Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picture Catch Up

We have been up to so much!! Im  going to catch everyone up in pics instead of explanations, so enjoy!

This is one of Lexi's new little faces! she looks like a little old grandma ;)
Her first experience with TP- daddys choice...
Sitting like a big girl in the doctors office- her legs are so funny!
This is her newest cheesie smile face.
it cracks me up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!
I also wanted to mention this is a bow to support little Grayson and his fight against cancer. His mommy did a great job and has a bunch of cute embroidery designs on her facebook page: Little Blessings Boutique. You can also check out her blog here!He is so adorable and he is certainly in our prayers!
Or this one- lazy girl trying to get her milk!
This was the hurricane machine at the aquarium, it was crazy!
Lexi trying to stand on her chair!

This is Lexi talking to her chair haha
Big girl :) (stupid nunu-dont want to talk about it!)

As you can see, we have been busy busy! It has been fun but exhausting! This week Lexi turns 7 months, so that post will be up! I can barely believe it myself!! Hope everyone has a blessed and safe Fourth of July! Thank you to those who have served and are serving our country for our freedom!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

Anika has that onesie about the black dress. It doesnt fit yet though :) Look at what a big girl you have. I like that soft play mat you have!

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