Monday, June 6, 2011


Today has been an emotional and overwhelming day and I think I am already ready for bed! It started off bad when Lexi wouldnt sleep for longer than 30 mins at a time which leads to an exhausted baby and mommy. Then we had her GI appt this morning at 8:30 at childrens hospital. I was very pleased with our appt today but there was so much discussed I am very emotional about it right now. We got there at 8:15 but didnt see our Dr. til 9:30!!! but hey a good doctor was way worth the wait!

Well to sum up the appointment Lexi will now be on a stool softener everyday to get her to poohing normally again. The doctor said she is traumatized by the whole experience and that is why she is only eating 4-5 oz at 6 months (tomorrow). He thinks this will be cleared up in 5 weeks and also that by then we should see serious improvement,  which makes me happy!

Now for the bad news, (which is such a relief, kinda, i just have mixed emotions, idk) but he is worried about her GERD (finally someone is believing me and hearing me out) and thinks that in a month if things arent better we need to take the next step. We didnt get prescribed prevacid because he doesnt like to prescribe it and thinks that it really isnt going to help our situation. But he is very concerned with her heart rate dropping and her stopping breathing. I explained the ph probe situation to him and he agreed, something probably went wrong with it. He said if it doesnt get better by the time we see him again in 5 weeks he wants to re-do it. He said this is a life threatening issue and he doesnt want to chance it. He also said that her situation might be one t require surgery!  I dont want to do it again to my baby nor do i even want to think about surgery! It was a traumatic experience for both of us and I really dont want to do it again. But Dr thinks it is necessary and he gave me his word that he would be the leading dr on the case and guarantees it will be done correctly. He agreed we need to keep her on apnea machine at night, just in case because she continues to have these episodes. I am so broken hearted, sad, guilty, overwhelmed, everything. there are so many things going through my head i could literally cry for the next week. but tom is lexis 6 month bday so i am going to suck it up and we are going to enjoy and embrace it! Please pray with us for a complete healing because i dont want to put her through that again. and i certainly dnt want her to have surgery!


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