this is all personal opinion and every baby is different. Hope this helps someone!!

Dr. Brown's bottles:
love love love them! cant say enough good about them!! they are wonderful especially if your child has severe colic like my lil Lexi did! they also say these help with acid reflux but i cant say i know if they do or not b/c with lexi having GERD nothing seems to help. i recommend these to everyone cuz i love them that much!! the only thing that alot of ppl i know complain about is that there are too many parts. This doesnt really bther me, and i think that it is sooo worth it!

Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper:
This rocker is wonderful! A friend told us about it when we found out lexi had to sleep on an incline and i am so glad that we bought it! it fits perfectly next to the bed, easily moves and folds, and she loved it! She has slept in this since she was 6 weeks old and let me tell you, she slept great! She just recently outgrew it because she stands in it and also leans forward and falls out!! but i would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially GERD parents!!

Swaddle Me's:
these are so much nicer than just a receiving blanket! not dissing receiving blankets at all but these work perfectly because it velcros them in there and certainly makes it harder to get out. REmember I said harder, not impossible, Lexi got outta them EVERY.SINGLE.TIME but she HATED to be swaddled!!

im not very big with meds, but mylicon saved our lives during those colic times. it doesnt make it go away completely, but it certainly helps!!! we loved it!

lexi is just getting used to this but we just got it about a month ago. it keeps her occuppied, lets her get some exercise, and lets mommy get stuff done! amazing!!

Microwave sanitizer bags:
these things work wonders! very easy, convenient, and fast! put your parts, water, stick in micro and whala! you are ready to go!

this helps them learn to sit and lexi loved to be in it! it kept my hands free for a few to get things accomplished and now she has outgrwn it. it is also good for when you first start solids, if they arent quite ready fr high chair yet.

fisher price space saver high chair:
we have a small small kitchen so this is very convenient. it hooks to a chair, has 3 reclining positions, and lexi loves it!!

bottle warmer: i cant decide on this one. if you are breastfeeding and are using frozen milk or expressed milk this is wonderful. other than that we havent used it in forever!! same thing goes with wipe warmer, if you are out and about then the formula is room temp they might refuse it. its all personal opinion though definitely!

womb bear:
when Lexi was first born she wouldnt sleep without this thing! it even calmed her down during colic times! she has outgrown this but it was definitely worth it. only con is it goes through batteries like crazy!

pack n play:
very convenient for when trying to switch to crib! ours is in our room. its easily transported places, went on vacay with us, good for parades and outdoor things, and im sure once she gets a little more mobile we will be trapping, i mean entertaining, her in it. lol

Im sure there are many other things that we used and I can't think of them. But now im going to go with things we didn't use.
*bottle sanitizer- too much work! we just soaked bttles in hot soapy water and boiled the nipples. (this is a must, believe me! lexi had thrush and this helped her. )
*we didnt use our swing, most ppl do but lexi hated it and still to this day does! its already in storage for next baby. same thing goes for her bouncer.
*wipe warmer- if you get them used to warm wipes then when you are out and bout and go to use a room temp wipe they are going to be soooooo mad!!

These are the things that we like and that made our lives much easier! i hope some of these help you and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homemade Baby Food!

I know this is a very important and confusing topic among many people! Well I am no expert at all, but I have learned so much!! So hopefully this helps at least one person!!! We made the decision that it would be healthier and much cheaper to make our own baby food. Now some people find it easier to just buy it, which i have nothing against at all, this was just what we decided. She does every once in a while get a jar of baby food here and there. But this has worked out so great, is so fun, easy, and I really enjoy it! Lexi loves the homemade food much better and it is alot easier on her tummy! We started solids very early, she was 3 months and 3 weeks old, but this was drs orders and we listened :) Like i said, i am no pro but i have learned :)

When I first started out with my idea to make her food i wanted to buy a nifty expensive machine. I looked into the Beaba, the baby brezza, baby bullet, and the off brands of these. In the end I decided to save the money and buy the walmart brand of the magic bullet for a whopping $18!!! If you know me at all, I am a money saver, big time. I feel bad spending unnecessary money, so this was perfect for us!!  I LOVE this little baby blender! it comes with 5 big cups and 1 little cup. this means that i can prepare more than one baby food item at a time and saves me time! very pleased with this purchase!! as for containers to store- i went to dollar tree and bought these nifty little containers (5 for $1) and they are the perfect size!! i have now switched to ice cube trays, which i also bought at dollar store. (this makes it easier to mix different fruits and veggies, when they get to that stage). i use labels from walmart for $2. as for a steamer, we got one as a wedding gift that we had never used until I made lexi's food. There you have it! everything you need to get started! i steam almost everything, with the exception of the squashes. then i use the water from steaming to puree. It keeps the vitamins in it and gives it a much better flavor. Once everything is cooked i put them in the little containers to puree and start out with a little water until i get it to the desired texture. then i put it into whatever i am storing my stuff in! thats all! very easy and i really enjoy myself!

The rule with veggies and fruits that i was tought is fresh is the best, then frozen, and lastly canned. We use just about everything fresh, with the exception of peas! Im starting to mix things for Lexi cuz she is t that stage now, so I will do another post n this soon! I really hope this helped! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday thoughts

Happy Saturday everyone!!! hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

for starters, Lexi crawled for the first time today!!! 6 months and 4 days old! she is going to be a mover!

im waiting very patiently for the company im buying my cloth diaper stash from to re-stock cuz im so ready to make the switch!! but im looking fr a new diaper bag with the switch b/c our current one is too small for cloth diapers. that being said i dont want to pay an arm and a leg. i really like the spark by skip hop. its big cute and looks very convenient.

