Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

This weekend was lil miss Lexi's first 4th of July and she had a blast! Her daddy had to work all weekend so we spent most of it with her nanny! Her nanny bought her a pool perfect size for her (pics to cme) and she had a blast! We havent even filled it with water yet! Then yesterday we had a lazy family day in the morning (those are the greatest!) and that afternoon we headed to the inlaws for some festivities celebrating the 4th!
and some swimming fun with daddy
Then  we headed to the fireworks on the riverfrnt with Lexi's paranh, John and Mike, Gabby, and Neela! Lexi absolutely loved the fireworks and Neela was just like wat ever but all in all we had fun! and then we sat in traffic that was literally a parking lot for an hour!! But good friends and sleeping babies, it was fun!! 
 Mommy's Sweet Girl! (sorry its blurry!)
family pic <3
Lexi and her paranh being silly
The besties!
holding hands- MELTS.MY.HEART!
Daddy and Lexi watching fireworks!
How happy does she look?!?!
As you can tell Lexi had a blast and really enjoyed herself! Makes me very excited for next year with her! she is such a joy and we are so blessed! oh btw she figured out how to sit herself back up n her own! yay Lexi, great job!! love you baby girl!



Looks like you guys had a great 4th of July :) We opted not to watch fireworks, but Wylie was up anyways because they were so loud. I can't wait for next year either, they'll enjoy the fireworks next summer for sure!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

She really looks like she had a great time!! how fun. Obviously, I Love her bow :) I took pictures and loaded them on a post this morning but I didnt finish writing the post before work, but it will be up tonight :) ANd, you look so pretty!!

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