Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homemade Baby Food!

I know this is a very important and confusing topic among many people! Well I am no expert at all, but I have learned so much!! So hopefully this helps at least one person!!! We made the decision that it would be healthier and much cheaper to make our own baby food. Now some people find it easier to just buy it, which i have nothing against at all, this was just what we decided. She does every once in a while get a jar of baby food here and there. But this has worked out so great, is so fun, easy, and I really enjoy it! Lexi loves the homemade food much better and it is alot easier on her tummy! We started solids very early, she was 3 months and 3 weeks old, but this was drs orders and we listened :) Like i said, i am no pro but i have learned :)

When I first started out with my idea to make her food i wanted to buy a nifty expensive machine. I looked into the Beaba, the baby brezza, baby bullet, and the off brands of these. In the end I decided to save the money and buy the walmart brand of the magic bullet for a whopping $18!!! If you know me at all, I am a money saver, big time. I feel bad spending unnecessary money, so this was perfect for us!!  I LOVE this little baby blender! it comes with 5 big cups and 1 little cup. this means that i can prepare more than one baby food item at a time and saves me time! very pleased with this purchase!! as for containers to store- i went to dollar tree and bought these nifty little containers (5 for $1) and they are the perfect size!! i have now switched to ice cube trays, which i also bought at dollar store. (this makes it easier to mix different fruits and veggies, when they get to that stage). i use labels from walmart for $2. as for a steamer, we got one as a wedding gift that we had never used until I made lexi's food. There you have it! everything you need to get started! i steam almost everything, with the exception of the squashes. then i use the water from steaming to puree. It keeps the vitamins in it and gives it a much better flavor. Once everything is cooked i put them in the little containers to puree and start out with a little water until i get it to the desired texture. then i put it into whatever i am storing my stuff in! thats all! very easy and i really enjoy myself!

The rule with veggies and fruits that i was tought is fresh is the best, then frozen, and lastly canned. We use just about everything fresh, with the exception of peas! Im starting to mix things for Lexi cuz she is t that stage now, so I will do another post n this soon! I really hope this helped! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!!



I was doing really well making Wylie's food, but things have been crazy here lately so I switch to Earth's Best Happy Baby organic food. I am still making him easy foods (sweat potatoes and bananas), but it's got too time-consuming. With a mobile baby that sleeps very little, I ended up having to make a choice. I think it's awesome you're making her food! Cannot wait to hear how your mixtures go! We start Wylie on mixtures, but they were from a jar.


I think its great you decided to go with jarred food! something different works for everyone! you tried thats all that matters!!! :)

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