Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tidbits Thursday

I have found a new love- Pinterest!!! wow talk about amazing! there are so many cool things on this site and I am getting so many amazing ideas for Lexi's 1st bday! Yes, I did say 1st bday! it is going to be here before we know it and I am feeling so behind! I have a million and one ideas in my head and I hope it turns out amazing! An amazing little girl like my cupcake deserves an amazing party!! but more on that later ;)

A very good friend has been having a little bow fiasco- and this saddens my heart! Her family and some friends are giving her problems and making rude unnecessary comments about her daughter wearing bows! That just breaks my  heart! What is the world coming to? Little girls are supposed to wear bows! Now she isnt crazy like me with them so I can only imagine what they would think of me but my heart still hurts for her! Yes, little things like this really bother me! I take them to heart! but anywho, does anyone else have probs with people making rude comments about the bows? I have comments here and there but I ignore them and let them go in one ear and out the other!

I had a jewelry party hosted by my friend Brooke on Tuesday and we had a blast! We didnt have much of a turn out (3 people) but hey that is better than nothing. This is bc I have no friends really :/ but hey it happens! this made me so upset but then I realized you know what? I am thankful for the very few that I have! I got lots of cute jewelry as well :)

Lexi is getting so big and she just amazes me so much! She slept in her crib Monday night and she did pretty good! She slept there 3 hrs, our bed 3 hours, her bed 3 hours and finally our bed another 2 hours. this isnt straight sleep of course but a better start than I was expecting! the last two nights- no such luck! oh well, we enjoy her sleeping with us! it works fr us!

Tomorrow we have a water play date at our house with a new friend! it is going to be a blast, i just know it! hpe everyone has had a great week so far and safe weekend!



Congrats on her sleeping in the crib! It's a big transition, but I have been sleeping much better not having Wylie in bed with me (although some nights we are co-sleeping depending on how it goes).

I would have come to your jewelery party, I love going to parties like that! I always find great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Callie Nicole

That's so sad about your friend and the bows! I love bows for little girls- I think they are so cute! Some people need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves, especially if it could be something hurtful.

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