Friday, June 24, 2011

Week Randoms

I have been quite the terrible blogger lately and honestly don't know why! Boooooooooooo me! I guess it is just because Lexi is officially on the move now and doing many new things so we have to watch her very closely r we are going to miss it! Not that I am complaining at all! I love watching her play and discover new things! I love watching her ah ha moments! She has had quite a personality from day 1 and now it is really starting to show its colors! She is a blast and so funny! love her <3
She has done a couple new things I wanted to document,so here they are!!

*about 2 weeks ago, Lexi started waving! This isn't completely new, but it still melts my heart! Anytime we go to our front door she starts smiling and waving like crazy! She also loves to wave to little boys! We have quite the little flirt on our hands!!

*we gave her a spoon to use herself for the first time on Friday, June 17th and it was much better than I had expected! It was a mess but soooooooo very worth it! I have a video of this also but it wont let me upload it, boo! I will have to do it in the future!

She is doing many new things and I will remember more later I am sure but for the time being I am brain dead.

Question for you mommies though. How much formula is your bay taking in a day and how much solids? I am thinking Lexi isn't getting enough solids, but don't know if I am being paranoid. She has started turning her nose up to liquids and I am praying its a phase and not a food aversion due to her GERD.  I should talk t her GI Monday so I just need to make it through this weekend but I am a nervous wreck! BOO this parenting thing is going to be the death of me, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks in advance ladies!


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