Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Mommy Night

Why in the world am I writing a blog post at 2 am you ask? Oh hello because my child STILL does not sleep through the night! I know, it is still early but seriously? A momma needs a break, bad! Why oh why is my 7 1/2 month old still wake up at this time EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT and scream and hollar just because? Why does she still think she needs a bottle at this hour? Because its a habit, and a hard one to break at that! This mommy is EXHAUSTED. Some of this is prob due to the factor that the hubs has never once gotten up with her, even on his days off but.. Anywho! Does anyone have any tricks to get the lil zombie to sleep? Help PLEASE I am begging of you!

We have been trying the Ferber method kinda but I am having more of a fight frm Ryan than Lexi- imagine that! But it doesnt work- she doesnt calm down and wants nothing to do with it. We have tried keeping her co-sleeping but she still wakes up EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT at the SAME.EXACT.TIME and does the SAME.EXACT.THING! Why oh Why! Something has to change or ima be jumping on the loonie train for sleep deprivation!

Tonight is just a bad night for me as a mommy! The good times far outweigh the bad and I just have to tell myself it will get better but that doesnt mean it will happen tonight or even tomorrow. I will be soothing my kid back to sleep til she goes to college outgrows it. Me and Ryan always joke she is going to come home from prom and jump in bed with us. but me now im really starting t believe it! Well night all, Im going try t bribe my lil one back to sleep!



I'm pretty sure our kids would be best friends! Although last night wylie got up at 4:30 (after being up St midnight and 1:30) and wouldn't go back to sleep til 6. I don't like that your little girl isn't sleeping, but I don't feel so alone knowing you are right where we are.

The Ferber method had not worked for us. I tried it for 3 nights straight and he screamed to the point of making himself sick. I started trying it during naps but that isn't working either. I started doing the no-cry sleep solution but it's tiring doing it on my own - my hubby works at 5:30 in the morning so I feel bad asking for his help.

I'll be praying for things to get easier and that you guys find something that works for her. If you do, you must share!! We sleep-deprived mamas need to stick together!


I saw another mama post this, so I've not tried it (but I'm considering trying bottles at night just to give it a shot). What she did was the first two nights she have the usual amount of formula in the bottle then every 3 nights she decreased the amount by half an ounce. I would assume you do this for every time she wakes up at night for a feeding and then she would get used to not eating as much. I don't know if it would help with the sleeping, though!

Happiness Is...

Did you read my Ferber post? The one thing with Ferber is that you HAVE to be consistent. If everyone in the house isn't on board and doesn't follow it to a tee, it won't work. But at 7.5 months she doesn't need the bottle nutritionally so I think it's worth a shot. You could try cold turkey, just don't give it to her but soothe her through rocking, etc.....or you could try decreasing the amount. I am a Ferber fan but it only worked once we were religious about it.

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