Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newest Edition to family!

And before you even think it- no im not pregnant! We have had quite a busy week this week! Monday we went to aquarium with my mother in law and then we got spontaneous. Welcome to our life! haha but anywho on our way home from aquarium with mother in law we were talking about Traverses and how they are so neat and all this. Well we had a bunch to do in preparation for my bestie Trashity, i mean Cassity, okay fine Sassie coming in Tuesday morning. Well we got sidetracked and decided what we could get for our little bitty car (it wasnt really little, just to us, it was a 4 door G6, which i loved!) Well I wasnt expecting anything much b/c for my bday, almst a month to the day we bought the car, i got smashed in a car wreck. The car was fixed, mind you but still I wasn't expecting nearly what we gt for it. So we checked out the Traverse and I wasn't impressed by the car nor the monthly note so we moved along t the dealership hubby used to work at. Well An GMC Acadia has always been my dream car, for like ever, so this is what we looked at. Well in the process f checking out a new Acadia I spotted a 2008 fully loaded Acadia and immediately fell in love! The rest is HISTORY! So welcome our new vehicle!
 I would post more pics, but I won't bore you. It is amazing! Dual sunroofs, DVD player, XM radio, etc. I love it and am so thankful my hubby got it for me :) Lexi and I are two lucky girls! 
Tuesday we picked Bestie up from airport and headed to shop and to the beach. This pretty much sums up our day:
this is Little misses new face...
hilarious! every.single.time! 
She loves to sit up like a big girl. She was watching tv...
And the hubs deserves some fun too...
All that shopping wore Aunt Sassie out! haha ;)
Then we had a little bbq get together with some friends that wanted to meet/see Trashity, Sassie. It was pretty good! Late, but good! Everyone had a blast. Then we slept in the next morning and went on a girls day while daddy had Lexi. We have pics, but they are on the besties phone, so I will have to post those another time! We went to the french quarter, got beignets, shopped, came hme to see Lexi, got mcd's and then it was time for her to leave! :'( short visit but always a good one!

This is totally random but I am so blessed to have such a great best friend! Cassity is always the first one to grab Lexi and hold her, love on her, anything! She is such a great Auntie to her and one day she is going to make a WNDERFUL mommy! She has such a great heart! love her! and then i found this sweet little letter under the pillow in her room and made me so happy! we are blessed! 

Continuing on, sorry for side note! This morning we woke up for a playdate with Neela (Lexis bestie), NK, and Carter. These babies are so fun together! Lexi is the oldest (7 mos), Neela (6 mos), NK (5 mos), and Carter (4 mos). It was so great to get together and chat and just see each baby and their personality. They are each unique. We all joked about how each child is going to be and their personalities. It was a blast! 

i will have to post pics later- i think i overloaded blogger or something hahaha!



Congrats on your new car ! We traded in our g6 about a month ago for a rav4, I love having a bigger vehicle. Ours was not an expected purchase either, but my car had some issues so we just decided to trade it in. Enjoy your new car!!!!

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