Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flowers, Baby Pools, and Crawling!!!

Yesterday my sweet and caring hubby came home and surprised me with beautiful flowers, my fave ice cream, and the yummiest ice cream ever!!! <3 I am so blessed to have such a wonderful hubby and daddy!

Lexi and myself have a normal Saturday ritual and we go to my great aunts which is also her nanny and just spend some time with her. She enjoys it and we enjoy it! It makes me feel like I fit in here more b/c theyre my only family around here! Lexi loves her nanny and Great Grandpa John! She also has an Uncle John here, Aunt B, and Paranh John James! We love our family!! We swam in the little pool Lexi got from her nanny but I think she had more fun escaping from it hahaha.(I was going to post pics but we didnt have a diaper on her and she was nakey so Im not going to- wouldnt want to get into trouble for child porngraphy!! :/ )

I finally got a video of her crawling, and she has been at it for about a month! She is s camera shy when we tape her, its hilarious! But blogger wont let me pst it boo!!

We then came home and had some mommy time, which I love! We went outside and played with our lion and she pulled herself up time after time and started to push the lion! It was so cute!! She also does this new thing where she pulls herself up holding onto my hands, gets comfy and lets go, stands on her own fr 10 secs and then jumps at me. It is hysterical too watch her!! She is grwing so much so fast and I can barely believe it but I am loving watching her! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

She loved this little bench!! it was funny!
Here is pretty much a play by play:
And then the one to standing:
And finally... ( <3 this face, she got distracted by the bats and it was so cute!)


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