Sunday, July 31, 2011


People's ignorance NEVER ceases to amaze me but OMG it sure frustrates me! There are many things this pertains to but one in general im about to flip out on.

Careless Moms: inform yourselves on carseat safety- a child is to be REAR FACING until ONE YEAR AND 20 LBS! The American Academy of Pediatrics is even recommending 2 years or until they reach the height and weight according to carseat!  These 4 month old and 6 month old and 10 month old babies arent 20 lbs AND 1 year old! Seriously, we arent fighting our kid for candy here, we are talking about their safety! You wouldnt let your child play in the middle of the road when a car is coming so why are you turning them forward so early? Because theyre crying? Get over it! My child screams her head off in the car every single time we get in there because she hates it so much. But do you see me turning her forward to make her stop? Nope because I am informed on the regulations! It breaks my heart to hear her cry this whole time but I would rather her cry for 10 mins than never hear her cry again. You can get a ticket for this!! How are you going to feel if you get into a car accident and your child was hurt or God forbid killed because you were uniformed or careless? Would you be able to live with yourself? Just take a step back and think about it. I cant imagine losing my kiddo and I will do everything in my power to keep her safe, including keeping her rear facing as long as I need to!

This post isnt to anyone in the blog world, to be honest the people this is meant for will probably never read this but still I had to vent! Hope this didnt hurt anyones feelings, I am just being honest! Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Thankful is what I am feeling right now! I have such a great hubby! He may or may not drive me crazy all the time and that may or may not be his purpose in my life but one thing I can certainly say without a doubt is I am so thankful for him! {im totally kidding, he does drive me crazy sometimes but i like it :) } I don't say it or acknowledge it enough but I really do mean it! He is so many things and I am so thankful! He is a great husband, father, son, employee. friend, nephew, paranh, and just person in general. I am so thankful that he works so hard, even these crazy hours so that I can stay home with our little cupcake! That is such a blessing in general!

This man has made my dreams come true like you wouldn't believe! Marriage, a child, stay at home mom, you name it! He is so wonderful. As we speak he is working those crazy hours we spoke of. So this is to you Ry, We love you so much and are so thankful for everything that you do to us! You don't read my blog so you will probably never ever come across this but its stated! You are the BEST! thank you for everything! Love you baby! <3
Danielle and Lexi

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Mommy Night

Why in the world am I writing a blog post at 2 am you ask? Oh hello because my child STILL does not sleep through the night! I know, it is still early but seriously? A momma needs a break, bad! Why oh why is my 7 1/2 month old still wake up at this time EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT and scream and hollar just because? Why does she still think she needs a bottle at this hour? Because its a habit, and a hard one to break at that! This mommy is EXHAUSTED. Some of this is prob due to the factor that the hubs has never once gotten up with her, even on his days off but.. Anywho! Does anyone have any tricks to get the lil zombie to sleep? Help PLEASE I am begging of you!

We have been trying the Ferber method kinda but I am having more of a fight frm Ryan than Lexi- imagine that! But it doesnt work- she doesnt calm down and wants nothing to do with it. We have tried keeping her co-sleeping but she still wakes up EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT at the SAME.EXACT.TIME and does the SAME.EXACT.THING! Why oh Why! Something has to change or ima be jumping on the loonie train for sleep deprivation!

Tonight is just a bad night for me as a mommy! The good times far outweigh the bad and I just have to tell myself it will get better but that doesnt mean it will happen tonight or even tomorrow. I will be soothing my kid back to sleep til she goes to college outgrows it. Me and Ryan always joke she is going to come home from prom and jump in bed with us. but me now im really starting t believe it! Well night all, Im going try t bribe my lil one back to sleep!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Today was our Sunday Funday and we had all intentions of going to early service-but that didnt happen due to Lexi's terrible sleep habits! boo! but we are working on that (actually as we speak) but thats another story. Today we had a terrible rain storm at our church and when I walked out with Lexi in my arms early to meet my friend Laura, by the time we got to the car we were both drenched! Some of this was due to the flooded parking lot but it was really raining that hard! I am so stinking sick of rain, you dont even know! It is time to be nice and sunny!!

