Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Baby Picks :)

So I was thinking back to when we were pregnant with Lexi on how hard it was to decide what to get her, and it was tough! There are so many cool things out there but the honest truth is that you really dont need all of it, even though you think you do ;) So here is my top picks and i will also include the things we didnt like/use. Just remember this is all personal opinion and every baby is different. Hope this helps someone!!

Dr. Brown's bottles:
love love love them! cant say enough good about them!! they are wonderful especially if your child has severe colic like my lil Lexi did! they also say these help with acid reflux but i cant say i know if they do or not b/c with lexi having GERD nothing seems to help. i recommend these to everyone cuz i love them that much!! the only thing that alot of ppl i know complain about is that there are too many parts. This doesnt really bther me, and i think that it is sooo worth it!

Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper:
This rocker is wonderful! A friend told us about it when we found out lexi had to sleep on an incline and i am so glad that we bought it! it fits perfectly next to the bed, easily moves and folds, and she loved it! She has slept in this since she was 6 weeks old and let me tell you, she slept great! She just recently outgrew it because she stands in it and also leans forward and falls out!! but i would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially GERD parents!!

Swaddle Me's:
these are so much nicer than just a receiving blanket! not dissing receiving blankets at all but these work perfectly because it velcros them in there and certainly makes it harder to get out. REmember I said harder, not impossible, Lexi got outta them EVERY.SINGLE.TIME but she HATED to be swaddled!!

im not very big with meds, but mylicon saved our lives during those colic times. it doesnt make it go away completely, but it certainly helps!!! we loved it!

lexi is just getting used to this but we just got it about a month ago. it keeps her occuppied, lets her get some exercise, and lets mommy get stuff done! amazing!!

Microwave sanitizer bags:
these things work wonders! very easy, convenient, and fast! put your parts, water, stick in micro and whala! you are ready to go!

this helps them learn to sit and lexi loved to be in it! it kept my hands free for a few to get things accomplished and now she has outgrwn it. it is also good for when you first start solids, if they arent quite ready fr high chair yet.

fisher price space saver high chair:
we have a small small kitchen so this is very convenient. it hooks to a chair, has 3 reclining positions, and lexi loves it!!

bottle warmer: i cant decide on this one. if you are breastfeeding and are using frozen milk or expressed milk this is wonderful. other than that we havent used it in forever!! same thing goes with wipe warmer, if you are out and about then the formula is room temp they might refuse it. its all personal opinion though definitely!

womb bear:
when Lexi was first born she wouldnt sleep without this thing! it even calmed her down during colic times! she has outgrown this but it was definitely worth it. only con is it goes through batteries like crazy!

pack n play:
very convenient for when trying to switch to crib! ours is in our room. its easily transported places, went on vacay with us, good for parades and outdoor things, and im sure once she gets a little more mobile we will be trapping, i mean entertaining, her in it. lol

Im sure there are many other things that we used and I can't think of them. But now im going to go with things we didn't use.
*bottle sanitizer- too much work! we just soaked bttles in hot soapy water and boiled the nipples. (this is a must, believe me! lexi had thrush and this helped her. )
*we didnt use our swing, most ppl do but lexi hated it and still to this day does! its already in storage for next baby. same thing goes for her bouncer.
*wipe warmer- if you get them used to warm wipes then when you are out and bout and go to use a room temp wipe they are going to be soooooo mad!!

These are the things that we like and that made our lives much easier! i hope some of these help you and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

I have the Dr. Browns. My SIL gave me the whole starter pack and she had gone through several types of bottles with the twins, so I just went with them. I like them, but I also dont know any different :) But, I have a hard time with the Dr. Browns leaking sometimes, but probably because they are put together wrong or something :) The swaddle mes were great!! Ours are fleece so too hot for them now..I was going to get a cotton one, but I thinks he might have outgrown swaddling now. Never used a wipe warmer and I barely use a bottle warmer :) I am mean. ha

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