Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lexi *6 months old* 6-7-2010

Lexi turned 6 months old on June 7th, 2011 and I can barely believe that you are already 6 months old. You have learned so many new things and are continuing to learn and everyday you make me smile! You have such a personality for such a little person! You also have such an attitude!! I can already see that we are going to have our hands full with you! Well now I am going to do all the fun stuff!

15 lbs 7 oz (35th percentile)
25 inches long (16th percentile)

Oh baby, you are quite the little eater!!
*you eat 5 oz bottles during the day and 4 oz bottles in middle of night
*you prefer solids and are sure to let us know!
*you tried mum mums, which scared mom half to death! 
*when you want more you slam your hands on your tray
*if we dont feed you fast enough you scream
*you get excited when you see us getting solids heated up
*you do this for bottles as well
*you are a pro at holding your bottles and lifting them
*you want to eat anything we have, you picked up french fries and oreos
*you love love love bananas in your mesh feeder
eating at nana and papa's
mesh feeder of bananas
and you hold it in your mouth like a dog
 you really wanted these cinnamon rolls
moving right along...

Now lets be honest here, i love you to death and you are my world but your sleeping stinks.
*you used to be such a good sleeper, what happened????
*you have outgrown your sleeper :/
*you are now in your pack n play in our room
*can you say disaster???
*you sleep terribly, tssing and turning all night long until i cave and put you in bed with us
*then you continue to tss and turn keeping me up all hours of the night :/
*is this normal? i mean really? or is my kiddo disfunctional?
*yep no sleeping in for anyone!

We still love you of course! We could just use a little more sleep, especially mommy. please and thank you!! 

you have such a bubbly and happy personality! i love it!
you smile at strangers and when they tell you youre cute, you get conceited lol
you laugh all the time, at the silliest things! 
you are kinda bossy, you know what you want and want it when you want it or else!
you love men/boys. doesnt matter at all, im already worried!
this is sutton, you two are in love!!!

you have a couple friends your age and its so evident just how much you love them!
you are letting more people hold you!
you are a babbling chatter baby and say dada all the time. (you dont know what you are saying ;) )

you were trying to kiss neela and she grabbed your hand! too cute!!

First time trying mum mums

First time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant
Your first beach trip
First time swimming

First time in the grass and feeling it

you have two teeth now and i knw you are close to getting at least 1 more
you are beginning to show a serious interest in toys!
you love your jumper and walker
you get excited about your sippy cup
you love sophie giraffe!!
you wear 0-3 month onesies and clthes but you fit in some 3-6
you give kisses when we ask
you love faces!! and attacking noses is your favorite
every time you wake up frm a nap you are always happy!

I know there is many things i forgot or didnt mention but it is getting long so i will cut it off here! i love you so much baby girl and so does your daddy! you are our life and you put a smile on our faces each and everyday! we love watching you grw and seeing you learn!! <3



Aww, it looks like she loves the water! My son hasn't gotten any teeth yet, but he's been teething like grins are the best :) I will have to try one of those mesh teethers, I wasn't sure when I should try it but I like your idea of the banana. My son loves bananas!

Aimy Sanders

no pics of mali:( this is toooo cute though love it

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