Anywho, my friend Laura is due this Friday with her first baby and I couldnt be more excited fr her! They live about an hour and a half away but she will be delivering about 15 mins away frm us so we will certainly be visiting! Cant wait! But tonight we had some action at our house! We thought she might be going into labor! (I still think its the beginning stages but only time will tell! ) but her contractions were only 2  mins apart for about an hour, but they sadly went away :/ We loved having her here!! She is such a sweet person and is going to be a great mommy!

This week is a lng one for us, Ryan doesnt have a day off! This equals a very very tired mommy with a child trying t get used to her sleep training... but we will see how that goes! Hope everyone had a great weekend  and has a wonderful and blessed week!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tidbits Thursday

I have found a new love- Pinterest!!! wow talk about amazing! there are so many cool things on this site and I am getting so many amazing ideas for Lexi's 1st bday! Yes, I did say 1st bday! it is going to be here before we know it and I am feeling so behind! I have a million and one ideas in my head and I hope it turns out amazing! An amazing little girl like my cupcake deserves an amazing party!! but more on that later ;)

A very good friend has been having a little bow fiasco- and this saddens my heart! Her family and some friends are giving her problems and making rude unnecessary comments about her daughter wearing bows! That just breaks my  heart! What is the world coming to? Little girls are supposed to wear bows! Now she isnt crazy like me with them so I can only imagine what they would think of me but my heart still hurts for her! Yes, little things like this really bother me! I take them to heart! but anywho, does anyone else have probs with people making rude comments about the bows? I have comments here and there but I ignore them and let them go in one ear and out the other!

I had a jewelry party hosted by my friend Brooke on Tuesday and we had a blast! We didnt have much of a turn out (3 people) but hey that is better than nothing. This is bc I have no friends really :/ but hey it happens! this made me so upset but then I realized you know what? I am thankful for the very few that I have! I got lots of cute jewelry as well :)

Lexi is getting so big and she just amazes me so much! She slept in her crib Monday night and she did pretty good! She slept there 3 hrs, our bed 3 hours, her bed 3 hours and finally our bed another 2 hours. this isnt straight sleep of course but a better start than I was expecting! the last two nights- no such luck! oh well, we enjoy her sleeping with us! it works fr us!

Tomorrow we have a water play date at our house with a new friend! it is going to be a blast, i just know it! hpe everyone has had a great week so far and safe weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway!

No, not here but over at Stealing Baby Kisses! You should go enter and become a follower of her blog! She always post great stuff!! Good luck!! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honest Raw Truth

Before I even begin I just want to say that I am so blessed with Lexi and that we got pregnant with her and have a beautiful baby girl! She is such a blessing and means the world to me, even on weekends like this one has been. I wouldnt trade her for any baby in the whole world. I was catching up on my blogs and I was Reading Kelly's over at Little Looman Log and I feel like she just read my mind and spoke everything in there! Babies are HARD! They are so cute and cuddly and sweet it makes you wonder sometimes how they could possibly be so hard!

This morning when I took Lexi into the nursery (which lasted a whole 5 mins) I knew it was a bad idea because she had been crying and fussing since she woke up. Why?  Who knows! I have determined that she is just a fussy baby and likes to cry. She cries when she is crawling, eating, playing, being held, anything! Could this be due to GERD? certainly! teething? thats a great possibility! sinus/allergies? im thinking so but still, today was rough! So in nursery I gt called back to get her and I was in there talking to the ladies who were there saying how first time moms kids are too spoiled, and how all we do is hold them all day, and just pretty much bashing first time moms and stay at home moms. I was so frustrated! My child does get held alot yes because I love loving on her! Does she get held day in and day out? No! I have a house, myself, a husband and other things to take care of! she plays by herself at home, she was just in different surroundings she doesnt know with people we dont know. Yes it does have smething to do with that she hasnt been left with anyone but that is bc of family probs(long story). They then went on to say it would be easier on everyone if they would get put in nursery when they are a baby vs 7 mos old. Im sorry but im not putting my nb baby in the nursery to catch sickness and germs unless i have to! For real! 

