Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping, playing, and of course eating!!!

This morning we had lil Cupcakes doctor appointment and tom we have yet another but I'm very frustrated! I like our dr, her is pretty great considering what we have but today I was informed that our home health care nurse decided she was going to call his office and lie. i HATE liars. well here is the situation- remember she is supposed to be a professional and this is her JOB but here we go. So this nurse would call me 9pm the night before she wanted to visit and that is not cool with me. 1- i am a firm believer you DO NOT call anyone who has a baby after 8 b/c that is just rude. and 2- i know i am a stay at home mom and all but I do things, we dont sit at home all day everyday. well every single time she would txt me i would have plans the next day and couldnt make it, but she only called me once a week. last time i checked there are 5 days in a week and you are only trying to come once when you are techincally supposed t see Lexi twice a week? really? then when she actually did shw up she was anywhere between 2-4 hrs late. how unprofessional. let me remind you this is your JOB! ugh, srry im frustrated. Well 2 weeks ago she txt me and asked if she could come, I said yes, I have plans to leave by 11. She says okay I will be there at 9. 10am comes around and no nurse. 10:30 she txt me and says I am running late, I discharged you (why???) and we need to fill out some more paperwrk. I said I have plans, I am leaving by 11 no matter what, i am sorry. Why did she discharge us without dr consent? Well tday I found out she called the dr yesterday and said that we should be discharged b/c im too difficult and never have time for Lexi to be seen. For real? She forgot to mention she had ALREADY discharged us without his consent. I am so frustrated. We dont d things much but it just soo happened that every time she called we were busy. Thats just made me mad b/c she is trying to make me look bad when it is her that is the prob- i have txt msgs to prove this. ugh anyway moving on.

So after our dr appt we decided we wanted to g shopping. My hubby a couple weeks ago decided to inform me that I dress like I am 14!!! Very hurtful I knw, but it is true. I haven't gained weight and I am a tight wad so I am still wearing clothes from when I was in jr high and HS hahaha oh well. So today I got spoiled! and Lexi was soo good. Well our little mall added a little play section which is perfect fr Lexi! It has the super soft toys and floors so we can let her practice standing and not have to worry abut her getting hurt. She had a blast and we will def be doing this at least once a week! its only 5 mins away and is free so why nt!! not to mention AC with this hot weather! Here are a few pics to show you how much fun she had :)

the faces this child makes never cease to amaze me...
then this adorable smile, can you tell why she is so spoiled?
this look of determination...
this girl is on the move with a mission...
and trying to stand, f course..
I thought this little place was perfect and so very cute! It was made to look like the Mississippi River with a bridge, gator, turtles, and the Natchez! I think it is wonderful how they are incorporating New Orleans culture into it :)


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

That is really cool! She looks like she had a blast :) So, why does the home nurse have to come? Because of the Gerd? Are you getting a new nurse?

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