Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 7 month Birthday Lexi Mexi!!! 7-7-2011

Oh Lexi how fast you are growing!!! I can barely believe she is already 7 months!! This month has been such a fun month already!! She is doing so many new things and I enjoy so much seeing her have those 'ah ha' moments!!!She has such a personality and I am so honored to be her mommy. This girl is my life!! I love her so much! I can't believe how blessed I am to have her and be her mommy :) I didn't know it was possible to love something so little so much! (Lexi is in process of getting 3 teeth right now so she wouldnt cooperate :/ sorry!) Here we go:
Lexi Mexi
Birth: 7 lbs 6 oz
7 months: 16 lbs even (last week at dr)
You have been refusing formula lately :/ 
You are only up to 5 oz bottles and you barely finish them most the time
You get solids 3x daily and you love them!
you get so excited when you see me preparing them for you
you are starting to do milk sign language when i give you your bottle :)
you love mum mums so much!
you have learned to take bites out of mum mum, chew it and go back for more! its so cute!
we also have given you lil crunchies and yogurt melts, which you did great!! 
puffs make me nervous, so they get a little longer!
you get baby food every once in a while but no longer cuz momma is nervous 
you use your sippy cup at least once a day and do great!
im going to try to transition you cmpletely to sippy cup at 9 mos.
We gave you a spoon to feed yourself for the first time and you did surprisingly well!

You have began sleeping through the night!
A couple days ago you slept in your pack n play for 6 hours straight!!
you still co-sleep with us but it works for us and we arent complaining!
we lve waking up t you babbling and crawling all over us! 
you are always crazy happy in the morning, its awesome!! 
you still take pretty great naps!!

You are full out crawling now and everywhere!!
You are pulling yourself up on everything!
When you cant get where you want fast enough, you get so angry and just fuss fuss fuss!
You arent very interested in crawling you are trying to stand instead.
I think you are ready to walk and getting frustrated. 
You stand up n your own unassisted for about 5 seconds! 
You are a fast little sucker when you see something you want!
You have learned to sit yourself back up when you are crawling :)
you crawl to the edge of your room and beginning of kitchen being a rebel hahaha
you try to pull yourself up on the doorway you silly girl

You wave hi and bye now when we say hi or bye, its ADORABLE!
you babble so much, it is pretty crazy
i think you are going to be a talker like mommy :)
you have said 'dada' 'mama' 'go' 'cookie' 'hi'
some people dont think you knw what you are saying but i know you do
for example, you said cookie as you grabbed your toy cookie!
and you look right at me and dad when you say our names. 
you are a smart girl :) 
you are beginning to love your toys and i enjoy watching you play!! 
You figured out your walker, and you go both ways 
You have 3 more teeth coming in,  but only 2 as of now.
Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue with blonde hair!
You loved your first 4th of July!
You love swimming ANYWHERE
you also love baths and your duckie :)
you cry when i leave the room or set you down, melts my heart!

Clothes and Diapers:
You are in size 2 sposies. 
We are fully cloth diapering as of today! 
You are n the smallest setting of your CR, you are a small baby!
I just moved you up to 3-6 month onesies and only bc cloth dipes!
You wear mainly 3-6 and a few 6-9 month clthes. 
You hate shoes so I dnt make you wear them :/
 Can you tell she has a TINY bit of attitude? haha love her!

You are such a joy and we cant wait to see what new things you learn and discover in this next month!! Just plz take it easy on us and maybe slow down a little bit ;) love you baby girl!


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