Anyways back to the moral of the story. Most days I feel terrible about myself and feel like Im such a bad mom because my baby is so difficult and so unhappy. Why? I blame myself for everything that happens to her- thrush, colic, GERD, boo-boos, everything. Some days I think she deserves better than me! I lose patience sometimes and get frustrated but one thing never changes. The LOVE i have for my daughter. It grows bigger and bigger everyday! She is my wrld, just difficult most the time sometimes! Now dont think I am going to do something to her to hurt her, she is everything to me and I would never ever hurt her! It is just rough sometime! I hope this post doesnt make me seem like a bad person or mommy cuz I promise I love her with my whole heart and she is my whole world! <3 I love you Lexi Lynn! Every difficult part of your body baby girl!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bullet Randoms

 i have many things going through my head so i am going to do a bullet post!!

* i am trying to get better at taking pics of my lil cupcake so i am retiring the iphone camera except in special cases and trying to go back to my camera and quit being lazy. Im determined to learn how to take good quality and cute ones, but we shall see! photography has always been a dream of mine but... i also dont know if i need a better camera or if it is the operator hahaha

*my little cupcake baby is grwing so much i cant believe it! She is crawling everywhere into everything, pulling up on everything, taking things off shelves, eating everything, working on standing, and playing with her toys so much its like she doesnt even need me anymre! sad but exciting to see her grow and so happy while doing it!

* I bought a drying rack to put our clth diapers outside on and its pretty neat.


*I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop to sell my bows but very indecisive right now. I also make tutus but we shall see. Very much so considering it though!

* I am very thankful for my bloggie friends, like Ashley! She is such a sweetheart and it is always nice to have a mommy to talk to!! I hope to make more bloggie friends!

*My friend Laura is due to have a beautiful baby girl at the end of this month and i am so excited for her and Glen and cant wait to meet beautiful Lilyann!! She is going to be adorable! plus Laura is way cute prego!

*My high school friend Sarah and her hubby who just got home from deployment just found out they are expecting and I couldnt be more excited for them! They deserve this and are going to make wnderful parents!

*The bestie and her B word are coming in 32 days and I can't wait! This will be my first time meeting him but from what i understand he is pretty amazing! plus my bestie will be turning 21 in less than a month so they are coming to celebrate with a trip to Bourbon Street! and a visit to us! love them <3

That is all for today :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping, playing, and of course eating!!!

This morning we had lil Cupcakes doctor appointment and tom we have yet another but I'm very frustrated! I like our dr, her is pretty great considering what we have but today I was informed that our home health care nurse decided she was going to call his office and lie. i HATE liars. well here is the situation- remember she is supposed to be a professional and this is her JOB but here we go. So this nurse would call me 9pm the night before she wanted to visit and that is not cool with me. 1- i am a firm believer you DO NOT call anyone who has a baby after 8 b/c that is just rude. and 2- i know i am a stay at home mom and all but I do things, we dont sit at home all day everyday. well every single time she would txt me i would have plans the next day and couldnt make it, but she only called me once a week. last time i checked there are 5 days in a week and you are only trying to come once when you are techincally supposed t see Lexi twice a week? really? then when she actually did shw up she was anywhere between 2-4 hrs late. how unprofessional. let me remind you this is your JOB! ugh, srry im frustrated. Well 2 weeks ago she txt me and asked if she could come, I said yes, I have plans to leave by 11. She says okay I will be there at 9. 10am comes around and no nurse. 10:30 she txt me and says I am running late, I discharged you (why???) and we need to fill out some more paperwrk. I said I have plans, I am leaving by 11 no matter what, i am sorry. Why did she discharge us without dr consent? Well tday I found out she called the dr yesterday and said that we should be discharged b/c im too difficult and never have time for Lexi to be seen. For real? She forgot to mention she had ALREADY discharged us without his consent. I am so frustrated. We dont d things much but it just soo happened that every time she called we were busy. Thats just made me mad b/c she is trying to make me look bad when it is her that is the prob- i have txt msgs to prove this. ugh anyway moving on.