So all you cloth diapering mama's which bag do you use? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lexi *6 months old* 6-7-2010

Lexi turned 6 months old on June 7th, 2011 and I can barely believe that you are already 6 months old. You have learned so many new things and are continuing to learn and everyday you make me smile! You have such a personality for such a little person! You also have such an attitude!! I can already see that we are going to have our hands full with you! Well now I am going to do all the fun stuff!

15 lbs 7 oz (35th percentile)
25 inches long (16th percentile)

Oh baby, you are quite the little eater!!
*you eat 5 oz bottles during the day and 4 oz bottles in middle of night
*you prefer solids and are sure to let us know!
*you tried mum mums, which scared mom half to death! 
*when you want more you slam your hands on your tray
*if we dont feed you fast enough you scream
*you get excited when you see us getting solids heated up
*you do this for bottles as well
*you are a pro at holding your bottles and lifting them
*you want to eat anything we have, you picked up french fries and oreos
*you love love love bananas in your mesh feeder
eating at nana and papa's
mesh feeder of bananas
and you hold it in your mouth like a dog
 you really wanted these cinnamon rolls
moving right along...

Now lets be honest here, i love you to death and you are my world but your sleeping stinks.
*you used to be such a good sleeper, what happened????
*you have outgrown your sleeper :/
*you are now in your pack n play in our room
*can you say disaster???
*you sleep terribly, tssing and turning all night long until i cave and put you in bed with us
*then you continue to tss and turn keeping me up all hours of the night :/
*is this normal? i mean really? or is my kiddo disfunctional?
*yep no sleeping in for anyone!

We still love you of course! We could just use a little more sleep, especially mommy. please and thank you!! 

you have such a bubbly and happy personality! i love it!
you smile at strangers and when they tell you youre cute, you get conceited lol
you laugh all the time, at the silliest things! 
you are kinda bossy, you know what you want and want it when you want it or else!
you love men/boys. doesnt matter at all, im already worried!
this is sutton, you two are in love!!!

you have a couple friends your age and its so evident just how much you love them!
you are letting more people hold you!
you are a babbling chatter baby and say dada all the time. (you dont know what you are saying ;) )

you were trying to kiss neela and she grabbed your hand! too cute!!

First time trying mum mums

First time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant
Your first beach trip
First time swimming

First time in the grass and feeling it

you have two teeth now and i knw you are close to getting at least 1 more
you are beginning to show a serious interest in toys!
you love your jumper and walker
you get excited about your sippy cup
you love sophie giraffe!!
you wear 0-3 month onesies and clthes but you fit in some 3-6
you give kisses when we ask
you love faces!! and attacking noses is your favorite
every time you wake up frm a nap you are always happy!

I know there is many things i forgot or didnt mention but it is getting long so i will cut it off here! i love you so much baby girl and so does your daddy! you are our life and you put a smile on our faces each and everyday! we love watching you grw and seeing you learn!! <3

Monday, June 6, 2011


Today has been an emotional and overwhelming day and I think I am already ready for bed! It started off bad when Lexi wouldnt sleep for longer than 30 mins at a time which leads to an exhausted baby and mommy. Then we had her GI appt this morning at 8:30 at childrens hospital. I was very pleased with our appt today but there was so much discussed I am very emotional about it right now. We got there at 8:15 but didnt see our Dr. til 9:30!!! but hey a good doctor was way worth the wait!

Well to sum up the appointment Lexi will now be on a stool softener everyday to get her to poohing normally again. The doctor said she is traumatized by the whole experience and that is why she is only eating 4-5 oz at 6 months (tomorrow). He thinks this will be cleared up in 5 weeks and also that by then we should see serious improvement,  which makes me happy!

Now for the bad news, (which is such a relief, kinda, i just have mixed emotions, idk) but he is worried about her GERD (finally someone is believing me and hearing me out) and thinks that in a month if things arent better we need to take the next step. We didnt get prescribed prevacid because he doesnt like to prescribe it and thinks that it really isnt going to help our situation. But he is very concerned with her heart rate dropping and her stopping breathing. I explained the ph probe situation to him and he agreed, something probably went wrong with it. He said if it doesnt get better by the time we see him again in 5 weeks he wants to re-do it. He said this is a life threatening issue and he doesnt want to chance it. He also said that her situation might be one t require surgery!  I dont want to do it again to my baby nor do i even want to think about surgery! It was a traumatic experience for both of us and I really dont want to do it again. But Dr thinks it is necessary and he gave me his word that he would be the leading dr on the case and guarantees it will be done correctly. He agreed we need to keep her on apnea machine at night, just in case because she continues to have these episodes. I am so broken hearted, sad, guilty, overwhelmed, everything. there are so many things going through my head i could literally cry for the next week. but tom is lexis 6 month bday so i am going to suck it up and we are going to enjoy and embrace it! Please pray with us for a complete healing because i dont want to put her through that again. and i certainly dnt want her to have surgery!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

French Fries AKA the golden arches!!!

I have so very many things to post about but i have to post this. I mean HAVE TO!!! i will warn you, it is hilarious and i guess kinda cruel but funny! and no we didnt give her any! P.S. dont make fun of my baby talk, i am a baby talking mommy and i cant help it anymore lol enjoy!!!

This is so funny to me because when i was a baby french fry was my first word and look at her attacking thm!! too funny!!!