Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Today was our Sunday Funday and we had all intentions of going to early service-but that didnt happen due to Lexi's terrible sleep habits! boo! but we are working on that (actually as we speak) but thats another story. Today we had a terrible rain storm at our church and when I walked out with Lexi in my arms early to meet my friend Laura, by the time we got to the car we were both drenched! Some of this was due to the flooded parking lot but it was really raining that hard! I am so stinking sick of rain, you dont even know! It is time to be nice and sunny!!

Anywho, my friend Laura is due this Friday with her first baby and I couldnt be more excited fr her! They live about an hour and a half away but she will be delivering about 15 mins away frm us so we will certainly be visiting! Cant wait! But tonight we had some action at our house! We thought she might be going into labor! (I still think its the beginning stages but only time will tell! ) but her contractions were only 2  mins apart for about an hour, but they sadly went away :/ We loved having her here!! She is such a sweet person and is going to be a great mommy!

This week is a lng one for us, Ryan doesnt have a day off! This equals a very very tired mommy with a child trying t get used to her sleep training... but we will see how that goes! Hope everyone had a great weekend  and has a wonderful and blessed week!


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