So after our dr appt we decided we wanted to g shopping. My hubby a couple weeks ago decided to inform me that I dress like I am 14!!! Very hurtful I knw, but it is true. I haven't gained weight and I am a tight wad so I am still wearing clothes from when I was in jr high and HS hahaha oh well. So today I got spoiled! and Lexi was soo good. Well our little mall added a little play section which is perfect fr Lexi! It has the super soft toys and floors so we can let her practice standing and not have to worry abut her getting hurt. She had a blast and we will def be doing this at least once a week! its only 5 mins away and is free so why nt!! not to mention AC with this hot weather! Here are a few pics to show you how much fun she had :)

the faces this child makes never cease to amaze me...
then this adorable smile, can you tell why she is so spoiled?
this look of determination...
this girl is on the move with a mission...
and trying to stand, f course..
I thought this little place was perfect and so very cute! It was made to look like the Mississippi River with a bridge, gator, turtles, and the Natchez! I think it is wonderful how they are incorporating New Orleans culture into it :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flowers, Baby Pools, and Crawling!!!

Yesterday my sweet and caring hubby came home and surprised me with beautiful flowers, my fave ice cream, and the yummiest ice cream ever!!! <3 I am so blessed to have such a wonderful hubby and daddy!

Lexi and myself have a normal Saturday ritual and we go to my great aunts which is also her nanny and just spend some time with her. She enjoys it and we enjoy it! It makes me feel like I fit in here more b/c theyre my only family around here! Lexi loves her nanny and Great Grandpa John! She also has an Uncle John here, Aunt B, and Paranh John James! We love our family!! We swam in the little pool Lexi got from her nanny but I think she had more fun escaping from it hahaha.(I was going to post pics but we didnt have a diaper on her and she was nakey so Im not going to- wouldnt want to get into trouble for child porngraphy!! :/ )

I finally got a video of her crawling, and she has been at it for about a month! She is s camera shy when we tape her, its hilarious! But blogger wont let me pst it boo!!

We then came home and had some mommy time, which I love! We went outside and played with our lion and she pulled herself up time after time and started to push the lion! It was so cute!! She also does this new thing where she pulls herself up holding onto my hands, gets comfy and lets go, stands on her own fr 10 secs and then jumps at me. It is hysterical too watch her!! She is grwing so much so fast and I can barely believe it but I am loving watching her! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

She loved this little bench!! it was funny!
Here is pretty much a play by play:
And then the one to standing:
And finally... ( <3 this face, she got distracted by the bats and it was so cute!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 7 month Birthday Lexi Mexi!!! 7-7-2011

Oh Lexi how fast you are growing!!! I can barely believe she is already 7 months!! This month has been such a fun month already!! She is doing so many new things and I enjoy so much seeing her have those 'ah ha' moments!!!She has such a personality and I am so honored to be her mommy. This girl is my life!! I love her so much! I can't believe how blessed I am to have her and be her mommy :) I didn't know it was possible to love something so little so much! (Lexi is in process of getting 3 teeth right now so she wouldnt cooperate :/ sorry!) Here we go:
Lexi Mexi
Birth: 7 lbs 6 oz
7 months: 16 lbs even (last week at dr)
You have been refusing formula lately :/ 
You are only up to 5 oz bottles and you barely finish them most the time
You get solids 3x daily and you love them!
you get so excited when you see me preparing them for you
you are starting to do milk sign language when i give you your bottle :)
you love mum mums so much!
you have learned to take bites out of mum mum, chew it and go back for more! its so cute!
we also have given you lil crunchies and yogurt melts, which you did great!! 
puffs make me nervous, so they get a little longer!
you get baby food every once in a while but no longer cuz momma is nervous 
you use your sippy cup at least once a day and do great!
im going to try to transition you cmpletely to sippy cup at 9 mos.
We gave you a spoon to feed yourself for the first time and you did surprisingly well!

You have began sleeping through the night!
A couple days ago you slept in your pack n play for 6 hours straight!!
you still co-sleep with us but it works for us and we arent complaining!
we lve waking up t you babbling and crawling all over us! 
you are always crazy happy in the morning, its awesome!! 
you still take pretty great naps!!

You are full out crawling now and everywhere!!
You are pulling yourself up on everything!
When you cant get where you want fast enough, you get so angry and just fuss fuss fuss!
You arent very interested in crawling you are trying to stand instead.
I think you are ready to walk and getting frustrated. 
You stand up n your own unassisted for about 5 seconds! 
You are a fast little sucker when you see something you want!
You have learned to sit yourself back up when you are crawling :)
you crawl to the edge of your room and beginning of kitchen being a rebel hahaha
you try to pull yourself up on the doorway you silly girl

You wave hi and bye now when we say hi or bye, its ADORABLE!
you babble so much, it is pretty crazy
i think you are going to be a talker like mommy :)
you have said 'dada' 'mama' 'go' 'cookie' 'hi'
some people dont think you knw what you are saying but i know you do
for example, you said cookie as you grabbed your toy cookie!
and you look right at me and dad when you say our names. 
you are a smart girl :) 
you are beginning to love your toys and i enjoy watching you play!! 
You figured out your walker, and you go both ways 
You have 3 more teeth coming in,  but only 2 as of now.
Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue with blonde hair!
You loved your first 4th of July!
You love swimming ANYWHERE
you also love baths and your duckie :)
you cry when i leave the room or set you down, melts my heart!

Clothes and Diapers:
You are in size 2 sposies. 
We are fully cloth diapering as of today! 
You are n the smallest setting of your CR, you are a small baby!
I just moved you up to 3-6 month onesies and only bc cloth dipes!
You wear mainly 3-6 and a few 6-9 month clthes. 
You hate shoes so I dnt make you wear them :/
 Can you tell she has a TINY bit of attitude? haha love her!

You are such a joy and we cant wait to see what new things you learn and discover in this next month!! Just plz take it easy on us and maybe slow down a little bit ;) love you baby girl!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gerber Baby Photo Contest

We entered little miss into the Gerber baby photo contest and we would really appreciate it if you went and voted!! Thanks so much ! little miss thanks you!!

You can vote for her here
Thanks again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

This weekend was lil miss Lexi's first 4th of July and she had a blast! Her daddy had to work all weekend so we spent most of it with her nanny! Her nanny bought her a pool perfect size for her (pics to cme) and she had a blast! We havent even filled it with water yet! Then yesterday we had a lazy family day in the morning (those are the greatest!) and that afternoon we headed to the inlaws for some festivities celebrating the 4th!
and some swimming fun with daddy
Then  we headed to the fireworks on the riverfrnt with Lexi's paranh, John and Mike, Gabby, and Neela! Lexi absolutely loved the fireworks and Neela was just like wat ever but all in all we had fun! and then we sat in traffic that was literally a parking lot for an hour!! But good friends and sleeping babies, it was fun!! 
 Mommy's Sweet Girl! (sorry its blurry!)
family pic <3
Lexi and her paranh being silly
The besties!
holding hands- MELTS.MY.HEART!
Daddy and Lexi watching fireworks!
How happy does she look?!?!
As you can tell Lexi had a blast and really enjoyed herself! Makes me very excited for next year with her! she is such a joy and we are so blessed! oh btw she figured out how to sit herself back up n her own! yay Lexi, great job!! love you baby girl!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picture Catch Up

We have been up to so much!! Im  going to catch everyone up in pics instead of explanations, so enjoy!

This is one of Lexi's new little faces! she looks like a little old grandma ;)
Her first experience with TP- daddys choice...
Sitting like a big girl in the doctors office- her legs are so funny!
This is her newest cheesie smile face.
it cracks me up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!
I also wanted to mention this is a bow to support little Grayson and his fight against cancer. His mommy did a great job and has a bunch of cute embroidery designs on her facebook page: Little Blessings Boutique. You can also check out her blog here!He is so adorable and he is certainly in our prayers!
Or this one- lazy girl trying to get her milk!
This was the hurricane machine at the aquarium, it was crazy!
Lexi trying to stand on her chair!

This is Lexi talking to her chair haha
Big girl :) (stupid nunu-dont want to talk about it!)

As you can see, we have been busy busy! It has been fun but exhausting! This week Lexi turns 7 months, so that post will be up! I can barely believe it myself!! Hope everyone has a blessed and safe Fourth of July! Thank you to those who have served and are serving our country for our freedom!